Exercise Affirmations

Exercise Affirmations by Debra Stefan

Exercise Affirmations for Motivation | 4 minutes to a powerful mindset for your best workout motivation.

25 Exercise Affirmations for Workout Motivation

First, Recognize the Benefits of Exercise Affirmations.  Then, relate to the rewards that you desire.

1. When I exercise, I feel energized, vital, optimistic, and grateful for the rest of the day.

2. I truly enjoy physical exercise and I thrive on all the sensations it brings me and I can feel immediate benefits.

3. I am a good steward of the physical assets bestowed upon me and I attend to further development and maintenance daily.

4. I structure and plan each day based on the opportunities in my schedule to receive exercise and the joy that it brings me.

5. Exercise increases my abilities to fulfill my purpose with the work that I do and in my personal relationships.

6. I look forward to the special time I set aside daily to celebrate my physical movement and abilities.

7. There is no greater priority each day than to take the time to express my physical freedom of movement.

8. I enjoy physical development and physical expression of movement.

9. I have been physically gifted with genetic assets.

Now, take Responsibility to use your Workout Motivation

10. I am responsible daily to optimize and maintain my genetic physical features and attributes.

11. I overcome all challenges of my past injuries.

12. There are creative modifications that enable me to participate in any activity that I so choose.

13. I am creative in my abilities to work around any physical discomforts or restrictions.

14. Physical trauma and former injuries do not hold me back in my abilities.

15. I have overcome the toll that previous injuries have taken on my body.

16. I move freely with an abundant flow of energy.

Confirm A Strong Workout Motivation with Your Exercise Affirmations

17. The more I move my body, the more centered my energy becomes.

18. When I am moving my body increased hope and inspiration come to me.

19. Intense physical activity makes me feel vital and alive.

20. I receive increased self-confidence when I exercise intensely.

21. My body is stimulated and my mood is elevated.

22. When I exercise I am positively more alive and vibrant from exercise.

23. Other people are motivated by the physical example that I present.

24. Time that I spend exercising is more valuable to me than money in the bank.

25. To me, exercise is a celebration of my life.

Finally, Meditate with a Strong Belief in Your Exercise Affirmations

So you respond well to guided suggestions? When affirmations align with your deep desires then you will be receptive to hearing the workout motivation. Click to access a playlist of free meditation and guided visualization audios and if you prefer the video version click here.