Adult bicycle class instructor, Debra Stefan, LCI League Cycling Instructor teaches for the LCI Seminar bicycle instructor certification.

If you are an influencer in the cycling community, get the gold standard bicycle education credential and become an LCI-League certified cycling instructor. You’ll make the bike lanes and trails much safer when you earn a cycling certification with the League.

Smart Cycling On-Bike Class 
This class will focus on the practical application of bicycle handling on the road in traffic and on multi-use trails.  If you want to become a bike instructor, this is a prerequisite. Each participant completes an online course before seeking qualification for the League Cycling Seminar.  

The Smart Cycling course is the prerequisite for the League cycling certification course.

The Smart Cycling bicycle skills session starts with a classroom review of biking traffic laws and trail safety rules. The on-bike road and trail class implement biking “need-to-know” best practices.   Bring a bike and helmet.  Have an illuminated front headlight and a red rear light for night riding.  Wear visibility clothing.  The class is available by appointment only with confirmation.


By registering for this class, participant understands that the League of American Bicyclists, Debra Stefan, and her associates cannot be held liable for any exposure to the COVID-19 virus caused by attendees.  Participant agrees to comply with the laws and recommendations for the Great State of Nevada.  

Course Qualification

Successful completion of the on-bike curriculum qualifies cyclists to attend the League of American Bicyclists cycling instructor certification seminar.

Ages: 14+
Date: Select Sundays 12-6 PM, January -December, 2023
Time: 12pm-6pm
Location: City of Henderson, TBA
Fee: $350.00
Schedule directly with your LCI, Debra Stefan 2020 Educator of the Year by the League of American Bicyclists for private and semi-private instruction.

Smart Cycling classes can help you get all the benefits of bicycling and stay safe while you’re riding. Whether you’re starting out, returning to the bike after some years, or just want to hone your current skills, you need a bicycle instructor. The Smart Cycling program will make riding easier, safer, more comfortable & enjoyable. You’ll be safer and more confident on the road or the trail.

Bike Education FAQ

Schedule a Smart Cycling class directly with your League certified bicycle instructor, Debra Stefan, LCI. Successful completion of the full Smart Cycling Class (formerly Traffic Skills 101) is mandatory prior to register for the Seminar with a score of 85% or better. The full course includes both the classroom (which can be taken online) and the on-bike sessions. All candidates MUST complete the class at least three weeks prior to the LCI seminar.

WHO: Anyone wanting to learn the best practices for bike riding. Bicycle community influencers, on-bike security, recreational cyclists will learn on local City of Henderson streets and trails (elementary biking skill required). Lessons to Teach You To Ride A Bike

WHO’S OFFERING THIS? Debra Stefan, Certified League Cycling Instructor, 2020 Educator of the Year, League of American Bicyclists

WHAT: Full classroom instruction including the on-bike coaching or just the on-bike practical for Smart Cycling road and trail, bike handling drills and vehicular biking in traffic.

WHERE: TBA Location will include a classroom setting for the educational review segment, private parking lot bicycle handling drills, then the out-and-back local  street ride.

WHEN: Year-round appointments are on a first-come basis available most Sundays 12-6 PM with prepayment and confirmation.

COST: Fees vary according to the number of participants in the class session. Please make a prepaid appointment with confirmation; space is limited.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Bike education review or (full instruction) in the classroom and on-bike handling plus a supervised skills evaluation ride


The Smart Cycling FULL curriculum

The full (9-hour) course teaches students to develop awareness, technique, and safety skills. (An online version is available for self study.) Students will learn about choosing a bicycle, basic parts of a bike, essential equipment, as well as how to safely and comfortably ride a bike in various traffic conditions, terrain and climates. All rides are covered under the League’s insurance. Qualified participants will already have the basic ability to ride a bike. Personal bike training is available on a limited basis for those who want to learn how to ride a bike Adult Bicycling Lessons Teach You To Ride A Bike | Debra Stefan, LCI. This course will not be for those under 18 years of age unless accompanied by a parent and at least fourteen years old.

The Smart Cycling ON-BIKE curriculum

The ON-BIKE course (6-hour) gives students a review of the (online) curriculum with practical application of bicycle handling drills, and vehicular cycling on the roadway in traffic.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Bring a bike, lock, and helmet (required), illuminated front headlight, and red rear light.

Contact Debra for a loaner bike and a free DOT helmet

Smart Cycling is by the League of American Bicyclists for cyclists to ride safely and effectively on roadways or bike paths with confidence. Classes are for people who want to become well-versed in safe biking on the road and bike paths.

Expand bike handling skills with a solid foundation of safe cycling principles and practices.

Safely deal with traffic and other challenges on the road or bike path.

Set the best example for others to follow.

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