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Biking Retreat on Beautiful Nevada Trails

Debra Stefan, LCI

Debra Stefan-2020 Educator of the Year, League of American Bicyclists

Biking Retreat – Dedicated trails and progressive training for all levels

Biking retreat daily outings are done on both single-speed and 26″ mountain bikes. Greater conditioning and safer riding are the goals. Daily focus is on riding in addition to the variety of weight training and cardio activities including jump rope, kettlebell, and rowing. Whole foods are provided for self-preparation. Bottled water is available in the well-stocked water pantry for both room temperature and refrigerated. Group activities are on a set schedule starting as early as 5:30 AM varying seasonally. Rates are consistent as posted, but family rates are also considered depending on the length of stay and time of year.

Bike Retreat Trail and Maps

At the biking retreat,  fitness is the goal. While some of the routes are good trails for fitness biking, others require a more intermediate skill level. The routes will not feature highly technical challenges for the advanced cyclist. However, there are a variety of route progressions to build skill, confidence, strength, and endurance as advocated by the League of American Cyclists. Safety is the first consideration.  All safety rules and guidelines are respected. The trails are paved and marked for two-way pedestrian and cycling travel. The trail system is known for being well-maintained and supervised.  Single-speed bikes and 26” mountain bikes are provided. Sunny Southern Nevada weather averages 300 days of sunshine a year and very limited rainfall, so there are virtually no insects. Here are a few popular routes in the local area.

Biking Retreat Reservations

Please be mindful that the Bike Retreat is a small residential operation and that canceling effects great impact on the business. Make sure to read and agree to the terms of service and the FAQ details before booking your reservation. A non-refundable deposit for half the total cost is due at the time of booking. The remainder of the balance is due 15 days prior to arrival date. If full payment is not received 15 days prior to arrival date, the booking will be released.

I strive to be flexible and do understand the details of making the commitment required. If you need to change your reservation to an earlier or later date, call me and I will work to try to move your reservation to a date that will match your needs.

Bike Retreat Pet Policy

Due to the need to provide guests with an allergy-free environment, pets are not allowed in the residence.

Bike Retreat Prerequisites

All details are listed on the FAQ page. Make sure to read and agree before you call. Schedule a phone time that works best for you so that we don’t miss one another. I am always interested in hearing from people needing my services.

Biking Retreat Fitness Camp --Men Biking at Debra Stefan Fitness Camp


  • 6-bike capacity truck transport (host driven), 4-racked, two inside the truck bed.

  • Bike stand pump & tools – Located on rack, in truck and garage

  • Bike Wash Station – Located in side yard adjacent to driveway

  • Secure Bike Storage – Saris Overhead Rack System inside garage

  • Work Bench – lube, cleaners

  • No smoking

  • Not suitable for pets

  • Check-in time is 3 PM – 9 PM

  • Security cameras outside for your protection

  • Smoke detector

  • Carbon monoxide detector

  • First aid kits

  • Fire extinguishers

  • CPR certified host

BIKE INVENTORY for Fitness Biking Retreat

  • 7 Single-speed Giant beach cruisers includes 3 step-throughs and 1 extra small

  • 3 Small Giant Mountain Bikes

  • 2 Medium Giant MTBs

  • 1 Large Giant MTB

  • 2 XL Giant MTBs

  • All mountain bikes are 26” featuring upgraded gel-padded seats

  • 2 Upgraded Industrial Trikes by Wilson Summit Workhorse

Rates & Accommodations


Biking Retreat Fitness Camp Trims Aussie Waistline for 7th Annual Retreat

Ben completed his 7th annual weight loss retreat coming to my fitness residence from Australia.  His average stay has been 4-6 weeks in residence to lose weight and increase fitness.

Ben has attended the live-in fitness camp at all different times of year and calls it an “evergreen” program. It is effective any time or season. Recently, he decided to avoid the winters in Australia by coming to Southern Nevada during our summer.

People ask how can I operate a Southern Nevada fitness camp outdoors in the summer. Actually, it is my favorite time to do it. It is daylight as early as 5:15 AM and a beautiful time of day. The temperature stays rather tolerable until late morning after we have enjoyed our outdoor activities. Then, it is to the indoor pool during midday followed by an afternoon siesta. This makes it possible to enjoy an evening outing because it doesn’t get dark until close to 9 PM. Yoga to stretch and relax before retiring rounds out a perfect day of activities.

“In addition to effective weight training and a good variety of outdoor boot camp activities, the bicycling has proven to offer quick improvements for fitness and weight loss.”

“The paved bike trail system in the Las Vegas valley surpasses any other in the country. It offers a progression of mild to advanced challenges for all levels of cycling.”

See and hear his intro on my client fitness biking testimonials. He is right, the area offers scenic bike paths that are well maintained. For safety, the bike trails are dedicated for cyclist and pedestrian traffic only.

While many people have not bicycled in years, the skill is a bio-motor pattern etched at a young age. Therefore, it is a given that it can come back naturally. Safety practices and proper use of bicycle gears introduce you to an outdoor adventure for both health and recreation.

Hadn’t been on a bike since I was 8 years old, but even after 60 years, I got it back!

Fred W., Monterrey, CA

My balance was iffy, so the trike liberated me on the bike trails.

Hal B., Sherman Oaks, CA

Triathlon training on the challenge hills got me in peak shape riding only cruisers and mountain bikes.

Matt B., Denver, CO

Debra had bikes for our entire group and no one was left behind. She educated us from A-Z for biking.

Grace S., Jakarta, Indonesia


Bike fitness or fitness biking has become the popular recommendation for those restricted by arthritis or other orthopedic conditions. Gordon Blackburn, M.D., Program Director of Cleveland Clinic’s Cardiac Rehabilitation, Preventive Cardiology Section, suggests cycling on a stationary bicycle as an ideal option. Beneficial as that may be, most people find greater exercise adherence when riding outdoors.

Outdoor cycling is best approached with some practical instruction to guarantee the most positive experience. Before you join a group of experienced riders, make sure that you have been to a bike camp and guided through the details that many take for granted.

Bike Retreat Fitness and Outdoor Biking

This section is normally referred to as “Hazards and Risks”. However, outdoor cycling offers the best training element. Mother Nature. Sitting on an indoor stationary bike and pressing buttons to add or reduce resistance doesn’t allow you to react. Sure, there is a bike program that allows you to randomize the resistance. Still, it is not the same when you know that you are in control. The victory over prevailing in adverse weather conditions is sweeter than any computerized challenge.

Road Hazards – The Centers for Disease Control reports that bicycling-related emergency room visits exceed half-a-million annually. More than half of all bicycle-related accidents are children.

  • Know and follow traffic rules. Use hand signals to alert motorists and other cyclists when turning or changing lanes.
  • Wear a helmet that fits. Wear the helmet so that it comes down to the eyebrow line in order to protect the brain frontal lobe. This is the most likely point of impact should you take a fall and hit your head. Avoid dropping your helmet as it reduces the protective ability. Helmets are not optional on any self-respecting group bike ride.
  • Bike Safety Visibility – Always wear brightly-colored clothes during the day and reflective materials at night. You can use a visibility vest as your top layer. Also, neon-colored armbands that light up are available. Make sure that your bike has adequate rear red lights and daylight in front of the handlebars.
  • Gloves – Wearing gloves offers you protection from sun and road, as well as, palm padding. Vibration can cause hand numbing on longer rides.
  • Eye Protection – Whether sunglasses for the day or clear lenses for night rides, make sure to eliminate the risk of road debris, insects or dust flying in your eyes.
  • Padded Bike shorts – The chamois will help absorb road vibrations and prevent saddle soreness. Compression fabric and padding reduce chafing caused by repetitive leg motion and constant pressure from sitting. more…
  • Jersey with pockets- Consider the convenience of strategically located pockets with garments designed for cycling needs.
  • Planning and tracking a route prepares you for a great ride. See Debra’s favorite local bike camp routes and map your own ahead of time. Use a tracking application on your personal device.


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Clark County Wetlands Loop bike ride from Tuscany is 14 miles