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Weight Loss Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Apply to the Attend A Private Weight Loss Camp?2022-11-22T07:27:55-08:00

Unlike other weight loss camps, Debra Stefan Fitness Residence hosts you in a private residential program.

By now, you understand the nature of fitness and weight loss services in a residential setting. You are highly accountable to attain your goals. As a result, you will make more progress than staying at home or belonging to a gym.

Not everyone is a good fit for this level of commitment.

Being a guest in Debra’s residence requires compliance with a wellness lifestyle. To determine your exercise readiness, please ask yourself:

  • Have you reviewed Debra Stefan Fitness FAQ page to understand the services provided?
  • Do you have the time and resources to devote to making a lifestyle change?
  • Are you ready to make a commitment to attend a residential weight loss camp?

If you can answer “yes” to each of these, you are a candidate for the program.

Review the FAQs first. Then, you will be invited to apply to the program. The application process determines your eligibility for the program. Should our Doctor of Human Behavior determine that we are a good fit for meeting your goals, please be ready to commit to your success.

Talk to Debra Once You Can Say, “Yes, I Have Reviewed All the FAQs!”2022-11-21T15:42:31-08:00

Talk to Debra

Talk to Debra

Talk to Debra

BEFORE you call to talk to Debra, please be familiar with the FAQs and understand the unique services offered. Your interactive session is on Zoom via Calendly. There is no staff here. Therefore, a special time is set aside for your 15-minute consultation call. Your respect for the limited time available is appreciated. Available time spent talking with you is 15 minutes. Because the schedule at our fitness retreat is full-time our breaks are important. Debra will be on one of her few breaks to dedicate time for your call.

When you Talk to Debra …

Please understand that when you talk to Debra the call limit is fifteen minutes. For longer phone or Zoom sessions in which you wish to receive a coaching session, please book one of the prepaid sessions available for 30, 45, or 55-minute sessions. The complimentary consultation calls for 15 minutes are no longer available without a prepaid commitment of $15 due to fake appointments. Again, there is no staff available to handle calls. Debra has only a few breaks from working with the guests in residence.  Being available to speak with a prospective client is important to the small business. However, the increase of spam and fake appointments make it no longer possible to trust the system. Your 15- minute call is for asking personal questions you may have after reading the FAQs. It will not include activity. If you aren’t much for Zoom interaction, here is your email contact form instead. Feel free to email any questions or details you wish to share with Debra.

In-Person Visitations Are Not Available

The live-in weight loss retreat is a private residence and visitations are prohibited to protect the privacy of residential retreat guests. To view the accommodations, go here and see images and descriptions of all available guest rooms and common areas at the live-in weight loss retreat residence. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your session to talk to Debra, would you please let us know?

Reschedule or Cancel a Calendly Visit

When you schedule an event, you will automatically receive a calendar invite. This invitation includes the information you provided. At the bottom of the invite, there are links for canceling or rescheduling your visit.

Once you accept the invite, this same information (including the cancel/reschedule links) will be found on the appointment on your calendar. For example, in Microsoft Outlook, if you open your calendar to the date and time of your interactive visit you can open the appointment to view the information and access the links. Thank you for your consideration of our limited availability for an appointment to talk to Debra. Your understanding is appreciated.

What is the cost of weight loss camp and what’s included?2022-01-12T14:16:13-08:00

Cost of Weight Loss Camp

Keep in mind that information on this site may refer to services in general, as well as, drop-in or day camp. This posting refers to the Cost of Weight Loss Camp for live-in or sleepover clients.

Cost of Weight Loss Camp Residential Services

Cost of Weight Loss Camp Residential Services

Live-in weight loss camp includes:
your own private bedroom, a shared bath ($50 upgrade for private bath*), meal provisions, and training. WiFi access is included in the residential guest experience at no additional cost.

NOTE: Not all those reading this are candidates for the live-in residential retreat program. To determine your “exercise readiness” and capacity to be an “action taker” please take complete the online questionnaire here. When you are truly ready to make a commitment, compare the cost of weight loss camp services available to you. If you value being in a private residential weight loss camp with high accountability rather than a large-scale public retreat, then feel free to call.

*$50 per day upgrade applies to the following guests:
private bath option
morbidly obese accommodation
geriatric or severe decondition accommodation

Cost of Weight Loss Camp Comparison

For live-in accommodations, you can click on the link below for a comprehensive price chart. Here is a complete service and price list for you to compare. My Las Vegas live-in weight loss camp compares with four other regional options. Included are west coast options: Live in fitness in Los Angeles, California – also known as “camptechnique”, “live in fitness camp” and “live in fitness enterprise”, plus “Utahweightlossretreat” also known as “RealLifeFitnessandHealth”. In searching, you may find similar monikers for Las Vegas Live In Fitness: “live in weightloss” and “live in bootcamp.” Hopefully, this will spare you any confusion. Debra Stefan residential weight loss camp operates solely and is not affiliated with any other entities.

All training requires a prepaid commitment prior to participation. For live-in services, a deposit of 50% is due at the time of scheduling using any credit, debit card, or bank direct wire transfer. The remaining balance is due 5 business days prior to arrival. However, all local services must be prepaid in full prior to participation.

Residential Fitness Camp Rates.

Can I take a tax deduction for the cost of weight loss camp?

If a doctor has diagnosed obesity, then you may qualify for a tax deduction for yourself, your spouse, or your dependent.

Will health insurance participate in the cost of weight loss camp?

Aetna considers the following medically necessary treatment of obesity when criteria are met:

  1. Weight reduction medications, and

  2. Clinician supervision of weight reduction programs.”

Interestingly, taking weight reduction medications comes with drawbacks. In fact, Aetna policy bulletin on health insurance coverage for weight loss states the following:

“Weight loss due to weight reduction medication use is generally temporary. In addition, the potential for development of physical dependence and addiction is high. Because of this, their use to aid in weight loss is not regarded as therapeutic, but rather involves a risk/benefit ratio, which makes it medically inappropriate in most cases.” 

What is the Expected Guest Behavior at the Weight Loss Residence?2021-04-08T18:33:39-07:00

Rules, guidelines, deal-breakers, and grounds for immediate dismissal at the weight loss camp are clearly detailed for prospective guest review. Be sure that you read ALL of the FAQs before calling so that you have a clear understanding to decide whether or not you can abide by the self-control required.

Do You Offer Travel Insurance?2022-11-21T15:27:22-08:00
Travel Guard Travel Insurance and and Global Assistance

Travel Guard Travel Insurance and Global Assistance

Travel Insurance is available from Travel Guard!

Destinations and travel to them need travel insurance coverage to protect your investment. Unforeseen events may happen, and there are no guarantees.  When traveling to a fitness and weight loss retreat, your trip and your stay are investments. Think twice before waiving travel insurance. It is a small investment to protect the bigger ones. 

Wise travelers use travel insurance and recommend it to others.

Debra Stefan Fitness Retreat is a Travel Guard affiliate. Should you buy, we may benefit from a small commission. Clients must protect their investments, so I will remind you before booking. 

Business policies prohibit last-minute cancellations and early departure refunds. Therefore, your best option to protect your investment is travel insurance. 

Who needs travel insurance at a fitness retreat?

Think again before you waive travel insurance. Please don’t expect a small business operator to negotiate a refund if you book and decide to cancel. Likewise, don’t try to negotiate a rebate if you depart early.  The business operator takes your booking seriously, and your accommodations are no longer available to others. Should you cancel, there isn’t necessarily a waiting list of other prospects to take your place. 

Small business no-refund policies explain why you need travel insurance. 

Marketing takes time and is considerably expensive. Small businesses rely on client commitments; marketing budgets are often client testimonials and reviews. So, please feel free to contribute something positive. You found the fitness retreat services by viewing a testimonial shared by another guest. Those willing to share their experience help the business operator keep marketing costs lower for affordable fitness retreat options. Understand when booking an affordable fitness retreat that insurance is a wise investment.

Why not ask for a refund if something causes you to leave early?

A small business relies on solid client commitments to keep marketing and operating costs affordable. So remember to insure your stay!

What about cancellations and refund policy?2022-11-21T13:33:00-08:00
Cancellations, early departures, no refund policy solution is travel insurance for your travel and destination.

Cancellations, early departures, no refund policy solution is travel insurance for your travel and destination.

Cancellations will result in the forfeit of your entire deposit and prepaid commitment.

Cancellations will result in the forfeit of your entire deposit and prepaid commitment. Therefore, please be sure you are ready to attend the chosen dates. Understand that our space is limited. The fitness residence is unlike other places where they reserve condos and beach cottages in a large block. Debra Stefan Fitness Retreat is a residential home with limited guest space. When you book your stay, the room is no longer unavailable to others. Otherwise, it would result in a loss of essential business revenue.  

However, you can reschedule your reservation more than 15 days before your original arrival schedule, provided the new dates coincide with open availability. You will be given every consideration in meeting your requested calendar needs. Reservation changes on short notice can also result in additional fees of up to 25% of the total rate. 

Likewise, there are no credits or refunds for late arrivals or early departures. Such policies are standard in the industry. Fitness and weight loss professionals help you adhere to your self-promises and commitments – not depart from them. 

Debra Stefan Fitness relies on each client’s commitment as a small, private business, and a cancellation has a significant impact. You will not be able to receive a refund or rebate. So please know that the non-refundable cancellation policy is not negotiable. 

Therefore, Travel Insurance is a wise way to protect your commitment no matter what happens after you book your stay. 

Explore the reasons for travel insurance and why we recommend you insure your investment. Should unforeseen circumstances prevent you from completing your stay, it protects your non-refundable travel destination investment. If you are reading this hoping to ask for a refund, remember not to waive your travel insurance option when booking! 

What are your “Terms of Service” ?2019-05-18T10:22:21-07:00
Exercise Reluctance -How Can I Overcome It ?2022-01-12T14:15:17-08:00

Exercise reluctance can be overcome by a process of positive exercise experiences. Start by listening frequently to this audio called, “25 Exercise Affirmations.”

Should I Meditate to Lose Weight?2019-06-23T12:36:25-07:00
Meditation for Weight Loss

Meditation for Weight Loss courtesy of Debra Stefan SoundCloud playlist

Meditation for fitness and weight loss

Yes, meditation can help you learn to relax and engage an optimistic view of fitness and weight loss. Debra Stefan can help you with that right now. Go to Debra’s free SoundCloud channel on your smartphone or another internet connected device. Help yourself to over 75 meditation recordings of actual sessions guiding weight loss clients into a deeply relaxed state of mind and body. Try it and if it helps you embrace achieving your goals, subscribe to receive notification of upcoming new ones.

Can’t Lose Weight? Sleep? Hormones?2022-05-01T09:16:31-07:00

When you can’t lose weight…

“Why I can’t lose weight,” requires a checklist. First, you are more than likely sleep-deprived. As a result, there are a few general lifestyle factors to have in place before you book your weight loss retreat.

Can't lose Weight? Sleep Deprived! Dodow Sleep Aid

Can’t lose Weight? Sleep-Deprived! Dodow Sleep Aid


Being sleep-deprived can cause weight gain and inhibit weight loss. Cortisol levels are increased due to the stress of too little sleep. If you are not sleeping well, then you may be a candidate for a sleep study. Being overweight is a high-risk factor for the development of obstructive sleep apnea. Obesity can lead to disruptive breathing problems during sleep. As well, a breathing disorder disrupting your sleep that isn’t treated is known to cause weight gain. If you aren’t already using a CPAP sleep aid device, have a sleep study done. Once sleep is restored to optimal levels, you will find it easier to control your weight and stress-related health factors.

Other Sleep Aids

Meanwhile, try falling asleep with a Dodow. The Dodow is a simple battery-operated device that shines a dynamic blue light beam onto the ceiling of your dark bedroom. Breath in and out to the tempo of the light dimmer. This is a simple breathing meditation known to quiet the mind and enable relaxation of both mind and body. Get yours here- Dodow Sleep Aid on Amazon.

Hormones- Here is the link for your complete information: INSIDE TRACKER-Blood Tests to Live By!

Yes, I might benefit if you should purchase from either of these links. However, I will not recommend anything that I do not wholeheartedly believe in for myself and my clients.


Blood Work for Fitness Weight Loss Wellness Optimization2019-06-23T12:45:14-07:00

Blood work for fitness, weight loss, and wellness optimization is important!

General blood levels that are done at your physician’s request rarely provide vital information beyond disease diagnosis. If you are on this site seeking fitness and weight loss, consider getting your blood work done on another level. You will find this guidance extremely helpful regardless of your decision to attend a weight loss camp. In fact, I recommend this first step before you invest in a live-in weight loss camp. Start with a blood level blueprint to get some answers to the concerns that you hope weight loss camp will address. Fatique, low energy, slow metabolism, and disruptive sleep, are common complaints. Yes, I might benefit if you should purchase from this link. However, I will not recommend anything that I do not wholeheartedly believe in for myself and my clients. Here is the link for your complete information:
INSIDE TRACKER-Blood Tests to Live By!

Is the fitness retreat residence “pet friendly?” Pet-free fitness retreat policy and coyotes!2022-11-21T13:36:54-08:00

Pet-free fitness retreat policy protects pets from coyotes and our pet-free hypoallergenic environment.

Our pet-free fitness retreat policy protects the residential pet-free hypoallergenic environment. Therefore, the policy is not pet-friendly but people-friendly. 

Furthermore, coyotes are nearby, making it impossible to guarantee pet safety while at the fitness retreat. Review our information on these considerations, and we hope you can appreciate our pet-free fitness retreat policy.

Regarding pet safety and our pet-free policy, in our location nearby coyotes are a genuine concern. A fact that makes it impossible to guarantee pet safety while at the fitness retreat. Please review our information on these considerations; we hope you can appreciate our pet policy. 

Pet Accommodations Nearby -If you feel compelled to have your pet accessible outside the fitness residence, you may consider local pet boarding options. Local Henderson pet sitters may offer private boarding other than kennel boarding. This way, you may visit your pet during fitness recovery breaks. Keep in mind Debra’s pet-free residence cannot make exceptions and will not be an option should your arrangement not work out.

Before you debate the pet-free policy of a small business, please consider our position. Understandably, you are emotionally attached to your pet. However, insurance liability, health codes, and alienation of customers with allergies are business risks. The pet-free policy stated here in our FAQ is part of our terms and conditions.

Your love for your pet’s safety is meaningful among the pet-friendly arguments and business concerns. Consider the safety of your pet in Southern Nevada at our location. Understandably, our pet-free fitness retreat policy protects pets from coyotes!

So that you know, we celebrate our pet love outdoors at the fitness retreat in Southern Nevada.

Pet-free fitness retreat policy protects pets from coyotes!
Fitness Day Camp vs Live in Fitness Camp for Adults2017-10-23T07:52:41-07:00

Fitness Day Camp vs Live in Fitness Camp for Adults

Fitness day camp options are available to those in the local area. The same process applies. Once you decide on your level of commitment, take action!

Fitness day camp dovetails with live-in fitness camp over the first half of the day. Locals usually need no overnight guest privileges. There are locals who opt for the live in program simply because they need the full-time commitment in a controlled environment. Not everyone can make this level of commitment due to many factors. However, if you can get away from all other responsibilities and influences to be fully immersed, then opt for the live-in program. Meanwhile, you do have fitness day camp options.

Debra Stefan Fitness has been in place since 2008 operating under a non-commercial license. That means that your privacy is protected while in my program. You will never need to worry about people who aren’t in the program dropping in during your stay. Only those who are committed participants are allowed on the premises. A security guard grants access to those who are authorized to attend. In fact, the actual location address will only be made known to you when you have secured your commitment.

Here is the webpage featuring the fitness day camp. There is some flexibility for you to make it work for your needs. Feel free to schedule a phone talk with Debra, (that’s me), to discuss your needs and goals.

Live-in Fitness Camp Confusion2022-05-01T15:24:15-07:00
DebraStefan.com Formerly Live-in-Fitness.com
LiveinFitness.com vs Live-in-Fitness.com
DebraStefan.com since 08.07.2000

Live-in Fitness Camp, Nevada Weight Loss Retreat Name Change

Live-in-Fitness.com website relocated to www.DebraStefan.com


Live-in Fitness Camp A Nevada Weight Loss Retreat or California Fat Camp?

Live-in Fitness Camp original name for Nevada weight loss retreat LIVE-IN-FITNESS, domain registration 4/13/2008 causes confusion with LIF Enterprise Camp in California. This prompted a name change for live-in-fitness.com. The website domain is also relocated now to www.debrastefan.com.

My Nevada weight loss retreat and Live-in Fitness camp were often mistaken for Liveinfitness LIF Enterprise in California (registered 11.02.08), so I finally gave up the name on 8/2/2013. However, my Debra Stefan Fitness site and YouTube channels still show some old posts and videos with my former Live-in Fitness brand.

Live-in Fitness Minus the Hyphens

Then I noticed that LIF Enterprise registered the same domain name as mine, live-in fitness minus the hyphens. So, I relocated my Nevada weight loss retreat web content to Debrastefan.com (my namesake domain registered on August 7th, 2000). Previously, I had been solicited by a domain broker trying to sell me the duplicate domain name. The domain broker threatened to sell it to a competitor if I didn’t want to buy it from him. I didn’t take the bait. Since I didn’t take it, LIF Enterprise found it available and registered it. Hence, further confusion with the two totally unaffiliated businesses.

Early on, Diets-in-Review published the profile for my Live-in Fitness Nevada weight loss camp under LIVE-IN-FITNESS on 8/17/2010. A few clients have found it over the years and placed reviews in my favor. Now my profile has an unfavorable review confusing me with LIF Enterprises due to the lack of updates on Diets in Review. After writing numerous requests to the Diets In Review webmaster to update the Live-in Fitness name on my profile to my name brand Debra Stefan Fitness Retreat, I have received no update. I am concerned about being mistaken for the California camp because the two were never affiliated. Despite similarities in keywords, my Nevada fitness retreat is a private, non-commercial residence where I live and operate my live-in weight loss camp.

Live-in Fitness, now known as a Nevada weight loss retreat by Debra Stefan Fitness

To provide clarity, regarding Live-in Fitness, now known as a Nevada weight loss retreat, I am posting this update. Let me point out the differences that make my small non-commercial business unique from the other big commercial weight loss camps. Apparently, the person reviewing LIF Enterprise was so disgruntled with her live-in fitness experience that she went after the Nevada weight loss retreat profile. Clearly, the two are dissimilar and located in different states.

At the Nevada weight loss retreat, (Debra Stefan Fitness) there are no “packages.” Everyone gets personal training without an upgrade cost. It remains manageably small and individually focused. I accommodate only three to four guests with whom I live and work. There is no training staff for you to get lost in the shuffle or your needs miscommunicated. You live, eat and work out with your live-in fitness trainer.

Guests participate in the food selection and preparation according to personal preference. Live-in fitness and wellness lifestyle habits then transfer to home habits. There are usually no executive chefs at your home, so you learn to implement new choices that get you to your weight loss goals.

Live-in fitness client activities do not take place in a gym. On occasional client request, I facilitate an optional field trip to the gym. Once the client has learned how to self-train and has a training plan, they sometimes want to try a commercial gym. My private live-in fitness room offers no shiny chrome machines; the human body is the machine.

I hope that I have cleared up any confusion so that readers understand the differences in my Nevada weight loss retreat and other weight loss camps. Thank you for taking the time to read my history. Feel free to visit my site by googling my name. Please understand before you read the following review that it is meant for LIF Enterprise Camp in California. It has nothing to do with the Nevada Weight Loss Retreat formerly known as Live-in Fitness.
Debra Stefan

“I was at LIF from 4/30 – 5/28, and it was a waste of money. I had a horrible experience. This place is misrepresenting what they can do; they are false advertising. Any reviews before 4/21/17 are at their old location. The current location was opened the last week in April 2017. I purchased a Gold package like many other, just to be told the services was not offered at the Cali. location. I asked for a refund for only the package ($1,500), not the week, and was denied.

This is only a brief overview of the service. Don’t pick this camp, try someone else. I only stayed because they refuse to refund any weeks I purchased. In total, was taken advantage of and loss out of $10K+.

Cold food, crammed in a conference room to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Owners cooking food in the hallway of the conference, with no gloves, plates sitting on the counters for anyone to breath, spit, or anything to the food. Note, the conference room is next to the main lobby where the apartment complex conducts their business. The food was the same very often; however, we never could get a menu list of what was in the food even though it was requested multiple times.

Room Accommodations:
The Room accommodations were chaotic and not scheduled as purchased. They also promised to clean the rooms weekly which was more like every 10 or 12 days and the room was half cleaned, when it was cleaned.

Workouts & Gyms:
The gym was all old equipment torn up; we were also kicked out of several gyms. The training was sub-par, trainers we’re not talking to each other about the training they were doing in the different classes, they did not have the right equipment or the right areas to truly give full workouts. We had to work outside on benches where the homeless congregated and stayed, we had to lay in the grass where dogs pooped.”
Read more at https://www.dietsinreview.com/diets/live-in-fitness/#dJ2iM662S5Lu6cIh.99

If you have read this far, let me remind you that this was written about the California entity with which Debra Stefan Fitness Retreat is not, and has never been affiliated. Unfortunately, Diets In Review does not make corrections to wrongly assigned reviews on their review site. I hope that I have clearly used this review as an opportunity to verify the unique difference in my services.

Thanks for reading.

What Do I Need to Bring to wear at Fitness Camp?2021-04-08T17:13:13-07:00

You don’t know what to wear or bring? Start with modest swimwear and modest workout clothes. Bikinis, booty shorts, or sports bras without proper coverage are neither sensible nor appropriate for a serious fitness program. If you need help finding workout clothes here are Debra’s recommendations.

Whether you are packing for a stay at my fitness and weight loss residence or getting started on your own, you need modest swimwear and modest workout clothes. You’ll find this page links to the best site to shop for the right clothes.

Debra Stefan is an affiliate of Modli modest swimwear and modest workout clothes. Whether for sun protection, modesty or comfort, you need the right clothes for your activity. If you purchase, I may benefit from a small commission that doesn’t increase the cost to you. My favorite products are the ones that I personally use and wholeheartedly recommend. If you workout with me, you will see me wearing modest swimwear and modest workout clothes like these.

Behavioral Consultation for Weight Loss2022-11-21T20:17:05-08:00

Behavioral Consultation for Weight Loss

Behavioral Consultation

Behavioral Consultation

Behavioral Consultation for weight loss with Dr. Zannah Hackett is an available option. Upon request, you can take an online test before arrival. At the fitness retreat, you receive a 90-minute consultation with an interpretation of your test results.

We can schedule weekly talks with Dr. Hackett, AKA “Dr. Zannah,” our Human Behavioral Specialist. You feel free to discuss any matters or issues of personal concern with her, and confidentiality is supported. After the program, clients can opt to continue weekly talks with Dr. Zannah to help them with personal issues. Many clients have relationship concerns or previous baggage hindering weight loss.

Debra Stefan Fitness offers the behavioral consultation for weight loss by Dr. Zannah Hackett, a Human Behavioral Specialist, to the live-in clients during their program at the fitness residence.

Is Phone Coaching Available?2019-06-23T13:05:54-07:00

Phone Coaching for Weight Loss Accountability is available. Here are the requirements:

  • Read and understand the details of phone coaching services provided.
  • Schedule an intro call and make your prepaid commitment to phone coaching.
  • Commit to regular weekly phone coaching meetings via phone, SKYPE or in-person.
  • Agree to share your weekly weigh-in results in real time.
  • Establish and agree to a meaningful and doable calendar date to attain a satisfactory goal weight.


Bike Fitness Camp | Weight Loss Camp | What is the difference?2022-05-01T10:39:08-07:00

Bike Camp Fitness Retreat Men's RideBike Fitness Retreat Men’s Ride

Bike fitness camp activities

Bike fitness camp and weight loss retreat both take place at the same time here at Debra’s.

Daily bike rides offer both fitness and bike skills progression.

Orientation includes biking for all fitness levels. Bike fitness camp guests ride an adult tricycle, a single-speed beach cruiser, or a 26″ mountain bike. Daily rides benefit your overall weight loss success. Of course, you will also have weight training, bodyweight exercises, outdoor boot camp activities, and yoga.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a cyclist, many clients discover a new love for biking.

As a result of proper orientation, biking becomes an enjoyable activity. Bicycle training requires a progression same as fitness training. Skill and conditioning assessment will minimize risk and emphasize safety.

See the dedicated pages and videos to highlight unique bike fitness services offered at the retreat.

Bike fitness rides are a year-round activity with over 300 days of sunshine in Southern Nevada. A system of paved, dedicated bike trails without cross-traffic is available in the residence’s backyard. 

Bicycle safety, helmet selection, seat adjustments, gear sequencing, and brake coordination prepare you for biking.

Too often, people buy expensive bicycles and receive little or no training for safe, practical cycling. Joining a bike group doesn’t guarantee that you will learn what you need to know. 

To avoid risks, familiarize yourself with safe and effective fitness riding.

The bike fitness camp will not cover competitive cycling techniques.

If you are getting in shape for a bike race, first ride single-speed cruisers and 26″ mountain bikes. These are the bikes available at the fitness residence. Condition on them, and your racing bike will be easier. Make yourself more efficient at biking instead of expecting the bike to do it.

Fitness biking can be done individually, with family, or with a group of other cyclists. Consider it part of your new recreational fitness lifestyle.


Excessive Exercise; Overdoing It?2022-04-30T12:57:54-07:00
Excessive Exercise? NOT!

Excessive Exercise? NOT!

Excessive exercise can be risky and possibly fatal.

Excessive exercise isn’t a problem with progressive exercise. The experience at a fitness retreat is a unique exception to the cautionary rule. Horror stories of fatal rhabdomyolysis fuel fear, telling people not to do excessive exercise.

In the unique environment of a fitness retreat, you overcome the usual limitations that you would have at home. However, several vital factors enable a person to exceed normal limits safely. 

When you are on a fitness retreat, things change. You’re not at work and don’t have responsibilities in everyday life. Your entire focus is on YOU, your body, and your mind. Say you need to take a nap during your recovery period. Nothing else is more critical for you to do. Frequent rest is not usually possible at home. 

In other words, at a retreat, you are there to train, eat, recover and repeat.

As a result, you will enjoy much-needed downtime. Sleep, or read and rest while giving your body the proper recovery needed to resume. Excessive exercise isn’t a concern when you train progressively, eat, and recover.

Proper Progression

The right intensity, duration, and frequency of exercise is a progression. That way, your body has a chance to rebuild during rest and recovery. Sure, you are doing far more than you were at home. However, the progression is gradual. Therefore, recovery balances your efforts. In other words, you rebuild your body as you go. 

You should never feel as though you have hit a wall of complete exhaustion. Each activity session leaves you feeling a sense of accomplishment rather than defeat or failure.

Food timing refuels the body. Hence, the frequency of nutrition with rest periods is the focus of your day at the fitness retreat.

Reasons why you can’t train that much at home

Time does not permit the frequency of multiple exercise sessions in daily home life. You attend to many energy-sapping details and responsibilities. 

Daily life at a fitness retreat allows you to depart from all of that. Of course, you can communicate with loved ones during break times. Likewise, you can remotely attend to business and check on the delegated details. Most importantly, you don’t drain energy and divide focus. Therefore, emotional stress is minimal. 

There is no place else you need to be when you are on a fitness retreat.

As a result, you are your only concern. All of these factors weigh on your ability to rest and recover adequately.

Without sapping your physical and mental reserves, you can raise the bar of physical limitations.

Exercise Variety and Active Recovery

Redundancy is not a problem here. Excessive exercise isn’t a risk when doing a combination of different types of physical fitness. What’s more, variety increases your ability to do more exercise.  A well-monitored progression challenge rewards you with accomplishment. As a result, you can avoid overtraining easily. 

Chances are, you aren’t able to do this at home. At home, your one trip to the gym or trainer must count for the entire day. Too often, gym-goers overdo it during one grueling session. Consequently, one workout session wipes you out and takes you down.

Excessive exercise risk?

You have all the reasons why results happen quickly at a fitness retreat. Furthermore, these are the key reasons you achieve excellent results in a shorter timeframe at a fitness retreat.

Commitment-the final key

Consider that you commit to leaving home and investing in yourself. That factor alone can hold you to your highest standard. Likewise, building the belief in one’s own ability to fulfill self-promises transfers to your new lifestyle back at home.

Can I Quit Smoking?2020-04-05T16:43:56-07:00

If you ask, “Can I quit smoking?” while at the fitness residence then it is stopping you from optimizing your healthy lifestyle of fitness and nutrition. It is on your mind and holding you back from being your best. “Can I quit smoking” is the question you need to answer for yourself. Should you quit by way of cutting back, there are designated outdoor areas for smoking. Of course, the fitness residence is a smoke-free environment. However, the great outdoors has a built-in filter to whisk away the smoke. Pretty soon, your lungs will rid themselves of stored nicotine and your craving will lessen.

Nightly yoga breathing and guided visualization will aid your smoking cessation. Being on track with a wellness lifestyle can be an empowerment if you can quit smoking.

How Does Biggest Loser Ranch Compare to a Private Retreat?2017-10-19T10:48:26-07:00

Biggest Loser Ranch vs. Private Fitness Retreat

Can you read between the lines to see the Biggest Loser Ranch compared with a private residential retreat?

What do you pay for that is transferable to home life after you leave? Without the executive chef, will you know what to do?

Learn more here about comparing the Biggest Loser Ranch to a Private Fitness Retreat.

Can I Get Health Insurance Coverage for Weight Loss?2017-09-09T13:56:42-07:00

Health Insurance Coverage for Weight Loss

Aetna Health Insurance Coverage for Weight Loss requires medically necessary treatment of obesity in compliance with:

  1. Weight reduction medications, and
  2. Clinician supervision of weight reduction programs.”

Aetna Health Insurance Coverage for Weight Loss makes the following disclaimer:  more…

“Weight loss due to weight reduction medication use is generally temporary. In addition, the potential for development of physical dependence and addiction is high. Because of this, their use to aid in weight loss is not regarded as therapeutic, but rather involves a risk/benefit ratio, which makes it medically inappropriate in most cases.”

What they are saying is that they DO NOT consider it medically appropriate to follow their qualifying criteria. This is because the policy criteria calls for medications with high addiction likelihood and the weight loss is generally temporary. They can’t recommend this approach due to risk of addiction for a temporary weight loss.

Okay, so there you have it. It is simply more beneficial to lose weight the sensible way by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Crash diets, risky medications and dangerous surgery is not the answer. Empower yourself by making a commitment and changing your lifestyle for the better.

Health Insurance Coverage for Weight Loss

Health Insurance Coverage for Weight Loss

Can I take a tax deduction for weight loss camp?2020-06-29T08:18:06-07:00
Read How to Take an IRS Tax Deduction for Weight Loss

Read How to Take an IRS Tax Deduction for Weight Loss

Tax Deduction for Weight Loss Camp

You may be able to take a tax deduction for weight loss camp… If a doctor has diagnosed your obesity, then you may qualify for a tax deduction for yourself, your spouse, or your dependent.  To find out how, please read more… 

For how to take an IRS tax deduction for weight loss camp go to:

 http://irs.gov  where you can see exactly what the IRS requires.

If you find that you are not eligible to take a tax deduction for weight loss camp, find out if your health insurance will participate more…

Whether or not either of the above options are available to you, consider the savings in out-of-pocket expenses and health risks for remaining overweight. Consider the quality of your life where the value is priceless. Take steps now to get control of your weight and your health. It is a decision you will never regret.

What are the Weight Loss Retreat Physical Requirements?2017-12-30T19:44:55-08:00
Weight Loss Retreat Physical Requirements

Weight Loss Retreat Physical Requirements

Weight Loss Retreat Physical Requirements

The weight loss retreat physical requirements include an exercise readiness examination.

In compliance with the weight loss retreat physical requirements, an exercise readiness exam can be done by your physician or one recommended upon your arrival. In any event, you will be asked to sign a simple waiver stating that you present yourself in “exercise ready” condition and have declared any known limitations/restrictions. Exercise modifications and special consideration will be made to accommodate any reasonable restrictions for your activities. In the event that you should need an exam or medical attention during your stay, transportation will be provided to your examination appointment and any necessary followup visits. The medical expense will be your responsibility if it is deemed necessary.

What is a typical live in weight loss retreat day like?2022-05-02T09:07:51-07:00
Weight Loss Retreat- Las Vegas

Weight Loss Retreat- Typical Day Schedule

Weight Loss Retreat Daily Training

Daily activities at the weight loss retreat include any necessary modifications deemed reasonable for the individuals concerned.

The weight loss retreat activities take place in and around the Live-in residence with dumbbells, free weights, benches, balls and weighted bars, PowerBlocks, Bosu Balance Trainers, TRX Suspension Training Systems, Duraball Pro Stability Balls, medicine balls, boxing, and agility drills, training ropes, jump ropes, Reebok CORE balance boards; pool activities and diverse outdoor adventures. Also, included will be cycling on single-speed cruisers, mountain bikes, or industrial trikes as appropriate.

Your Live-in Coach – Debra Stefan, will direct you through organized, well thought-out workout routines with upbeat, motivating instruction that includes a combination of agility and balance drills, games, exercises, fat-burning cardio, strength training, and yoga. No one is left behind. Individual exercise modifications apply to all routines. No matter what your limitations are, you will get a good workout, lose weight fast, and make progress you wouldn’t be able to achieve on your own.

So, it’s something different all day, every day, incorporating a variety of equipment and locations with weight training and cardio interval training techniques to benefit your entire body turning you into a LEAN FAT-BURNING MACHINE! Through a total body fitness workout based on scientific exercise progressions and sound physiological principles, within weeks you’ll notice a difference in your weight, strength, energy, moods, and overall fitness level.

Residential Fitness Camp- is it for You?2017-09-09T13:56:43-07:00

Residential Fitness Camp -What it Means to You

When you enter a residential fitness camp, you will choose your level of commitment.

Choose the live-in, half-day or full day residential fitness camp to match your needs. Using the success principles of behavioral modification you will succeed in setting new habits. These are the new habits you adapt to your regular home life. Often home life presents negative anchors holding you back. Detachment can happen by committing to the residential fitness camp on a 24 hour basis. It can also happen when you sleep at home and drop in to full or half-day camp. Only you can make the right decision based on your home life and resources to take part in a residential fitness camp.

If you have family responsibilities and cannot commit to overnight residential fitness camp, day camp is your option. Either half or full day camp can suit your schedule and ability to commit.

Residential Fitness Camp- Is it for YOU?

Residential Fitness Camp- Is it for YOU?

At the residential fitness camp you get daily workouts with your own personal trainer. This compares to a fraction of the cost for one-on-one training at a club or in the gym-with no upgrade fee.

Making your residential fitness camp commitment a priority is easy when you prepay. This creates a time frame in which you put forth the efforts to achieve results. Without financial commitment, there is no urgency to act on your goals. The fitness industry standard is prepayment of services for this reason. The psychology of exercise adherence bases on commitment level. The greater the commitment, the greater the effort.

At residential fitness camp you get the right nutrition and activities in a protective environment. You are free from any negative patterns holding you back. The residential fitness camp daily training routines empower you. You can meet your goals with personal bests in a progressive manner.

What are the weight loss camp meals like on the program?2017-09-09T13:56:43-07:00
Weight Loss Camp Meals

Weight Loss Camp Meals

Weight Loss Camp Meals

Weight loss camp meals and nutrition coaching at the live-in residence focuses on promoting fat loss and sparing metabolic-boosting muscle in alliance with the Body-for-LIFE method. Please do not confuse this with traditional calorie counting. The methods of balancing macro nutrients are easy to learn and are effective for general needs and requirements. You will learn to recognize foods as lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. See a sample menu.

Professional dietitians are not on staff and we do not intend to replace the recommendations of your personal physician should you have specific issues. Furthermore, this is not an eating disorder, alcohol, or drug treatment center. If you are looking for a place where your food is prepared for you by others, this program is not the one for you. The number one reason why those types of programs result in client weight gain afterward is because they do not empower you with hands-on food management. Coaching begins with a trip to the grocery store.

What is the best live-in weight loss camp diet for me?2018-06-14T20:18:18-07:00

What is the best live-in weight loss camp diet for me?

Best Live-in Weight Loss Camp Diet

Best Live-in Weight Loss Camp Diet

The Best Live-in Weight Loss Camp Diet – will be the one that you can live with. This means that it is not a crash diet or short-term solution. You must be satisfied and well-nourished with your nutrition lifestyle. Keep in mind that there will not be a chef when you get back home to prepare meals for you. All too often, people attend weight loss camps where staff shops for the food, prepares and serves it. Even after attending nutrition and cooking workshops, the new healthy lifestyle habit does not form without making a daily routine. No amount of recipe collecting will change bad eating habits. Keep in mind that there will not be a chef when you get back home to prepare meals for you. All too often, people attend weight loss camps where staff shops for the food, prepares and serves it. Even after attending nutrition and cooking workshops, the new healthy lifestyle habit does not form without making a daily routine. No amount of recipe collecting will change bad eating habits. Your choice of unprocessed whole natural fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes and lean meats (excluding bottom feeders, ie., shellfish, and pork) are available for you to prepare under supervision. This is the best method for learning what to do at home. Food shopping, preparing, portioning and timing is a vital part of your training in learning a wellness lifestyle. You have control over personal preferences in food selection at the grocery store. Whole unprocessed foods are available for your selection, preparation and meal choices. Vegan, gluten-free, and other healthy eating strategies will be your options. Since you are forming healthy eating habits to continue at home, you will make your own meals. Protein shakes are an option for one to two meals.  Fiber will give you the sense of fullness and healthy fats promote a sense of satisfaction. All three macronutrients are included. Protein, carbohydrates, and fats are the three big nutrients to sustain healthy function, energy and focus. You will not want to exclude either of these three important nutrients. Consider this your lifestyle choice and not a temporary diet. Make it a habit so you don’t need to rely on sheer willpower. The key to a wellness lifestyle is to establish new habits through routine practice of same.

How long will it take to see results?2017-09-09T13:56:44-07:00

Most participants committing to 30-45 days or more will notice improvements within 10 day to 14 days, while some clients swear they can see changes within the first few days. You can get a realistic look at what to expect from my previous clients who have shared their before and after photos and videos here. More dramatic results and weight loss depend on your nutrition, but when you LIVE the lifestyle your results can be very dramatic. You’ll have more energy, be stronger, feel confident, and feel proud that you made the decision to make a impacting change. The sooner you start, the sooner you will benefit!

Who is the trainer and what are her qualifications?2017-12-30T19:53:11-08:00

About Debra Stefan Fitness

About Debra Stefan Fitness

Your live-in host, Debra Stefan, CFT has over 40 years of professional fitness experience. She will facilitate or oversee all activities during your stay. Debra will be living in residence on a daily basis while you are on the program to provide you with full-time guidance and support. She holds a City of Henderson, Nevada non-commercial business license in addition to a Nevada State Business License (Debra Stefan, LLC) and a Certificate of Good Standing from the Secretary of the State of Nevada. (This is a privately operated, non-commercial business that is not open to the public.)  Find out more about Debra and her residential fitness program by clicking here…

What do the accommodations look like?2017-12-30T20:06:25-08:00
Weight Loss Camp Accommodations

Weight Loss Camp Accommodations

Rooms accommodations offered are all private bedrooms with the option of a shared bath or a downstairs private suite which contains a private bath. For the private suite with private bath add $50 to the daily rate. For a group accommodation, there is a shared room that sleeps three. This will only be made available when the other rooms are full. Open the “Accommodations” link to view a slideshow and gallery showing each room and all common areas of the live-in fitness residence.

When can I tour the facility?2022-05-02T09:13:19-07:00
Private Fitness Retreat Residence

Private Fitness Retreat Residence

What makes my residential retreat unique is that since 2008 this is the first and only reputable private weight loss camp where guest privacy is protected. Imagine yourself committing to leave your home, family, and friends to go away to lose weight and get fit.  There you are in your sweaty workout attire, feeling tired, lonely, and hungry. In walks a group of visitors who thought it would be neat to “tour the facility.” Suddenly, you feel violated. Your privacy has been violated just when you got the courage to take a big step toward your goals.

Please understand before you ask, “Can I tour the facility?” This is an actual home and not a “facility” such as a commercial business that is open for public tours. Debra Stefan Fitness is licensed as a non-commercial business and is not subject to public disclosure of location and is not listed on Google Places for this reason. Furthermore, security guard access is required to enter the private community. Rest assured that your experience will be protected should you come in-house.

Privacy and discretion are valued at the live-in residence. Celebrities, individuals of high profile status, and anyone else seeking a safe haven where they can go under the radar come here to focus on personal goals. Therefore, non-client visits are not allowed. However, every room and common area of the fitness residence can be viewed here on the site including an accommodations video.

Here you can virtually, “tour the facility“.

Also, a fair amount of guest experiences are shared right here on this site and blog. Browse for testimonials and find someone to whom you can relate. Our heaviest has been over 500 Lbs, and the oldest has been 79 years old!

Will I have to have my before and after photos posted on the internet?2017-12-30T20:12:16-08:00
Before and After Photos

Before and After Photos

Not all guests of Debra Stefan Fitness appear on the website or in the videos. Those that do can appreciate that they were encouraged by seeing someone else’s testimony who succeeded by going through program. Sharing testimonials, before and after photos and videos is completely voluntary and authentic; no one has ever been paid to do so.

What is the daily fitness retreat schedule?2017-12-30T20:14:02-08:00
Fitness Retreat Schedule

Fitness Retreat Schedule

Daily Fitness Retreat Schedule

  • 6:00 AM  -Wake Up
  • 6:15 AM   -Nutrition
  • 7:00 AM   -Outdoor Boot Camp
  • 9:00 AM   -Nutrition
  • 10:30 AM -Coaching / Journaling
  • 11:00 AM -Weight Training
  • 12:00 AM -Lunch
  • 1:00 PM   -Training Review
  • 2:00 PM  -Cardio
  • 3:00 PM  -Nutrition
  • 4:30 PM  -Training & Technique
  • 6:30 PM  -Dinner
  • 8:00 PM  -Yoga Assisted Stretch
  • 9:30 PM  -Prepare for Bed
  • 10:00 PM-Lights Out

The above schedule will entail a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that fall within the prescribed parameters. Activities and times may change seasonally.

The fitness retreat schedule of activities will include any modifications deemed reasonable for an appropriate progression. Outdoor and indoor sessions utilize dumbbells, free weights, benches, balls, weighted bars, PowerBlocks, Bosu Balance Trainers, TRX Suspension Training Systems, Duraball Pro Stability Balls, medicine balls, boxing and agility drills, training ropes, jump ropes, balance boards; pool activities and diverse outdoor adventures. Also, included will be daily bicycling on Giant single speed cruisers, Giant mountain bikes or Wilson industrial trikes. more…

What do I need to bring to the residential fat camp?2022-05-02T09:21:33-07:00

What to bring to Residential Fat Camp depends on the season of your stay.

Layers of exercise attire are the key to packing for a weight loss camp.

Residential Fat Camp Packing List for what to bring to the fitness retreat is on the download button below.

While I prefer to call it your fitness retreat, Google requires me to avoid redundancy in terminology. Therefore, this time we will refer to your residential fat camp packing list! As you can imagine, I enjoy being in the good graces of Google. Without it, you and I may never meet. Anyway, let’s get the terminology out of the way and start planning what you need to bring.

Shopping near the fitness residence

Just remember that we will have frequent rest breaks. During a break, personal shopping is a quick trip to a nearby store. After all, we are 3 miles from the nearest Walgreen or Super Walmart. What’s more,  we are only two miles from the nearest CVS drugstore for prescriptions and personal toiletries. The live-in fitness residence is located on a scenic golf course but is not too remote for necessary conveniences.

Residential Fat Camp packing list

Residential Fat Camp Packing List

Residential Fat Camp Packing List

What to order ahead of time will include the larger size padded bike shorts, and swimwear.  Get your padded bike shorts before those delicate areas become raw and tender. One ride without padded compression shorts and your every move will compound the inflamed skin area. Added to the additional problem of inner thigh friction from being overweight. Without compression fabric for anti-friction or padding for easing the pressure, cycling would be intolerable for bigger people.

Baselayers cut down on friction and help prevent skin chaffing from frequent activity.

Although there are numerous DXL Destination XL retail stores nearby, they do not carry padded bike shorts. However, they do carry base layer compression garments, though.  The shaper undershirts are said to support the belly area and minimize the chest to enhance your best shape while you lose weight. These shaper shirts come in sleeveless tanks and the short-sleeve tee shirt. Not as essential as the padded bike shorts, but the right base layers are highly recommended.

Residential Fat Camp Packing List
Can I come at any time or are there set start dates?2017-09-09T13:56:46-07:00

You can plan arrival to start your program at the first available opening that suits your needs. Availability can change daily and cannot be guaranteed unless you secure your booking deposit. Remember that this is a residential fitness program serving a semi-private clientele so space is limited.

Sunny Nevada Weather – What You Need to Know About the Heat2022-05-01T08:40:35-07:00

Sunny Nevada Weather -What You Need to Know About the Heat!

Biking Trail in sunny Nevada weather

Sunny Nevada weather offers year-round sunshine

Sunny Nevada weather is the number one reason for the preferred destination.

Southern Nevada and the Las Vegas valley see 300 days of sunshine in a year on average. The odds are that when you are here, it will be sunny out. Even in the warmer summer months from sunrise through the morning, we have optimal sunny Nevada weather. Another bonus is that there are absolutely no insects due to low humidity. No flies to swat or mosquitoes to repel when outdoors. (Did you hear that some people have declared the mosquito the new state bird of Florida?!)

If you suffer from joint inflammation, this is the ideal exercise environment for you.

Sunny Nevada weather – Mother Nature’s Anti-Depressant

Early morning sunlight and outdoor exercise help boost serotonin and metabolism. Scholarly research proves this to be true. Outdoor activity promotes a  noticeable mood boost that aids those who have depression.

In the summer, temperatures can reach the 100s. Again, this is with low humidity making it easy to tolerate warmer temperatures. Furthermore, the long summer days make it optimal for early outdoor activity at cooler times. Indoor workouts and indoor pools are air-conditioned during the heat of the day. Milder evenings and long days enable more outdoor activity in cooler temperatures.

In the winter, temperatures rarely drop below freezing and that only happens at night. There are about eight nights annually with freezing temperatures. Sunny Nevada weather offers the ability to be outdoors year-round with few days that won’t allow for outdoor exercise. You can see the monthly averages for both temperature and precipitation here.

Sunny Nevada weather makes Las Vegas among the nation’s top five tourism destinations all year long because of the beautiful weather and sunshine. In warmer summer months all scheduling precautions are in place to minimize heat exposure. Take full advantage of the abundance of sunshine and fresh desert air while you pursue your health goals.

Sunny Nevada Weather Year Round

Highs | Lows

Winter: Mid 60’s | Mid 40’s
Never fear: the colder temperatures are after nightfall in the winter with comfortable daytime temperatures.

Spring: Mid/Upper 70’s | Mid 60’s

Summer: Upper 90’s-Low 100s | Low 70’s

In the summer months of longer daylight, we enjoy the early mornings and later evenings outdoors.

Fall: Mid/Upper 70’s | Low 60’s

Seasonally, outdoor activities take place during the most favorable conditions of the day. For example, in the wintertime, our activities outdoors are during the warmer times of the day. For locals, consider outdoor fitness day camp year-round.

Remember that sunny Nevada weather puts Las Vegas in the top five sunniest places in the United States year-round with about 300 sunny days annually.

Sunny Nevada weather
What are my options if I should need to depart early?2019-07-18T12:08:23-07:00

Travel insurance for weight loss camp!  There may be unforeseen events that prompt you to depart early.

Such reasons could include:

  • death or illness of a family member back home
  • your own illness, injury or recurrence of a previous injury
  • unforeseen emergency at home requiring you to return

In order to protect your investment in making a commitment to attend the live-in program, travel insurance is highly recommended.
I do recommend this for your peace of mind. Your success while in my program is my success. It is our common goal to be assured that you have reduced your personal risk as much as possible. Taking risk out of the equation makes it easier to make a commitment to your goals for weight loss camp.

What can I do to get started? I’m ready to apply for the program!2022-11-22T08:47:23-08:00
Getting Started - Be An Action Taker

Getting Started – Be An Action Taker

Getting Started – Be An Action Taker

Getting Started- First Step

First, let me congratulate you for taking the first step to read through the weight loss camp FAQs.

Getting Started- Second Step

When getting started, set up a phone consultation. That way, you and I can decide if this program is a good fit for you.

Next, decide to be an ACTION TAKER. Then, if you are ready, apply for the program. 

So, begin by setting aside 15 minutes from my calendar to yours! Due to fake appointments, we ask for a small $15 confirmation commitment.

Talk to Debra

Most important is your decision to become an ACTION TAKER. But before we talk, make sure to review the FAQs!

Getting Started- Final Step

Once you schedule your stay with a deposit commitment, you will have a secure booking. The deposit is 50% of your total visit, with the balance due five business days before arrival. Be sure to hold a solid commitment once you receive your date approval.

Once you act on the above step, here is an audio collection for Lifestyle Coaching narrated by Debra Stefan.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the results of others cannot indicate or guarantee your results. This program requires dedication and effort toward lifestyle change and is not a crash diet for weight loss alone. It is a health and wellness lifestyle. Results will vary per individual. Here are some success stories by the actual clients in their own words.

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