Adult Weight Loss Camp Live-in and Day Camps

Adult Weight Loss Camp, Las Vegas


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Adult Weight Loss Camp Services

Adult weight loss camp includes private room accommodations, personal training, and wellness coaching

All coaching will be with resident personal trainer Debra Stefan. For example, nutritional coaching, your choice of authorized foods provided for four supervised and self-prepared meals + 2 shakes and all the bottled water you can drink. For a detailed view, the accommodations, click here.

All guest rooms are private.

Keep in mind that listed base rates do not include the $50-100 per day special needs upgrade. Special needs include a private bath or suite, geriatric or morbidly obese accommodations. On a limited basis, residential parking for guest vehicles will require an additional $20 daily fee per vehicle.

Day Camp Dovetails Adult Weight Loss Camp

Seasonally, day camp participation rates for summer hours offer weekly activities from 6 am-11 am Monday – Friday. A seasonal schedule is available upon request. Services include:

  • Personal training and wellness coaching.
  • Nutritional supervision.
  • Your choice of authorized food provisions for self-prepared meals + shakes.

To see the FAQs, please click here.

Day camp options are seasonal at the fitness retreat and bike camp.

Both residential and day camps dovetail during the morning sessions. Small group, semi-private personal training requires a commitment to attend all workouts. Emphasis is on fat burning and metabolic boosting interval training. Participation requires high accountability, including weigh-ins, nutrition, and exercise journaling with dedicated attendance.

Length of Live-In Stay Total Price Price / Week Price / Day Upgrade excess of 150 lbs
Day / Weeks
One Week $2,275 $2,275 $325 $425/ $2,975
Two Weeks $4,200 $2,100 $300 $400/ $5,600
Three Weeks $5,775 $1,925 $275 $375/ $7,875
Four Weeks $7,000 $1,750 $250 $350/ $9,800
Five Weeks $8,750 $1,750 $250 $350/ $12,250
Six Weeks $10,500 $1,750 $250 $350/ $14,700
Seven Weeks $12,250 $1,750 $250 $350/ $17,150
Eight Weeks $14,000 $1,750 $250 $350/ $19,600
Nine Weeks $15,750 $1,750 $250 $350/ $22,050
Ten Weeks $17,500 $1,750 $250 $350/ $24,500
Eleven Weeks $19,250 $1,750 $250 $350/ $26,950
Twelve Weeks $21,000 $1,750 $250 $350/ $29,400
Thirteen Weeks $22,750 $1,750 $250 $350/ $31,850
Fourteen Weeks $24,500 $1,750 $250 $350/ $34,300
Fifteen Weeks $26,250 $1,750 $250 $350/ $36,750
Sixteen Weeks $28,000 $1,750 $250 $350/ $39,200
Day Camp Rates Monthly Price *Week *Day
90 Minute Metabolic Blast 3X week $690 $173.25 $57.75
 5-Hour Metabolic Morning 5X week $2500 $625 $125
 5-Hour Metabolic Morning Saturdays $575 $150 $150
*All Day camps are prepaid monthly.
(Cost breakdown shown for comparison only)


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Please keep in mind that the results of others cannot possibly indicate or guarantee your personal results. This program requires a dedicated effort toward lifestyle change and is not a crash diet for weight loss alone. This is a health and wellness lifestyle. Results will vary per individual

Debra Stefan, Director Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Residential Weight Loss Camp

Debra Stefan, Director of Debra Stefan Fitness Residential Adult Weight Loss Camp

  • Adult Weight Loss Camp Live-in Fitness Services Explained

  • Live-in services offered at Debra Stefan Fitness Adult Weight Loss Camp in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Debra Stefan Fitness hosted Adult Weight Loss Camp for the first live-in guest in 2008

  • Guests stay for weekend fitness getaways to 30-120 day programs. Adult Weight Loss Camp promotes behavioral change for a fit lifestyle

  • Adult Weight Loss Camp accommodations offer lifestyle – not a hotel room

Weight loss camp accommodations can be a difficult decision unless you can picture the details.

Viewing weight loss camp accommodations via slideshow with testimonials by actual clients is the next best thing to a real tour. See all weight loss camp accommodations, rooms and common areas then consider this your private retreat for obtaining your goals. At Debra Stefan Live in Fitness, the weight loss camp is 24/7 365. Booking is limited because this is a home and not a facility or a commercial location.

Debra Stefan Fitness is licensed as a non-commercial business and is not subject to public disclosure of location.

This is an actual home and not a “facility” such as a commercial business and is not open for public tours.

The residence is not open to the public. Debra Stefan Fitness is a private residence and a discreet fitness getaway hosting you for fitness and weight loss services. Debra Stefan Fitness and adult weight loss camp don’t appear on Google Places for this reason. Furthermore, security guard access is required to enter the private community. Rest assured that your experience will be protected when you come into the program.

Privacy and discretion are a promise at the live-in residence.

Celebrities, individuals of high-profile status, and anyone seeking a safe haven where they can go under the radar come here to focus on personal goals. Therefore, non-client visits are not allowed.

Once you view the slideshow link above, you will see the weight loss camp accommodations, room by room, including all common areas. Then consider Debra Stefan Fitness Residence for your private arena in obtaining your goals. The weight loss camp is 24/7, 365 days a year, at Debra’s house. Booking is limited because this is not a facility or a commercial business but a private residence and discreet fitness getaway.

In a secluded private residence overlooking a panoramic desert mountain vista to the east and the Las Vegas skyline to the west, your adventure will begin.

Your discreet fitness getaway transforms you by way of a whole new set of habits toward eating, drinking, sleeping, and being active. Debra Stefan, your live-in fitness trainer, and host will guide you through the day-to-day process of losing weight while gaining fitness. The focus is not on calorie deprivation but on the proper nutrient proportions to spare muscle and melt fat.

Weight loss camp accommodations include all guest rooms offered as private (semi-private optional) bedrooms with the option of a shared bath or a private suite that contains a private bath. Two private suites are available; one is upstairs, and the other is downstairs. Please add $50 to the daily rates for a private suite with a private bath. In the video below, you can view individual slides of each room and all common areas of the live-in fitness residence.

What’s Included?

Training, accommodations, grocery provisions, WIFI.

Training includes activities in and around the residence, outdoor areas, and a 5,000 square foot sports court. Weight loss camp accommodations include your room, bath, and common living areas with WiFi. Grocery provisions are provided for all guests at the residence. Success comes quickly when you do all the right things at the same time.

Debra Stefan Fitness offers Live-In Adult Weight Loss Camp outside of the typical commercial format. The program is unique in that clients can adopt new habits at home.  Guests make healthy choices, learning to shop and prepare their own meals to continue after they return home.

Adult Weight Loss Camp Services

All adult guests can participate in weight loss and fitness conditioning activities with some guests progressing up to 4 and 5 hours daily. Others average around 3-4 hours of activity based on the level of capability.

Meals are prepared by the guests in residence under the supervision of the residential weight loss program.

Food plans are based on the client’s preferences the method is not one of calorie deprivation, but of muscle-sparing, fat metabolizing. Meal frequencies from 4-6 times daily provide an additional metabolic boost as the body goes into the process of digestion without the opportunity for fat storage. Fat loss and muscle gain are key. Women need not fear muscle gain. The new muscle tone will appear as body fat diminishes to reveal the shape of ideal body contour and sleek definition.  With a focus on muscle, outstanding physique results are possible. While scale weight is lost, the most impressive results can be seen in the mirror when physical attributes take shape.

Ideal Length of Stay at the Weight Loss Camp

Individuals who participate at the weight loss camp for at least 30 days have the greatest success rate in continuing toward ideal body weight. A lifelong habit can be established under total immersion in the ideal environment where the focus is on progress, not perfection. No drill sergeants here and no yelling;  just your host and personal coach here to support you through the most life-changing process that will change how you live. Live in Fitness lifestyle will change how you feel about yourself forever.

Adult Weight Loss Camp offered at Debra Stefan Fitness Residential Retreat

Adult Weight Loss Camp offered at Debra Stefan Fitness Residential Retreat

Adult Weight Loss Camp Private Residence in a Discreet Location

The Adult Weight Loss Camp is a residential property situated on a ridge overlooking a luxury golf course, a scenic mountain range to the north, and the panoramic Las Vegas skyline to the west. Both indoor and outdoor activities are available with an emphasis on the client’s individual needs. See videos of the Adult Weight Loss Camp and you will notice people of all ages enjoying the process of getting to the ideal body weight, increased energy, and learned wellness lifestyle. For further details the Frequently Asked Questions Adult Weight Loss Camp FAQ page.

What Makes My Adult Weight Loss Camp so Unique?

Visitors can count on an affordable, and discreet getaway to focus on fitness and weight loss goals. Since this is a residential retreat, overhead does not include putting you up in a condo or rental apartment. Therefore, you will find that costs are far below other options. Your privacy will be protected in a secluded residential fitness home.

Who is behind the Adult Weight Loss Camp offered at Debra Stefan Fitness Residential Retreat?  

The founder and director of the Adult Weight Loss Camp is Debra Stefan. Debra is a fitness educator, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, jump rope coach, master yoga teacher, world-class powerlifter, and 2020 Educator of the Year for the League of American Bicyclists. She has practiced yoga since age 15, serving 2 years as a full-time resident instructor for the Integral Yoga Institute of Los Angeles at age 18. She has several decades in the fitness industry at all levels since a teen; she is a true professional. Her fitness demonstrations, as well as, exhibitions featuring extreme jump rope freestyle can be viewed on the Vegasfitness1 Youtube channel.  Jump rope and bicycle training initiatives by Debra have been accredited by the Nevada State Board of Education and offered at the college and postgraduate level for athletes and educators. Attend one of her daily boot camp workouts and you will receive training in jump rope techniques for both jumping and non-jumping maneuvers.


DEBRA STEFAN FITNESS IS NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. The residence hosts only a few private Adult Weight Loss Camp clients at a time. Adult Weight Loss Camp services include one-on-one, semi-private personal training, and weight loss coaching. Phone time is limited due to a full daily schedule devoted to servicing in-house clients.


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Adult Weight Loss Camp-Essentials: Sleep, Water, Nutrition

Scientific studies plus my own experience running an adult weight loss camp reveal some insights. There could be a couple of basic reasons why you can’t sleep that come to mind.

1.) Insomnia is a classic sign of cardio overtraining. Make sure you are within your limits here. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

2.) Intense training too late in the day can cause sleep disturbance. Do yoga or relaxation stretching for your last workouts of the day to help sleep.

3.) Nutritional and hormone deficiency can disrupt sleep.

Adult Weight Loss Camp

Adult Weight Loss Camp emphasizes sleep importance.

I have had all three of the above sleep killers myself and the good news is that you can usually identify the problem and change the pattern right away.

Just remember that sleep is the most important thing you can do for your health…over and above workouts. Without rest and recovery, the body cannot heal, grow, develop, and get you the results you are working toward.

Whether you are at an adult weight loss camp like mine or on your own at home, GET SLEEP.

Another factor causing sleep deficiency is obesity itself. Most adult weight loss camp clients bring their CPAP machines to the live-in program. If you are overweight, have begun to gain weight easily, and lose weight with great difficulty, consider a sleep study. Should the sleep study result in a recommendation for sleep assisting appliance, by all means, do it.


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The Zen Wisdom of Adult Weight Loss Camps

Learning the power of Zen must be your first lesson at adult weight loss camps.

Make attaining the Zen mindset your first lesson before attending any adult weight loss camps.

Unless you adopt a zen mind, beginner’s mind, your success will be only marginal. Apparently, your previous notions didn’t serve you well so why not ditch them for a new attitude? That is the open mind, the beginner’s mind, and the attitude of zen.

Commit your time and money to such life-changing programs as adult weight loss camps only after you have prepared your mind first.

Utilize the Zen mindset as your greatest advantage toward learning new things, especially when reinventing yourself. Make a major lifestyle change by losing weight and keeping it off permanently. Undergo lifestyle training with confidence when you have the powerful tool of Zen working for you.

Zen wisdom was introduced with the popular Kung Fu TV series in the early 1970s. Each episode emphasized the mental and spiritual power that the Shaolin monks taught in their rigorous training. Reference to the young student they called “Grasshopper” would preface words of age-old wisdom.

To truly succeed at adult weight loss camps, you need the Zen mindset.

The Zen mindset is the open mind of a beginner who is eager to learn and try new things without preconceived notions. It is a clear, receptive state for optimal learning and change. Entertain thoughts of success and dismiss all doubt toward goals. Keep your ego in check to enable your progress and avoid distraction or concern about how you look to others while in learning mode. Open yourself to become receptive to new experiences and form new habits along with new likes and dislikes. Replace favorite foods of lesser nutrition value with better choices. Try accepting a greater variety of foods and activities.

Enhance your results at the weight loss camp with the simplicity of Zen.

Yogis advise training the mind with patience like you would an unruly child. When it roams off task, gently bring it back time and time again. Adjust the incoming thoughts like changing channels on television. Move quickly past the undesirable thoughts and tune into the positive goal visualization.

Put the ego aside and allow yourself to be a beginner without embarrassment.

Realize that your current lifestyle is sabotaging your pursuit of happiness. Do not be concerned with how you are perceived by others. Learn to relax at will and focus on breathing. Use breathing as a centering tool to prepare for meditation practice. Use goal visualization during this receptive state in meditation.

Train your weaknesses more than your strengths.

Develop new strengths by accepting new challenges. By training your weaknesses, you gain newfound strengths. Find new ways to become active and stay motivated. Develop a more rounded choice of activities, and the likelihood of getting more exercise is obvious. Try not to limit yourself to the same patterns. If you were satisfied with your old ways you wouldn’t be looking for professional weight loss camps, now would you, “Grasshopper”?

Debbie traveled 15,000 miles from Australia for her 28-day Las Vegas fitness holiday at Debra Stefan Live-in Weight Loss.
Disabled from extreme obesity, change began with a renewal of hope and the ability to get up mentally and physically.
She claimed to hate exercise, but with an excess of over 50 pounds the 58 year-old grandmother of 7 knew there was only one way to attain her goals.In SIX weeks she loves her workouts!
In 3 weeks at Live-in weight loss camp Jason lost 1Lb daily and 4″ off his belly.
From being well over 400 pounds, huffing and puffing walking from one room to another, I am now cycling great distances over hills, and losing weight sensibly.

Adult Weight Loss Camp – Live-in Weight Loss Success

Adult Weight Loss Camp 25-Days

College and dorm life can take a toll on setting and maintaining a healthy schedule for eating, exercise, and proper sleep. Kristin found out quickly that the late-night dorm gatherings with the heaviest caloric intake before going to bed slowed her metabolism and added unwanted pounds.

Having grown up in an active household dedicated to swim practice, tennis practice, and focus on proper nutrition, Kristin knew what to do. She had just gotten trapped into a bad pattern while enjoying hanging out with her peers. Hours after the college semester final exams ended, she was packed and set out to Las Vegas Live-in fitness with her sister, Karen for a much-needed change.

Once removed from the usual distractions and temptations, it was easy to make the necessary changes. From the supervised grocery store visits to the fat-burning workouts, they set the pattern for success to take home. No stopping them now!

Kristin, Age 20

Adult Weight Loss Camp 19-Days

“I learned what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle…”

Rocky Balboa’s “That’s how winning is done!”
…has a whole new meaning to anyone who spent time with Debra at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness.

Debra’s Live in Fitness is a beacon of honest to god weight loss. There you will lose weight the old-fashioned way: by working your butt off while having fun and nourishing your body with proper nutrition.

Looking for someone who would help me transform my lifestyle, then living at Debra’s was just what the doctor ordered. I learned what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle seeing them juggle competing priorities while still ensuring that they eat right and exercise. When I returned to my family, I brought home all the tools I need to complete a transformation of my body.

Y.S. age 29
Washington, DC

Grandmother from California 6-Week Live-in Adult Fat Camp

She claimed to hate exercise, but with an excess of over 50 pounds, the 58-year-old grandmother of 7 knew there was only one way to attain her goals. View her video experience and hear her audio testimony describing her new favorite exercises learned in a home setting without staying in a hotel. Staying in a beautiful home overlooking beautiful views, each day brought her weight down and health up.

Jeri, Age 58

40-Day Live-in Adult Weight Loss Camp- traveled 3000 miles from Boston

I traveled 3000 miles from Boston left my family in charge of my business to seek the help I so desperately needed.

Joining the Live In Fitness residence has set the stage for a lifestyle I truly believe will extend the fun years of my life beyond what I could ever imagine.

Debra has taught us balance, nutrition, and progression fitness, and weight training that has no end.

The goal is lifelong fitness and enjoying the feeling of wellness and good health.

Thank You, Debra Stefan, I finally found success.

Al, Age 49

6-Days of Fitness Camp- Athlete Gets A Much-Needed Kickstart

“I did it without EVER starving myself!”

At 188.5 Lbs his standards were high but due to a set of circumstances that took him off course, this former elite soccer player was unhappy.

Regaining his energy and physique was easy after a good kick start at Debra Stefan Fitness residence.

In only 6 days of actual training, nutrition, proper sleep, and hydration he lost 2 inches off his waistline. Without calorie deprivation, he gained muscle and lost fat while doing all the right things.