Mens Fitness Boot Camp Vacation

Mens Fitness Boot Camp Vacation

Mens Fitness Boot Camp Vacation focuses on outdoor adventures.

On a mens fitness boot camp vacation there is plenty of intense exercise which is known to increase testosterone naturally. 

At my Las Vegas mens fitness boot camp vacation there seems to be a unique camaraderie among the men who stay in the private fitness residence. This post is about three men who came from different regions, all set out to get in the best shape they could quickly. They arrived in Las Vegas unknown to one another, but quickly formed a fitness brotherhood during their stay at the residential retreat.

The male bonding factor is high in a 24/7 environment of positive energy and best efforts. They all lost weight, built muscle, increased fitness on all levels and claim to have had a great time of it.

Each of the men had similar goals and interests. They all liked weight training, cycling, and outdoor activity. Coaching them was easy. Each workout session offered personal bests. The men encouraged and applauded one another every step of the way. They got sore. They got tired. They all got up each day eager for more of the same. Here is a bit about these three guys:

David, age 69, had just sold his company to enter into retirement life and needed to lose weight and get back into shape for his 70th birthday.

Tony, age 53, was rebuilding his body after surviving cancer and chemotherapy and wanted to ride another 100 mile bicycling race.

Donald, age 48, was on a mission to overcome health risks brought on by several years of overseas piloting and health neglect.

The three men bonded at my Las Vegas Fitness residential retreat where they set out on an adventure that pushed them all on to a much higher level than they had anticipated. See slide show highlight the story of the adventures at my mens fitness boot camp vacation!