Biking to Lose Weight - Three Sisters Challenge
Three Sisters Biking to Lose Weight
Three Sisters Bike Challenge

Biking to Lose Weight?  The Three Sisters Bike challenge

Cyclists FEAR the Three Sisters

Henderson cyclists and biking visitors revere the River Mountains Loop Trail and they FEAR the Three Sisters Hill Climbs.

Ask any local cyclist and you’ll learn that most fear the challenge of the Three Sisters. In fact, most cyclists ride it clockwise for the thrill of a fast descent. The primary goal is biking to lose weight. The route for today is an introductory approach going Counterclockwise.

If you are biking to lose weight, remember the goal when climbing the Three Sisters.

Hill climbing is an intense metabolic blast like no other. It’s as intense as you can tolerate until you can’t tolerate it. Then you catch your breath enough to continue. Also, recovery is brief and interspersed with bouts of all-out effort.

Here’s an aerial map of our route, and then comes my virtual ride of the Three Sisters bike route with GoPro giving you the breathtaking details.

The story behind biking to lose weight:

An enthusiastic biking student shows a true commitment by turning up at my place a little after sunrise. She was curious as well as motivated after viewing last week’s bike route video in my series on Henderson bike trails. Inspired by the first video on The Three Sisters Bike Trail challenge, she found the “warm-up” hills and texted that she had done the Three Sisters! Indeed, I was finding it hard to believe that a local cycling student could head out on a solo mission to take on such a biking challenge. We had only gone through the basics of Smart Cycling. She hadn’t gotten to learn the gear shifting protocols for hill climbing in the biking to lose weight classes yet.

So, I pulled up her route map on MapMyRide, the app where we share our bike rides. As I suspected, she hadn’t gotten near the Three Sisters at all. After that, I promised to introduce her to this highly regarded section of the Henderson Bike trail system. After all, I am the Henderson trail watch “ambassador” working to aid trail users in the most positive experience to be had on the Henderson trails. I couldn’t tempt someone to take on the challenge alone.

Safety First!

If you are biking to lose weight, the Three Sisters can be a formidable and remote trail. Depending on the day and time, there may not be another cyclist coming by to help her if anything happened. A cyclist needs full control of bike handling skills without risking a fall out there. I’ve also seen people fall off the bike at high downhill speeds and I’ve seen them fall uphill from losing momentum. One student shared his leg-breaking experience falling up a steep hill and jamming his leg through the frame on a solo ride. I certainly didn’t want to feel responsible for such a mishap and I knew she was going to find the Three Sisters, with or without me.

She’s eager for the challenge.

Once out of the neighborhood, we ride in the bike lane for the first in a series of climbs on Olsen. Crossing Lake Mead Parkway to Athens gets us to the trail. If you are biking to lose weight, you will definitely feel the workout here.

First, we warm up on the Lake Mead Parkway Trail east of Athens.

“Good morning, legs!”

One more climb just to be sure. After that, we head to the highest summit on Lake Mead Parkway trail with a view of the entire Las Vegas Valley.
Okay, she’s qualified! We’re heading to the first sister now.

It’s the Bike Challenge Most Feared – The Three Sisters (Counterclockwise!)

As you can tell by my breathing, it’s a bit of a climb just to get to the base of the first sister, indeed.

Now, starts the steep ascent of Sister One. I’ll be downshifting, and zigzagging! Hang on for a virtual ride that lasts one minute.

Tourists or those that like biking to lose weight rent bikes at River Mountains Bike Shop and head for these hills to say they’ve done the Three Sisters. Motivated by last week’s video feature on the Three Sisters Henderson Bike trail, she was determined to conquer the first “Sister.” Here’s how it happened on GoPro. Just watch over my handlebars and ride along with us. It’s a ride that is right here in southeast Henderson.