Live-in Weight Loss Retreat-Senior Woman Takes 7.5″ Off Waist

I lost 36” total, including 7.5” waist, 6” hips, 6” back, 3” each thigh and 1.5” from my neck in eight weeks averaging 4Lbs loss per week. I can now carry my grandchild!
International Client

Live-in Weight Loss Retreat-Senior Woman Shrinks Waist  7.5″ in 8 Weeks

A live-in weight loss retreat with focus on fitness was what this senior woman decided she needed.

Her research turned up Debra Stefan Fitness live-in weight loss residential retreat. Not a spa or luxury vacation, but a private boot camp for fitness and weight loss.  Client videos of the senior fitness retreat testimonials told her all she needed to know. After talking to Debra, she got in touch with one of Debra’s international clients who told her story. A personalized video success story proved her satisfaction.

International travel meant escaping her homeland winter season of gloomy skies and snow storms. Low humidity makes warm days far more tolerable than expected. Not only is Nevada sunny 300 or more days a year, but flying insects are rare.  Compare to Florida where the mosquito has become the unofficial state bird.

Early outdoor activities in a scenic environment erase winter blues and increase the mood. Exercise is the “new Prozac”. Outdoor sunshine, birds singing and fragrant breezes of desert wildflowers are Mother Nature’s prescription.

Total 36″ and as many pounds lost in eight weeks at the live-in weight loss retreat

“As a grandmother nearly 62-year-old, my 5’3” petite frame was carrying excess weight stopping me from enjoying life. I refused social invitations and could not enjoy my grandchildren. I used to enjoy getting dressed to go out. My wardrobe had become limited to baggy clothes. I knew I had to leave home to get my life back so that’s what I did. Daily stress at home would simply not allow my success. I chose Debra because I knew that a spa place was not the answer. I needed a live-in weight loss retreat where I could work hard every day to get in shape and lose weight. In eight weeks I exceeded my expectation of weight loss by averaging 4Lbs loss per week. Moreover, I found weight training and the importance of muscle building for bone density. My overall strength increased tremendously with dumbbell and barbell training. I lost 36” total, including 7.5” waist, 6” hips, 6” back, 3” each thigh and 1.5” from my neck in eight weeks. I can now carry my grandchild!”

Live in Weight Loss Retreat Senior Woman 8 Week Success Story