Travel Guard Travel Insurance and and Global Assistance

Travel Guard Travel Insurance and Global Assistance

Travel Insurance is available from Travel Guard!

Destinations and travel to them need travel insurance coverage to protect your investment. Unforeseen events may happen, and there are no guarantees.  When traveling to a fitness and weight loss retreat, your trip and your stay are investments. Think twice before waiving travel insurance. It is a small investment to protect the bigger ones. 

Wise travelers use travel insurance and recommend it to others.

Debra Stefan Fitness Retreat is a Travel Guard affiliate. Should you buy, we may benefit from a small commission. Clients must protect their investments, so I will remind you before booking. 

Business policies prohibit last-minute cancellations and early departure refunds. Therefore, your best option to protect your investment is travel insurance. 

Who needs travel insurance at a fitness retreat?

Think again before you waive travel insurance. Please don’t expect a small business operator to negotiate a refund if you book and decide to cancel. Likewise, don’t try to negotiate a rebate if you depart early.  The business operator takes your booking seriously, and your accommodations are no longer available to others. Should you cancel, there isn’t necessarily a waiting list of other prospects to take your place. 

Small business no-refund policies explain why you need travel insurance. 

Marketing takes time and is considerably expensive. Small businesses rely on client commitments; marketing budgets are often client testimonials and reviews. So, please feel free to contribute something positive. You found the fitness retreat services by viewing a testimonial shared by another guest. Those willing to share their experience help the business operator keep marketing costs lower for affordable fitness retreat options. Understand when booking an affordable fitness retreat that insurance is a wise investment.

Why not ask for a refund if something causes you to leave early?

A small business relies on solid client commitments to keep marketing and operating costs affordable. So remember to insure your stay!