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Couples Fitness Retreat in Las Vegas

Debra Stefan Fitness hosts a couples fitness retreat and weightloss camp in addition to the live-in residential services known internationally.

Couples Fitness Retreat Services

Are you looking for a couple’s getaway?

You haven’t explored all your options until you’ve considered the lasting benefits of a couple’s fitness retreat! Maybe you’re thinking of taking a cruise together or going sightseeing somewhere. Can you imagine the most valuable gift a couple could give to one another?

Description of Debra Stefan Fitness Couples Fitness Retreat Services

Unique from any other couples fitness retreat or weight loss camp, Debra Stefan Fitness serves live-in and day camp clients in a private residence. Accommodations include nutritional provisions, weight loss coaching, and personal training. Clients range from six-pack seekers to 500 lbs morbidly obese adult weight-loss campers up to 80 years of age. Guests travel worldwide to lose weight while improving fitness in an actual home environment. Only three to four clients are in-house at a time. The residence is private and not open to the public.

Debra Stefan Fitness retreat services appear in a segment of the UK’s hit TV series, “Supersize vs. Superskinny,” known for its syndication on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Activities at Couples Fitness Retreat

Couples Fitness Retreat services begin with the early morning outdoor workout in a scenic environment. A wide variety of activities take place around the live-in fitness residence. Workouts include free weights, balance training, core training, suspension training, stability balls, and medicine balls. Also available are boxing and agility drills, training ropes, jump ropes, pool activities, and diverse outdoor adventures. A signature feature will be your own bike retreat, a bike fitness camp with cycling on single-speed cruisers, mountain bikes, or industrial trikes as appropriate.

Your Live-in Coach – Debra Stefan, will direct you through organized, well-thought-out workout routines with upbeat, motivating instruction. That includes a combination of agility and balance drills, games, exercises, fat-burning cardio, strength training, and yoga. No one is left behind. Individual exercise modifications apply to all routines. So no matter what your limitations are, you will get a good workout, and lose weight fast.  You’ll make progress you wouldn’t be able to achieve on your own.

Exercise Variety is Key at the Couples Fitness Retreat

So, it’s something different all day, every day. A variety of equipment and locations with weight training and cardio interval training techniques benefit your entire body. Total body workouts based on scientific exercise progressions and sound physiological principles take you to your goals. Within weeks you’ll notice a difference in your weight, strength, energy, moods, and overall fitness level.

Debra Stefan Fitness is independent and not associated with other locations or enterprises. All client results, videos, and testimonials are completely voluntary by actual clients. No one is ever paid to do so.

Couples Fitness Retreat Guests

Live-in weight loss clients travel from as far away as Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Egypt, India, Bermuda, Asia, and Canada to attend the private retreat.

When you do all the right things all at the same time, you see quick results. The key to adherence is to see results that motivate you to continue. Establish your exercise and eating habits without distraction. Leave all other responsibilities behind. Come into a controlled environment with no tempting foods to take you off course. Put yourself in a setting with fitness retreat services that include a variety of indoor workouts and outdoor adventures.

Progress begins at the level of your current capability. Over days and a few weeks, noticeable changes take place. The most significant changes are the ones that take place in your mind. Once you choose a life of wellness and activity over a sedentary one, you have made a lifestyle change. Review the residential fitness camp rates.

Couples Fitness Retreat

WHAT: Personal training, weight loss coaching, and outdoor fun

WHEN: Contingent upon Guest Room Availability

WHERE: Private Gated Golf Course Residence Las Vegas Valley

WHO: Couples seeking optimal physical fitness together

BY: Debra Stefan, Owner/Operator of Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Weight Loss Retreat

INCLUDED: Three self-prepared nutritious meals plus 1-2 shakes daily, nutrition and fitness supervision.

Fitness includes weight training, cardio cross-training, TRX suspension core training, cycling, yoga, balance, agility, goal setting, personal accountability, brain fitness, food preparation, and nutrition awareness.

Each day begins with 30-60 minute outdoor conditioning followed by nutrition and rest break. Two to four more hours of exercise will be available according to personal capacity with an ultimate progression of up to 5 hours.

Compare my personal training small group vs. the usual large-scale camp.

Compare fitness retreat services cost and quality.

All fitness retreat services are not equal. After all, can an institutional-style group training environment really compare on the same level as a Private Retreat in a real-lifestyle setting?

When deciding on fitness retreat services cost and quality are driving factors.

Be sure to compare service advantages in coming to Debra’s Live-In Weight Loss Residence in Las Vegas. Big name brands tend to have an inflated cost in a spa setting that does not lend itself to habits that work at home. Live-in fitness retreat services include:

  • Room Accommodation in Private Fitness Residence

  • Food Provisions, Planning, Shopping and Supervised Preparation

  • 3-4 Whole Food Meals Daily

  • 1-2 Weight Loss Meal Replacements

  • Outdoor Boot Camp Daily

  • Multiple Cardio Workouts Daily

  • Weight Training Technique and Workouts Daily

  • Bicycle Rides 1-2X Daily

  • Walk/Hike/Run or Jog Daily

  • Jump Rope Technique Instruction

  • Year Round Indoor Swimming

  • Seasonally- Outdoor Swimming

  • Yoga Sessions including:
    – Thai Stretch Sessions (Trainer-Assisted)
    – Meditation Sessions Available
    – Evening Deep Relaxation
    – Goal Guided Success Imagery


  • Brain Fitness Techniques

  • Exercise and Food Journaling Sessions

  • Golf Course & Golf Fitness Available

  • Tennis, Racquetball, & Squash Available

  • Laundry Room Available

  • WiFi and Cable TV

  • Airport Transportation

*The above-listed health and wellness services are available to all eligible clients.

Couples Gift of Fitness to Share

Can you imagine the most valuable gift a couple could give to one another?

How about a couple’s fitness vacation ?!

Here’s how an international newlywed couple decided to start their new life together. And speaking of internationals, Walaa and Mahmood found a joyful way to include their two-year-old son in activities. Can you say “recreation” instead of workout?

She gave us an amazing room, her house is super clean; I felt like I was staying at a five-star hotel–everything you need but with the convenience of home.

Are you looking for a couple’s getaway? Maybe you’re thinking of taking a cruise together or going sightseeing somewhere.

You haven’t explored all your options until you’ve considered the lasting benefits of a couple’s fitness retreat!

Can you imagine the most valuable gift a couple could give to one another?

Birthday Gift of Fitness to Share

She wanted to treat her husband for his birthday and the perfect gift seemed to be the gift of fitness. Better than sharing a slice of birthday cake, everyone gets a taste of fitness together.

Debra Stefan Fitness residence turned out to be the best birthday and they both benefited from the couples fitness holiday.

It’s a wonderful program at Debra’s place in Las Vegas.

My wife and I, a middle-aged couple were actually planning a vacation for my birthday and I said you know, I’d rather spend that time someplace

where we go and just kind of get into shape and lose some weight.

Her house is great and she has a master suite or a big bedroom that couples can stay together and that we have complete privacy and also it has wonderful places that we can go to together in between exercise or on our free day.

Thank you, Debra. You’re wonderful.

Miami couple review the Couples Fitness Retreat in Las Vegas at Debra Stefan Fitness residence.

We’re having a great time.

It’s been one of the most amazing experiences ever!

I came here wanting to put on some muscle, my wife came here wanting to just get fit to become more energetic and active.

And it’s been a marvelous experience. Debra is the best coach ever.

I mean I’ve had so many personal trainers I can’t count them,

and I have to say Debra is just awesome. Great time, great camp. Woo hoo!

Couples Fitness Retreat done family style.

A Saudi couple travels to Las Vegas for the weight loss retreat camp with Debra Stefan. Here is the review of their fitness experience and how they made it a family weight loss vacation.

A Family Fitness Holiday- Creativity meets fitness

Mahmood and his wife would come to Las Vegas after searching the Internet for the right weight loss camp. It had to offer personal coaching and include their toddler son. The family was at home at Debra’s while learning new ways to live. An active toddler delights in activities that include his parents. Creativity meets fitness when a 35-pound toddler is lifted, carried, and playful. Games work well, too. As fast as you can say, “Gummy Bear dance!” everyone in the room must sing and dance.

Catalyst- Include a toddler to enjoy more exercise.

The youngster views any activity as playtime. Adults learn to do the same. Finding quality family time while exercising is easier than they anticipate. Soon they realize that the little one loves the attention and activity. Remembering to exercise became automatic when including their son. As a result, he engages them to play together frequently.

Before arriving at the Las Vegas residential retreat, international business and constant travel had taken a toll on them both. They knew they could do better by doing a good reset on eating and exercise habits. Restaurant eating and international travel were a challenge to the healthy mindset of the newlyweds. Couples Fitness Retreat in residential fitness weight loss camp provides personal coaching and a scenic environment for activities. Yeah, we had a really good time and lost quite a bit. We’re definitely more fit and healthy, absolutely, yeah absolutely. I feel better than I have in a long time and you’re a great trainer.