Have you ever started a bike ride with the feeling that you forget something very important? Well, most likely, you are! If you don’t take the time to plan for your bike ride, you might end up regretting it because you forgot to bring an essential item. Creating a biking checklist beforehand will ensure that you remember all of the essential things you need! It will also help you save so much stress and time from having to go back during your bike ride.

Debra Stefan, League of American Bicyclists, with your smart cycling, need to know guidelines.

Always, always, always, bring your ID with you when you’re riding a bike. Yes!

Make sure you bring your medical card when you’re riding a bike.

Make sure you put a fully charged cell phone on your biking checklist.

Bring some money and a credit card when you’re riding a bike.

Make sure you carry vital information and emergency contact when you’re riding a bike.

Now, if I sound like I’m on a rant, that’s because I am. Please don’t get me started about how many people don’t get the importance of carrying ID, a health insurance card, money, and a communications device.

Take heed, and you will not ever have to regret it. Be responsible for your own safety and the safety of others riding with you.

Your biking checklist doesn’t end here; there is definitely more to check before riding. However, this is where it starts.

If you want to know more details on the best biking recommendations, feel free to message me, and I’ll be ready to elaborate. Or just come to my next Smart Cycling class to learn biking laws, best practices for road and trail. I’m happy to share the League of American Bicyclists biking need-to-know guidelines.