Attend a Senior Fitness Retreat, Senior Weight Loss Camp or Senior Fitness Camp to train for your active dream lifestyle.

Change your lifestyle at a senior fitness retreat and add life to your years.

Senior Fitness Retreat in Las Vegas

Senior Fitness Retreat in Las Vegas

Whether you want to call it a Senior Fitness Retreat or Senior Weight Loss Camp,  a senior fitness camp offers appropriate levels of activity with reasonable progressions. Accountability to the self-promises you have made will finally be realized. If you want to exercise regularly you need to be able to make a fitness commitment.

Get Rid Of Preconceived Notions and Negative Attitude Toward Making A Fitness Commitment

Senior Fitness and Exercise Reluctance

Most seniors presume that training needs to be done in a gym. They imagine drudgery for an hour. They get ready to spend their exercise in a room boxed in by four walls. Also, the anticipation that people are watching them can be a huge deterrent. Disregard how you could be perceived by others. Consider that your actions could be the very inspiration needed for an onlooker to do the same. Learn to allow yourself to like the workout experience. Regard it as your time for yourself to enjoy and feel good.

Be Creative With Your Activities

At my senior fitness retreat, even the grandmothers love swinging a sledgehammer to whack an old tire, running through a long jump rope turned by others and hopping over the agility ladder. Any activity that takes you out of the redundant pattern of machine training makes your workout fun, especially if it gets you outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

No rule says you can’t do something fun and that you enjoy.

A good workout experience can take you through fitness exploration to discover enjoyable activities. Dancing can make an excellent workout for weight loss and get healthy. So can bike riding Both activities can add a social element to your life, as well. Consider getting outdoors for plenty of sunshine and fresh air. Make it an adventure to remember. Invite others but don’t rely on them to get you going. Be committed. Be an action taker.

“The regimen was easy to follow at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness. I will be implementing this nutrition for my family and staff !”

Sean M. , Age 59

“she taught us the how and why of every exercise…”

“My husband and I feel it was Debra’s training that enabled us to realize success… as a couple in the upper age group (52 and 68). We recommend Debra to anyone, at any level of experience.”

Sara and Charlie Myers, Ages 52 and 68
Las Vegas, NV

Sara and Charlie
“Blood sugar levels went down from 400 in the mornings with exercise”

“After fighting adult onset diabetes my health became a daily challenge. Once I came to Live-in Weight Loss Camp, things began to rapidly improve.”

Chuck, Age 68
Las Vegas, NV

“I have used maybe 10 trainers in my life and Debra Stefan is by far the most knowledgeable…”

” If you are serious about your workouts then Debra is for you…She is in there with you.

Phil Griffith, Age 63
Las Vegas, NV


“This is tough; but good!”

Walter, Age 79
Weed, CA

28 Days at Senior Fitness Retreat

“worth all the effort; made a world of difference for me.”

Fred, Age 71
Monterrey, CA

California Grandmother 6 Weeks Live-in Fitness

“I once hated exercise, but by the time you leave Debra’s you will LOVE what you are doing.”

Jeri, Age 58
Yorba Linda, CA

“She is very careful about safety and makes sure you know what you are doing correctly.”

Gene, Age 63
New Orleans, LA

FIT FOR 70! 14 Lbs in 14 Days

“It’s Well worth the money; I don’t think you could spend money on anything that will benefit you more.”

David, Age 69
Monterrey, CA

14 Days and 15 Lbs Fitness Holiday

“Small group camaraderie and a fun place. I’m having fun!.”

Mark, Age 55
Washington, DC


“the exercise that I did with Debra has carried me to my advanced stage of life. The exercises were innovative and Debra created an esprit de corps that was contagious.”

Sid, Age 90
Las Vegas, NV


Live-In Adult Weight Loss Camp Services include private room accommodations, personal training, and wellness coaching by resident personal trainer-Debra Stefan, nutritional coaching, your choice of authorized foods provided for 4 supervised and self-prepared meals + 2 shakes and all the bottled water you can drink. To view the accommodations click here. All rooms are private. Listed here are rates that include the $50 per day special needs upgrade. Special needs include senior to geriatric training progressions and fall prevention.

Day camp participation rates for summer hours offer weekly activities from 6am-11am Monday – Friday. A seasonal schedule will be provided upon request. Services include personal training and wellness coaching, nutritional supervision and your choice of authorized foods provided for self-prepared meals + shakes. To see the FAQs please click here…

Day camp options are seasonal at the fitness retreat. Both residential and day camps dovetail during the morning sessions. This is small group semi-private personal training for those committed to attending all workouts.  Morning emphasis is on fat burning, and metabolic boosting interval training. Also, featured is weight training and cardiovascular conditioning. A diversity of cross training variations will be introduced.

Participation requires a high level of accountability. This includes weigh-ins, nutrition and exercise journaling with dedicated attendance.

Length of Live-In Stay Total Price Price / Week Price / Day
One Week $2,625 $2,625 $375
Two Weeks $4,900 $2,450 $350
Three Weeks $6,825 $2,275 $325
Four Weeks $8,400 $2,100 $300
Five Weeks $10,500 $2,100 $300
Six Weeks $12,600 $2,100 $300
Seven Weeks $14,700 $2,100 $300
Eight Weeks $16,800 $2,100 $300
Nine Weeks $18,900 $2,100 $300
Ten Weeks $21,000 $2,100 $300
Eleven Weeks $23,100 $2,100 $300
Twelve Weeks $25,200 $2,100 $300
Thirteen Weeks $27,300 $2,100 $300
Fourteen Weeks $29,400 $2,100 $300
Fifteen Weeks $31,500 $2,100 $300
Sixteen Weeks $33,600 $2,100 $300
Day Camp Rates Monthly Price *Week *Day
90 Minute Metabolic Blast 3X week $1,053 $263.25 $87.75
5-Hour Metabolic Morning 5X week $3000 $750 $150
5-Hour Metabolic Morning Saturdays $700 $175 $175
 *All Day camps are prepaid monthly.
(Cost breakdown showed for comparison only)
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Read the FAQs and see the videos. If you think you are ready, call Debra.

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Senior Fitness Retreat offers weight loss and physical fitness.

Senior Fitness Retreat in Henderson, NV

Senior Fitness Retreat in Henderson, NV

Senior fitness retreat guests want to maintain physical ability.

Senior Fitness Retreat weight loss goals are unique due to age-defining priorities.

Enjoyment of family, participation in favorite pastimes, and maintaining independence are high priorities. The highest of priorities seems to remain the “low profile” activities of being able to physically get up from floor level. No doubt, grandchildren can motivate Senior Fitness levels.

“If only I could get on the floor to play with my grandchildren and then be able to get back up again.”

”I don’t want to risk falling again, and I can’t get up by myself if I do.”

This pretty much tells the story of why the fastest growing population of new exercisers is flocking to take part in a Senior Fitness Retreat. Working toward retirement leaves too little time to focus on maintaining activity levels crucial in avoiding sedentary problems.

Sedentary lifestyles are becoming prevalent since the advent of technology. Where does that leave you when you can’t lift and carry a grandchild?

Senior Fitness Retreat- Highest Investment Value

For many, the dream of retirement has become a fleeting one. The economic downturn has caused many seniors to lose savings and the freedom of an active lifestyle. Fitness is lacking.

Senior Fitness Retreat- Return to Favorite Pastimes Like Golf

Golf – once a favorite pastime, still stands as an icon of retirement pleasure. Many seniors strive to be able to play golf again. However, balance, strength, and range of motion must be restored to make this possible. Driving ranges and putting greens offer more economical activity without paying the high cost of playing 18 holes. Nine holes are becoming even more popular. A Senior Fitness Retreat will focus on the fitness required to not only perform life’s daily living skills but also build up a reserve necessary to play.

Senior Fitness Retreat – The Low Profile Goal from Horizontal to Vertical Position

Perhaps you are able to take this low-profile ability for granted. Perhaps you are not there yet and I do hope you never have to face crawling that long road back. To those who have come to the realization that getting down might mean finding help to get back up again there is definitely hope. Follow these Senior Fitness Retreat guidelines for progress.

Senior Fitness Retreat Training Guidelines

Agility and Stability Training – Traveling drills working both right and left in front and sidestepping patterns.

Squat Work- Sitting and standing from chair level progressing from assisted to hands-free movement. Be sure to include split-stance foot placements to mimic functional work, as well as, lifting and carrying motions.

Abdominal Strength – Seated side reaches, seated lean backs, and lying on back with short-range reaching movements at different angles will build core body strength. Progress your movements from the floor with various levels of assistance from furniture before going hands-free. Utilize inflated balls for seated to recline progression.

Balance Symmetry – Train both sides of the body through non-dominant movement patterns.

Confidence and Strength of Will – Practice mental disciplines for positive self-talk in overcoming fears. Learn to recognize self-defeating fears and cancel them before they cause falls and sabotage normal equilibrium.

The most general all-purpose exercise at a Senior Fitness Retreat will be wood chops because dynamic balance, strength, range of motion, and core control are gained.

Consider attending a Senior Fitness Retreat where you can train for the active lifestyle you dream of.

At my senior fitness retreat personal training workouts provide each participant with individual exercise modifications as needed. Weight training and the popular TRX suspension training systems promote core conditioning and balance. Individual, personalized exercise can be done even when participating in a group with these systems in place.

Every workout session is loaded with fun and energizing activities specifically designed to help you successfully achieve your weight loss goals while toning and balancing your problem areas.

One day Hal’s daughter pointed out to him that going to physical therapy twice weekly was not enough. He was rapidly losing ground with all the daily tasks of living. No longer could he put on his own socks and shoes or get in and out of a chair. Balance was risky so he became dangerously sedentary.

Within days at Debra’s fitness residence, he learned activities that reversed the cycle of inability. See his video and the miracle of exercise. Not only did he lose a half pound daily for 3 weeks while adding two inches of muscle to each of his thighs, but he found his balance!

Geriatric Fitness

“I am no longer afraid of losing my balance and falling. Now I am enjoying all the things I wanted to do but was too weak to do.”

Senior Woman Sheds Pounds and Regains Fitness

She had spent her active years building an legacy, but at age 64 found herself to be too sedentary for the travel she so loved. Spending four weeks at Debra Stefan Fitness residence was just the boost she needed. Regaining daily activity in a home setting with plenty of fresh air outdoors was just what she needed. See her video for the story.

Senior woman at live-in weight loss retreat.

“I have learned so many new things that I can do at home to eat right and stay active.”

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Read the FAQs and see the videos. If you think you are ready, call Debra.

Ready to talk to Debra? Go Here

Senior Weight Loss Camp in Las Vegas 

Senior Weight Loss Camp Gets 79-year-old Fit for 80th at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Senior Weight Loss Camp Gets 79-year-old Fit for 80th at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Senior Weight Loss Camp 30-Day Transformation Gets Man Fit for 80

At senior weight loss camp, the quality of Walter’s life was greatly enhanced by increasing his ability for life’s daily tasks with a comfortable reserve left over for recreation.

Senior Weight Loss Camp“ videos enticed Walter’s son to contact Debra in Las Vegas after viewing her web page.

Debra explained that her approach for senior weight loss camp clients was the same as for any other special population; assess then progress. After years of spousal caregiving followed by 3 years of sedentary bereavement, he had lost interest in all that once kept him active. They needed a customized program suitable for Walter to start at a very low level of physical capability.

After seeing what Walter was comfortable doing, the progress began. Small steps toward improvement were made in each of the workout sessions taking place throughout the day. Over the period of one month, Walter had exceeded his own expectations.

At the Las Vegas live-in senior weight loss camp he was given a customized program to start at a very low level of physical capability. Progress occurred daily with personal bests in every session. Walter was empowered and his spirits renewed quickly.

At Debra’s live-in senior weight loss camp her approach for sedentary clients is the same as for any other special population; assess then progress. Outings include frequent grocery shopping visits for fresh foods with optimal nutrition. Meal frequency, proper water intake, adequate sleep, and appropriate exercise bring about rapid results. Brain fitness improves dramatically with a wellness regimen. This improves the senior quality of life and prolongs independent living. Results come quickly when you do all the right things all at the same time!

The Adult Tricycle is used in Senior Weight Loss Camp conditioning program.

A major aspect of Walter’s cardio workouts was done on an industrial tricycle as seen in the video highlight story below. This gave him the stability he needed while enhancing leg and lung power.  Also, his weight-bearing cardio workouts utilized Nordic trekking poles.  Again, stability was optimized while redistributing efforts onto his upper body to help offload the legs. This worked well for Walter and in a short while he regained the confidence to walk with greater stamina and stability. He then began to plan travel and sightseeing trips for the near future!

This 79-year-old man regained his former abilities. The quality of Walter’s life was greatly enhanced by increasing his ability for life’s daily tasks with a nice reserve left over for recreation.

Update: Since leaving Debra’s Senior Weight Loss Camp, Walter has ridden his mountain bike 40 minutes daily and claims he will never give it up again.

Since leaving Debra’s Senior Weight Loss Camp, Walter has ridden his mountain bike 40 minutes daily and claims he will never give it up again.

Senior Learns How to Get Up From Floor at 72 Years Old

Fear of falling had become a paralyzing fear limiting activities and life. Getting down and back up again from floor level seemed out of the question.

At the senior fitness retreat, losing 100 pounds seemed like the easier goal. Core activation and spinal mobilization on a stability ball rapidly rekindled these capabilities. Barbell training revitalized dormant muscle strength and sharpened balance. Reclining on a stability ball into a hip bridge and back up to sitting empowered the full “get up”. Prone yoga postures cobra and child’s pose to downward dog became the new sequence to get up. Chair pose into mountain pose ended the movements with confidence and control. The “get up” is at the top of the list for important movements of daily living.

Senior woman at live-in weight loss retreat.

“Barbell training revitalized dormant muscle strength and sharpened balance.”

Senior Weight Loss Retreat Shrinks 36 Inches and Pounds in Eight Weeks

She decided to find a place that was not a spa or luxury vacation, but a residential boot camp for fitness and weight loss. Her research turned up Debra Stefan Fitness residential weight loss retreat. Client videos of the senior fitness retreat testimonials told her all she needed to know. After talking to Debra, she was in touch with another international client who told her story.

During her eight-week stay at the fitness residence, she discovered the benefits of dumbbell and barbell training. Dumbbells with the stability ball activated her balance and core reflexes needed for barbell training. With weeks she progressed from suspension training and sandbag exercises to barbell lifting. First, she perfected her barbell placement and posture with calf training doing free balancing heel raises. This was done with an unloaded 45 lb. Olympic barbell. Soon, she was ready to load the barbell with weight plates adding 10 lbs. per progression. Postural muscles along with upper and lower body improved in appearance. She loved the concept of gaining bone density while gaining muscle density.

Senior woman at live-in weight loss retreat.

“Dumbbell and barbell training has given me great strength, balance and confidence.”

Fit For 55! He lost 15 Lbs of fat in 14 days at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness.

“Small group camaraderie and a fun place. I’m having fun!.”Mark was approaching age 55 in a state of “sedentary bliss”. As a government bureaucrat, he had never done physical exercise. He had never lifted a weight. Meals were few and far between and his schedule seemed to cause a pattern of late night eating.See his video and find out what worked so well in so short a time. Simply amazing results!
Mark, Age 55
Washington, DC

At Live-in-Fitness Las Vegas, he trains to regain his physical abilities and re-learn a new active senior lifestyle.

Gene had a great set of parents who “gifted” him with the good physical structure most bodybuilders envy.At an early age, he realized he could excel if he wanted. However, he took it all for granted and the years of sedentary lifestyle and faulty nutrition patterns took a toll.See his training video clip for a quick snapshot of a natural athlete in a de-conditioned body just kicking to get out!
Gene, Age 63
New Orleans, LA

Live-In Fitness helped Diabetic Senior Stabilize Health

After owning a business for 45 years and fighting adult-onset diabetes, around to enjoy retirement.Blood sugar levels went down from 400 in the mornings to normal through boot camp exercise.Nutrition became a tool he could rely on.
Chuck, Age 68

14-Day Las Vegas Weight Loss Camp… “to be able to get down on the floor to play with my grandchildren.”

“I’m a retired professional and senior citizen whose main goal was to get down on the floor to play with my grandchildren and then be able to get back up again.I have now accomplished that and so much more.”
Ann, Age 69
Fresno, CA

FIT FOR 70! David fulfilled his own self-promises at senior weight loss camp.

He had just sold his company to enter into retirement life and needed to get back into shape. This was a long-standing goal for David and he eagerly joined the two other younger men at the residential weight loss retreat.See David’s video highlight story and see how it worked!
David, Age 69
Monterrey, CA


Sid Graber trained for his best half-marathon at Debra’s Henderson Boot Camp. At age 86, Sid prepared for the 2009 Las Vegas Rock ‘n Roll Marathon by participating in activities monitored by personal trainer Debra Stefan, doing jump rope, TRX, balance training, and goal setting. Fitness for seniors takes the same conditioning strategies that apply for all ages of athletes. No matter what your age or condition, you can become your best!
Sid, Age 86
Las Vegas, NV

FIT FOR 80! His son contacted Debra at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness after viewing her web page and videos on “Senior Weight Loss Camp”

After searching for “geriatric weight loss camp”, Walter’s family realized that they needed a customized senior weight loss camp suitable for Grandpa to start at a very low level of physical capability.  Progress occurred daily with personal bests in every session. Walter was empowered and his spirits renewed quickly. The quality of Walter’s life was greatly enhanced by increasing his ability for life’s daily tasks with a nice reserve left over for recreation.
Update: Since leaving Debra’s Senior Weight Loss Camp, Walter has ridden his mountain bike 40 minutes daily and claims he will never give it up again.

“This is tough but good!”
Walter, Age 79
Weed, CA
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