David needed a “reset” to get back on track to regain his exercise motivation and physique.

Seeking a Live-in Fitness and Weight Loss Environment

After a comprehensive search, he found that Debra Stefan Fitness Residence in Las Vegas offers a Mens Weight Loss Retreat that was just what he needed. As a busy executive, he could only manage a four-day visit which was definitely a stepped up approach.

How to Start An Exercise Program

Upon arrival he began activating his legs and lungs with a 10-mile single speed beach cruiser bike ride then progressed to mountain biking hill climbing intervals. In addition to all the other training sessions, he managed to log nearly 25 miles bicycling in 4 days.

Weight Training for Weight Loss

Debra guided him through the classic dumbbell free weight training techniques for each muscle group to establish his baselines. Each day a new progression was developed with the right lifting techniques that worked together and appropriate weight increases. His workout charts were prepared in order to follow his new plan efficiently at home.

Food preferences were tied into each meal’s plan and actualized according to schedule. Water intake, nutrition and sleep were all scheduled for optimal well-being. His sleep which was normally disruptive at home became sound for the duration of the night. Nighttime cravings were non-existent with the new eating and exercising routine.

Visualizing the Goal

Each evening, his muscles were fatigued and ready for stretching. Various stretching techniques were performed and learned for both corrective stretch and relaxation. Muscle imbalances were pinpointed and corrective stretches given to address them. Guided visualization became his new road map to actualizing his training and weight loss goals. In four days David lost 5.5 pounds without ever counting a calorie, going to bed hungry or missing a meal. He learned that a lifestyle that works and will never need to diet again.

View the short video to see and hear directly from David regarding his live-in experience at Debra’s fitness residence.