Weight Loss Camp Testimonials

Adult Weight Loss Camp in Las Vegas

“My weight maxed at 370 lbs, my blood pressure was high and I was in fear of my life.Thank You, Debra Stefan, I finally found success.”

Al, Age 49, Boston, MA

“Her desire for your success encourages you to strive to surpass your expectations.”

Brian Thomas, Age 41, Las Vegas, NV

“The exercises were innovative and Debra created an esprit de corps that was contagious.”

Sid, Age 86, Las Vegas, NV

“Small group camaraderie and a fun place. I lost 15 Lbs of fat in 14 days and I’m having fun!”

Mark, Age 55, Washington, DC

“Since coming to Debra’s depression no longer has a hold on me. I have found a new way to think, eat, breathe, and feel.”

Josh, Age 27, Henderson, NV

I was looking for someone who would help me transform my lifestyle and living at Debra’s was just what the doctor ordered.

Y.S. age 29, Washington, DC

Success Stories by Men and Women at Weight Loss Camp

Not all guests of Debra Stefan Fitness appear on the website or in the videos. Those who do appreciate that they were encouraged by seeing someone else’s weight loss camp testimonial or review. Participation in videos, photos, audio, and reviews is completely voluntary and authentic. No one has ever been paid to do so. These weight loss camp testimonials are considered “organic” and not paid advertisements. They are being shared to encourage others who need to make a commitment to healthy lifestyle change.

The most dramatic results and weight loss depend on adherence to nutrition. The average guest stay is generally 30-45 days, although many stay longer. Although some clients do opt for shorter visits, the ideal is three to four weeks for behavioral modification. Noticeable improvements can be seen within 10 days to 14 days. Some clients begin to see changes in the first few days. Not all guests are able to stay long enough to achieve their ideal weight, but what they learn here transfers with them to continue at home. This is how new lifestyle habits can replace old ones.

Our heaviest clients have been over 500 Lbs and the oldest has been 81 years old! more…

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Please keep in mind that the results of others cannot possibly indicate or guarantee your personal results. This program requires a dedicated effort toward lifestyle change and is not a crash diet for weight loss alone. This is a health and wellness lifestyle. Results will vary per individual

Weight loss camp testimonial policy

Internet policies known as Google terms and conditions now prohibit disclosure of actual “before and after” details.

These strict regulations prevent the potential misleading of those seeking a “magic pill.” However, the results you see on this site represent true verifiable statistics on actual clients. Even so, we can no longer display details in images or text. This includes how how many pounds of weight loss in number of days or weeks.

So far, VIDEO weight loss camp testimonials are not regulated. Therefore, you can get a realistic look at what to expect from my previous clients’ videos on this page.

California Grandma 6 Weeks Fitness and Weight Loss Camp, Las Vegas

She claimed to hate exercise, but with an excess of over 50 pounds the 58 year-old grandmother of 7 knew there was only one way to attain her goals. View her video experience and hear her audio testimony describing her new favorite exercises learned in a home setting without staying in a hotel. Staying in a beautiful home overlooking beautiful views, each day brought her weight down and health up.

Vegas Fitness Holiday for Australian Woman | Live-in Weight Loss

Debbie traveled 15,000 miles for her 28-day Las Vegas fitness holiday at Debra Stefan Live-in Weight Loss. Learn more at www.debrastefan.com . The residence offers semi-private training and a 24/7 lifestyle incorporating exercise and nutrition into a daily schedule of hands-on learning while doing. See her video testimonial of what she did to lose weight and increase wellness in her life.

Weight Loss Camp Seemed “Counter-intuitive” 2 Weeks -15Lbs

“I now eat when I need to and WANT to do exercise.”

He skipped meals and continued to gain weight. At weight loss camp he learned eating for nutrition and energy while he lost weight. Eating more quality foods and eating more often trimmed up his midsection in 2 weeks.Two-Weeks, Two and a Half Inches off Waist Down 15 Lbs.

See his video testimony about how he learned to live healthy, raise the metabolism, and enjoy exercise while having FUN.

Senior Widow Finds Fitness Overcomes Depression at Live-in Weight Loss Las Vegas

Grandma from Kansas, widowed, overweight and out of shape …finds new lifestyle full of fun recreation. Hear her story…

In 3 Weeks International traveler regained Fitness at Live-in Fitness Residential Retreat.

Too many international flights, jet lag, bad air and bad food took a toll on him. He came to the U.S. for a 3-week stay at the Las Vegas fitness residence. Being in the right environment, getting the right sleep, nutrition and exercise made a dramatic difference. His vitality and outlook transformed while he regained his athletic physique again. The belly went down and he began to live his life to the fullest again.

Weight Loss Client from California… had Gastric Bypass and still could not maintain her ideal weight.

At Live-In-Fitness Las Vegas, she tells her success story…click the pic below left see the short video that tells it all!

Colonel seeks discipline and regimentation in fitness and nutrition

Colonel, Oncologist, and best-selling author from California retreated for 7 weeks at Debra Stefan Fitness residence in Las Vegas to establish new health habits and get in shape to enjoy retirement. At the Weight Loss Camp with Coach Debra Stefan, he got private training in a lifestyle environment to create new habits that work at home.

See his video testimonial here.

Couples Fitness Retreat- She Gifted Him With Fitness to Share

She wanted to treat her husband for his birthday and the perfect gift seemed to be the gift of fitness. Together they had fun and spent quality time away from home in an perfect environment for a wellness holiday. Debra Stefan Fitness residence turned out to be the best birthday place. The best part is that they both benefited from the couples fitness holiday.