About Debra Stefan

Debra is a fitness educator, certified personal trainer, jump rope coach, and master yoga teacher with professional fitness experience since 1971. Her fitness courses received university accreditation and professional development for educators. She is the 2020 Educator of the Year for the League of American Bicyclists and the 2021 AAU Women's Masters World record powerlifter. Outdoor biking, weight lifting, and yoga are year-round daily activities at the Debra Stefan Fitness Residence. Six-pack seekers to seniors and morbidly obese find the private fitness residence to be "home away from home." See Debra's VegasFitness1 YouTube video channel for actual client adventures in the pursuit of wellness. https://www.youtube.com/vegasfitness1

Bicycle Joy- Riding a Bike for Fitness

Bicycle joy is an ongoing theme at the weight loss camp. Single-speed beach cruisers, mountain bikes, and adult tricycles offer bicycle joy for fitness. Joy of biking The joy of biking is revisited daily on scenic outdoor paved trails, and Henderson is known for its dedicated bike trails throughout the city. Most [...]

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Biking Eye Protection-Cycling Goggles

Best Biking Eye Protection- Cycling Goggles for Eye Protection Cycling goggles for biking eye protection while cycling for fitness and biking to lose weight. Sunglasses aren't enough when riding a bicycle. Say what you will about the look of goggles. I agree that it’ll take getting used to seeing them on more [...]

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Best Fitness Retreat 5x

Number One Best Fitness Retreat Camp for Men Matt chose his best fitness retreat for a 5th annual visit from Denver. The fitness camper returns for the fifth season, making it his choice for the best fitness retreat at the live-in weight loss camp in Henderson, Nevada, with Debra Stefan. See his [...]

TRX for Seniors

TRX for Seniors AKA the Best Geriatric Fitness By far, TRX for Seniors proves to be the best geriatric fitness progression available. Lately, I find myself working with older and older adults. So, in the spirit of authenticity, I want you to read over my shoulder as I write a letter of encouragement to [...]

Powerlifting Benefits Max Lifting Max Results

The Powerlifting benefits max lifting results in a short time when you put in the work. Powerlifting benefits max lifting brings are max results. 1. What are the powerlifting benefits max lifting gives you?  In other words, what's all the buzz about Powerlifting?! Generally, powerlifting benefits [...]

Health Camp for Adults An Airline Pilots Fitness Retreat | Storytelling of 5 People

 Why a health camp for adults is chosen for the airline pilots fitness retreat. When two different international airline pilots present with conditions that give reason for grounding, a health camp for adults becomes the pilots fitness retreat. Hence, airline cabin air quality sufferers find a common denominator and perhaps a simple solution: fresh [...]

TRX Outdoor Fitness for Home

TRX Outdoor Exercise provides both safety and challenge TRX Outdoor Fitness VIDEO Boot camp workouts feature TRX outdoor fitness. TRX outdoor fitness is a signature workout by Certified Personal Trainer Debra Stefan, who is known for her outdoor boot camp workouts, particularly TRX suspension training. TRX is the most cutting-edge exercise technology [...]

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500Lb Man Weight Loss Boot Camp | Las Vegas Day 48

500Lb Man Weight Loss Boot Camp Update! VIDEO 500Lb Man Weight Loss Boot Camp Progress at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness 500Lb Man Update Weight Loss Boot Camp Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Even a morbidly obese 500 Lb man gets results fast at Weight Loss Boot Camp. A morbidly obese 500 [...]

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100 Pound Weight Loss Journey in Four Months for Morbidly Obese Man

100 Pound Weight Loss Story of A Morbidly Obese Man Morbidly obese disability to 100 pounds down in 4 months He went from morbidly obese disability to 100-pound weight loss by correct exercise progress and meal preparation. I'm Debra Stefan, and the story you're about to hear is by a man whose family intervened [...]