Fitness Holiday in Las Vegas Attracts Aussie from Down Under

Fitness Holiday Attracts Australian Man to Las Vegas

Weight Loss Camp for Men Attracts Australian Man to Las Vegas

In 30 Days Ben was down 15 Lbs on fitness holiday in Las Vegas

Thirty days on fitness holiday at Debra’s enabled Ben to avoid the usual tempting behaviors that had diminished his body and energy.

Ben Davidson embarked on a two-fold mission when he obtained a visa to visit the United States from Australia. Arriving in Los Angeles, the first thing he did was to buy a Harley Davidson Road King to tour America. The second thing he did was to call Debra Stefan at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness and arrange his body transformation. Then he proceeded to motorcycle up the Pacific Coast Highway and then on to Las Vegas Live-in Fitness. See his video for an amazing recount of his continuing transformation. While seeking an extended stay weight loss camp, he decided to travel around the world to Las Vegas after Google searching the Internet. His fitness holiday resulted in a 10-month tour of the U.S. and a constant travel schedule. Consequently, he regained the weight back. Before departing for Australia, he revisited Debra Stefan Fitness for another 30 days and trimmed down once more. Ben, Age 34 Australia

“Simply put,” he says, “the program works!” He knew he could do all the right things all at the same time in a controlled environment where he could focus on fitness and weight loss goals.

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