Ben completed his 7th biking camp retreat and fitness holiday coming from Australia.

His average stay at the live-in fitness and biking camp retreat has been 4-6 weeks in residence. Ben chose his fitness vacation at Debra’s at all different times of the year and calls it an “evergreen” program. It is effective any time or season. Recently, he decided to avoid the winters in Australia by coming to Southern Nevada during our summer for his annual fitness holiday.

People ask, “How can you operate a Southern Nevada fitness biking retreat outdoors in the summer?” 

Summer in Southern Nevada is a favored time for an outdoor biking camp retreat. Since it is daylight as early as 5:15 AM and a beautiful time of day, it is ideal for the morning biking ride. The air temperature stays rather tolerable until the late morning after guests have enjoyed multiple outdoor activities. Then, it is to the indoor pool during midday followed by an afternoon siesta. Long days of summer make it possible to enjoy an evening outing because it doesn’t get dark until close to 9 PM. Yoga to stretch and relax before retiring rounds out a perfect day of activities.

“In addition to effective weight training and a good variety of outdoor boot camp activities, the bicycling has proven to offer quick improvements in both fitness and weight loss.”

The key reason for his choice of fitness holiday, the trail system serves bicyclists and pedestrians without motorized traffic. Bikes, trikes, three-wheeled strollers, bike trailers, and even the newly popularized e-bikes frequent the dedicated multi-use paths. Trail users seek fitness and weight loss in addition to the outdoor biking camp retreat that the desert climate offers. Low humidity makes warm days far more tolerable than expected. Not only is Nevada sunny 300 or more days a year, but flying insects are rare. Guests can compare the insect-free outdoor fitness experience with options in Florida, where the mosquitos and flying insects make outdoor recreation intolerable.  Clearly, our international guest agrees with his choice for the number ONE Private Fitness Retreat.

Early outdoor activities in a scenic environment erase winter blues and increase the mood. Exercise proves to be more effective than medications or counseling for low mood. Outdoor sunshine, birds singing, and fragrant breezes of desert wildflowers are Mother Nature’s prescription.

“The paved biking camp trail system in the Las Vegas valley surpasses any other in the country.

It offers a progression of mild to advanced challenges for all levels of cycling.” See and hear Ben’s intro on Debra’s fitness biking camp testimonials. He is correct; the area offers scenic bicycle paths that are well maintained.

For safety, the bike trail routes utilized are dedicated to cyclist and pedestrian traffic only.

While many people have not bicycled in years, the skill is a bio-motor pattern etched at a young age. Know that it can come back naturally. Safety practices and proper use of bicycle gears introduce you to an outdoor adventure for health and recreation. Outdoor recreation is the key to a successful fitness holiday at Debra’s biking camp and retreat.

Bike Fitness Camp Trims Aussie Waistline 7th Annual Retreat