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Jump Rope Instructor |Jump Rope Trainer 40 years Teaching Jump Rope Lessons

Jump rope trainer Debra Stefan shares her forty-year history of teaching jump rope lessons. Academic accreditation for college athletes, recreational to competitive youth performance teams, and exhibition freestylers all sought Debra’s mark of excellence.

Debra Stefan is the Pioneer of Jump Rope Coaching

Developing jumping and non-jumping techniques bring decades of individuality to jump rope freestyle. Here is a playlist of jump rope classes and demonstration videos covering the last 30 years as a jump rope instructor teaching jump rope classes for adults and youth. Fundraising and promoting awareness for her adult jump rope classes, Debra Stefan broke the World Guinness Record by jumping rope for ten continuous hours. Scroll down the page for earlier history and the 1981 Guinness Record headline.

Celebrity Jump Rope Athletes

Mike Tyson, Laila Ali, celebrity athletes, and jump rope students under Debra’s instruction develop exhibition freestyle. Mike Tyson says, “I never miss one of your classes; I perfect each lesson.” Meanwhile, his weekly class participation was as an observer. Professional boxers avoid public learning curves until their expertise and skill appear. Likewise, Laila observes Debra’s freestyle demonstration and points out what she wants to learn. Then, Debra teaches Laila’s boxing coach, who gives Laila the practice session.

Teaching Jump Rope Class

Among the jump rope class videos are demonstrations in freestyle and conditioning for individual and group training. The group class at the end was specially filmed in 1986 for an introductory presentation to AFAA Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Jump rope training was before its time in the fitness industry, which was then in its infancy.

Rope Jumping Skills Progressions

View the video featuring teens and adults with no prior rope jumping experience. It features instruction for long rope for group rope jumping. Regardless of age or rope jumping experience, a simple skills progression quickly determines the lesson plan. Hand, eye, and foot coordination with timing soon develop skill combinations. Turning the rope while handing it off to another turner increases the excitement.

Start a Jump Rope Club or Jump Rope Team

If you or your church is looking to start a jump rope club or a jump rope team, consider the Jumping for Jesus program. You can learn more about how to start by clicking Debra’s post titled “How to Start a Jump Rope Team.”

Jump Rope Instructor for Athletes
Jump Rope Club

Jump Rope Skills Progression

Jump Rope Class Outdoors
Jump Rope Instructor-Double Dutch

Long Rope and Double Dutch Demonstration

Jump Rope Trainer Freestyle

Jump Rope Trainer Freestyle

Debra Stefan jump rope video playlist

About the Jump Rope Coach

Debra Stefan Jump Rope Coach Experience and Bio | Jump rope class instructor and program developer coaching university athletics, teaching in health clubs for youth and adults since 1975. To date, she continues to establish programs to provide safe, fun, and effective exercise through all forms of rope jump recreation and competition for individuals and teams

Jump Rope Class Curriculum Accreditation

  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas – accredited jump rope instructor ’85-’88 School of Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance; Athletic Department – football and basketball off-season training.
  • Nevada State Board of Education accreditation of two courses for Clark County School District’s Professional Development Educational (PDE) curriculum for professional Physical Education Specialists-Elementary Jump Rope and Competition Jump Rope – since ’96

Organizational Affiliations

  • National tournament director for Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Jr. Olympic sanction, as well as USA Jump Rope Federation regional tournament director in ’97 and ’98
  • USA Jump Rope Federation’s 9-state regional representative presenting school exhibitions and student body assemblies throughout the Clark County School District-’96-’98
  • USAJRF Jump Rope Coach and Presenter
  • American Heart Association presenter introducing “Jump Rope for Heart” throughout the Southern Nevada school districts. Developed nationally ranked “Nevada Star Skippers” Jr. Olympic team whose members performed locally in many community events, parades, and media events
  • Developed youngest qualified athletes for the ’97 AAU Jr. Olympics, as well as the ’98 USA Jump Rope National Championships seen on (ESPN’s Wide World of Sports)

Freestyle Rope Jumping Exhibitions

  • Freestyle Jump Rope performing artist in single-rope freestyle and exhibition style jumping–performed in many diverse arenas from convention halls to half-times
  • Innovator of the horizontal hitch kick jump rope technique known as the “Stefan Kick.”

Jump Rope Articles by Debra

Long Rope Skills

How To Start A Jump Rope Team

Teaching Jump Rope Basic Techniques

Rope Jumping Skills- Single Rope

Don't Skip Jump Rope Article

Don’t Skip Jump Rope Article

Jump Rope Trainer instructional outline

Jump rope skills for a beginner group; written details on how to teach single-rope jump rope for boys’ boxing. It’s 20 years old but still valid. Click the jump rope boxer image to grab it here. Fast arm and foot speed for jumping single rope exhibition freestyle demand attention in any arena.

Jump Rope Instruction- Stretches for Warm Up and Cool Down | Single Leg Stretch

Single-Leg Hamstring Stretch with a Jump Rope

Jump Rope Instruction- Stretches for Warm Up and Cool Down

Squat, Chest and Shoulder Stretch using a jump rope for tension

Jump Rope Instruction- Stretches for Warm Up and Cool Down | Rope Swims

Dynamic Rope Swims stretching upper and lower body

Jump Rope Instruction- Stretches for Warm Up and Cool Down | Jump Rope Dynamic Swings

Jump Rope Warm Up or Cool Down Drills- Dynamic Rope Swings

Jump Rope Instruction- Jump Rope Skills - Snap Catch

Snap Catch Jump Rope Technique

Jump Rope Instruction- Jump Rope Skills - Propeller

Jump Rope Propeller Twirling

Jump Rope Instruction- Jump Rope Dills - Grapevine

Jump Rope Class Warm Up or Cool Down Drills – Grapevine

Jump Rope Instruction- Jump Rope Skills - Single Arm Cross

Jump Rope Side swings aka Figure-8s

Jump Rope Instruction- Jump Rope Skills - Under-Leg Pass

Jump Rope Techniques | Under-Leg Pass

Jump Rope Instruction- Jump Rope Skills - Toe Catch

Toe Catching the Jump Rope

Jump Rope Instruction- Jump Rope Skills - Two Footed Jump

Two-Footed Jump over rope

Jump Rope Instruction- Jump Rope Skills - Samurai

Samurai Whirl with both jump rope handles in one hand

Jump Rope Instruction- Jump Rope Skills - Two-Arm Side Swing

Two-Handed Side Swing jump rope handles in each hand

Jump Rope Instruction- Jump Rope Skills - Figure-8 Skip Through

Figure-8 Skip Through Jumping Rope

Read Debra’s article on this cornerstone technique and Floyd Mayweather, Jr’s jump rope video demo.

Jump Rope Instruction- Jump Rope Skills - Jump Rope Arm-Wrap

Arm Wrap – A non-jumping freestyle Jump Rope technique

Moves right into a jump for the combination of a skills routine.

Jump Rope Instruction- Jump Rope Skills - Jump Rope Arm-Wrap

See Debra’s  “Jump Rope Class” Google Blog for articles, pictures, and videos.

Decades of teaching jump rope classes highlight sharing the joy of jumping with all ages. Join Debra and share your favorite jump rope class experiences. Unfortunately, the lessons are memorable, but the fitness is fleeting. So, continue jumping through the years and keep the childlike enthusiasm.