At the 30- day weight loss retreat it was so simple.

All he needed to do to turn around his health was to replace his lifestyle habits with new ones. How to break the old habits? Easy. Just stop, drop and live in a new Weight Loss Retreat environment conducive to making the right choices and will power is no longer an issue. Then, once the results are showing from the new behaviors there is no reason to choose the counterproductive habits.

A failed bariatric surgery, high blood pressure, a debilitating back condition, depression, anxiety… all became non-issues within a few weeks. Funny how Mother Nature comes through for you when you get back to the basics of eating food in the most natural state. Funny how easy it is to be active when you take action outside of the gym. Make a lifestyle you can live with and make your habits a fast track to health.

Don found that weight training and bicycling were his favorite activities. He also learned that he could remain active while being mindful of his back condition. Soon the weak back became stronger and pain was self-managed without medication. Mindful movement and sensible exercise activities protected him while he made progress. Success comes quickly when doing all the right things all at the same time. See how Don made the change.