Live-in Weight Loss Camp FAITH

Live-in Weight Loss Camp FAITH

Live-in Weight Loss Camp Commitment

450Lb Truck Driver, Husband, Father of three teenagers

Arrived at Live-in Weight Loss Camp

He arrived at Live-in Weight Loss Camp with a fitness level -barely able to stand or walk with unstable legs and limited mobility. Fortunately, he began Live-in Weight Loss Camp with a strong desire to work hard to meet his goal of weighing less than 300 lbs.

Prior to the live-in weight loss camp, he researched Gastric Bypass vs Weight Loss Camp. The incidence of 1 in 50 patients dying on the table ruled out the risky surgery. It was up to him to do it the sensible way by his own efforts. Although not inclined to make changes on his own strengths, his faith was bigger than his waistline.

At the live-in weight loss camp

At the live-in weight loss camp, he committed to 16 weeks of diet and exercise. A new fitness lifestyle was begun and his faith soared with each of his daily accomplishments. Each meal and activity brought him closer to his goal of regaining health and overcoming adversity.

Corey Dillaha is living under 24/7-weight watch.

At 429 lbs., 6’1” age 44, he is the most critically obese client that I have ever had the challenge and privilege of helping. His weight loss experience and the role that I play in helping him to overcome his challenges on a daily basis will be the featured focus of this blog content for the next 16 weeks. This is a pivotal point in the life of a 44-year-old man; a turning point for him after a major call to action when the gastric bypass was said to be the only answer.

A devoted husband, father of three teenagers, and dedicated member of his church and community—Corey Dillaha has put his service to others before his own health.

As a truck driver in his family-owned business, he spends long hours daily in a sedentary position. What’s more, he suffered a serious motorcycle accident, which set him back even further in his physical abilities. In September 2009, Corey was hospitalized for 6 weeks and gained more weight as a result of limited mobility. The additional weight further limited his mobility.

Always a larger heavyweight guy, Corey Dillaha wrestled competitively in college at 270 pounds.

To weigh 300 pounds did not scare Corey. To him, that was just his off-season weight. Years of driving trucks and poor eating habits caused weight gain, but after his accident, Corey lost control. He felt powerless over his weight.

Corey had attended the classes for gastric bypass surgery.

He heard the doctor tell the group of 50 people that one among them would die on the operating table with the odds of 1/50. Researcher David R. Flum, MD, MPH, assistant professor of surgery at the University of Washington says, “In fact, in the real world …the risk of dying within 30 days of gastric bypass surgery is about one in 50.”

With those odds, Corey knew that this was not the route for him. Furthermore, he knew that he needed to empower himself to conquer this challenge himself and do it the right way. It finally got to be time for Corey to call on his faith to overcome the issue of morbid obesity that had taken hold of his life. It not only had a hold on him, but it had become a life threat and a ticking time bomb. Another man tipping the scales over 400 lbs. is Eric Chopin who cancelled his surgery to join the Biggest Loser camp and won the weight loss championship.

Corey opted to go to an adult fat camp in lieu of gastric bypass surgery.

A devoutly religious man, he clearly believes in Philippians 4:13 “ I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.” His prayer group friends and family all supported his decision to “go natural” and seek out the Biggest Loser camp vs gastric bypass surgery. Anticipation and apprehension couldn’t be helped in his situation. Commercial travel is not something a large person looks forward to,. much less, kissing wife and family goodbye for four long months.

Corey quickly discovered that such weight loss camps were very costly for the amount of time his goal would require.

Dillaha’s family finances were juggled and the sacrifice would be made, but the next decision was where he would spend four months for his weight loss camp. He compared the highly advertised weight loss camps. The expense and isolation in a luxury condo on the beach or an off-campus apartment at a fat camp facility seemed unreal. So he searched the Internet a little deeper and found Live-in Fitness Las Vegas residential retreat. We only take a few clients at a time so that we can accommodate them here in the house. That way there is no additional overhead for condo or apartment. The experience is more in line with a personal lifestyle.

Travel is not easy for a 6’1 430-pound person. The airline staff and other passengers frown on those who take up more than their fair share of precious space among the human cargo. He had to book a first-class seat for the extra legroom in lieu of buying two coach seats for the width. Barely able to walk from the plane through the airport terminal, he hobbled side to side as he trudged toward me in a sweat. My heart went out to him at that instant and I just knew that this would be the biggest honor of my 38-year fitness career—to play a role in such a dramatic life-changing transformation. This man’s success will touch many lives be an inspiration to countless others.