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Accountability Coaching for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Accountability Coaching by Debra Stefan

Weight Loss Accountability Coaching by Debra Stefan

Accountability Coaching for Weight Loss is now available by Debra Stefan. Debra Stefan Fitness has become synonymous with the private residential fitness retreat where Debra hosts live-in-fitness and weight loss guests since 2008. Forty years of professional dedication in the fitness industry inspired her to open her home to only a select few at a time for a lifestyle experience. Space permits Debra to only work with the most committed clients who come from all parts of the globe. They say that she sprinkles her “fairy dust” over them all, from the most sedentary and deconditioned for a magical metamorphosis emerging a new version of the best they can be. Internationally celebrated as the only truly private adult weight loss camp, featured on weight loss shows by the BBC and in the U.S., she is virtually unknown in her own community. Debra does not disclose her physical location address to the public. Only those who are committed to her live-in weight loss retreat can access the residence. Privacy is paramount to the unique weight loss program. You could say that Debra Stefan Fitness offers an exclusive program that until now, only a few can access.
Accountability Coaching for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Accountability Coaching

Accountability coaching is a relatively new concept as described best by Wikipedia. For those who can’t take time off work and be away from family, Debra now offers a limited number of new “at home” clients her core accountability system. Included are weekly weigh-ins and twice weekly text, email or phone check-ins. If you are ready to take action, then sign up for Debra’s weight loss accountability coaching.

Accountability Coaching for Weight Loss

Accountability Coaching for Weight Loss

Accountability Coaching Initial Body Transformation Planning Session– This meeting can be via Phone, SKYPE or in-person

  • Create a timeline for reasonable weight loss goals on a week-to-week continuum.
  • Based on age, size, background and other factors we can estimate a low to high scale weight for each weekly target.
  • Establish a meaningful date to achieve the most substantial goal weight. Track maintenance for up to 6 months thereafter.
  • Be prepared with dates for upcoming social events and travel plans. These dates can be factored into your plan to incentivize you.

Accountability Coaching Weekly Sessions 12-week bi-weekly sessions – Phone, SKYPE or in-person
The 12-week body transformation starts with your belief in your own ability to fulfill your own self-promises. No more letting yourself down and succumbing to self-sabotage. Each weekly discussion will review what is working and inspect the causes for what is not working. Adhering to the weekly target of good, better and best weight loss targeting will place your focus on doing more of what is working. Hence, you will identify what you choose to avoid. Your decision-making process is based on what will get you to your goals sooner than later. Honesty and commitment are the keys here. A week of lower achievement does not mean that success is lost. Use each weekly progress review to evaluate and move forward. Let’s face it. The pages of the calendar keep turning so let’s look forward to seeing improvements and setting special milestones ahead.

What does an accountability coaching timeline look like?

Accountability Coaching-Additional communication tools including text and email between bi-weekly calls keep our coaching relationship convenient and consistent. Occasionally, there may be the need for additional calling. I will make every effort to find my soonest availability to talk to you. Together we will address immediate concerns before problems arise.

Accountability Coaching can include a customized goal-guided visualization audio. I will produce a 7-12 minute audio file for you to sharpen your daily goal focus. Accountability Coaching is greatly enhanced by the use of custom audios for goal visualization. Some people are quite receptive and can be easily motivated through the use a personalized audio.

The goal-guided visualization audio has three stages beginning with relaxation. The second stage is goal visualization and the third stage is meditation. Not every session will result in meditation as that comes with consistent practice. Great progress can be made through the visualization of one’s goals. The details of your personal goals will be implanted into the audio for your realization. Self-actualization will come once the mind perceives these things as attainable. Here is where your personal faith and belief system come in. Share your details with me and your audio is then customized according to your personal values.

LET’S GET SCHEDULED! Make your selection for the best day and time to start with a 15-minute introductory talk and add it to my calendar right here.

12-Week Accountability Coaching for Weight Loss 12-Week Total Price *Week *Day
 12-Week Accountability Coaching for Weight Loss $1200 $100 $16.67
*12-week Accountability Coaching for Weight Loss is prepaid in full. (Cost breakdown shown for comparison only)
Accountability Coaching for Weight Loss
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