Record-breaking fitness feats are synonymous with world-class fitness coach Debra Stefan.

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In 1981, her ten-hour Guinness World record-breaking fitness feats with her jump rope marathon fundraiser made headlines. Yoga teacher, showgirl, chorus dancer, aerobics instructor began a lifelong passion for fitness. The industry evolved well before the word “personal trainer” gained popularity. Debra Stefan evolved with the industry training clients at her world-class fitness retreat.

Guinness World-Record breaker, jump rope freestyle performer, accredited jump rope instructor

“I was a nationally ranked jump rope coach during the early days of the sport. We’re talking decades before CrossFit.”
Unique and without influence, I developed and performed freestyle rope jumping. Fitness competitor, guest performer, and action wear model events showcased my jump rope freestyle. Jump rope has now caught on.
My state fell below the national standard for bicycle safety education. Jump rope education inspired bicycle education approvals by the State Board of Education. Now educators can earn licensure renewal credits with Smart Cycling. My bicycle education initiatives are statewide with the Department of Transportation and school districts.

What does a world-class fitness coach do to raise the bar for themselves?

“I wanted to commemorate my birthday with a new milestone. The annual age-for-distance bike ride was getting redundant. It was also taking too long!” -Debra Stefan, world-class fitness coach.

Record-breaking fitness feats after 4 decades in the industry

My record-breaking fitness feats earned my rank as a world-class fitness coach. You’re about to see what happened at my very first World Powerlifting Competition. So, after 4 decades in the industry here are my record-breaking fitness feats. Instead of the usual client testimonial story, here is mine. Consider this a testament to my world-class fitness retreat. Remember it’s all about finding a world-class coach. That’s right. The best coaches have coaches, too! To raise the bar for my personal goals I first made a goal to find my own world-class fitness coach.
So, I learned that women my age set records lifting weights that I take for granted. Then I consulted with the US Powerlifting Association. I found that my neighbors Alan and Bonnie Aerts are the nation’s leading authorities in the sport. The Aerts are legendary world-class athletes passionate about sharing competitive powerlifting.
After that, I made ONE phone call and Alan and Bonnie committed to working with me on a weekly basis for three months. They taught me proper execution as well as cueing for competition techniques. These strategies were new to me. Under their guidance, I won 4 World Records. My record-breaking fitness feats were four 2021 AAU World International Championship events. Here’s to the Aerts, my friends, clients, and online supporters. 

As World-class coaches, may we continue to raise the bar.

Special thanks to Alan and Bonnie Aerts, World-Class fitness coaches and competitive Powerlifters. for coaching me in the technicalities of competitive powerlifting.

John Domingo, for his youthful enthusiasm and endless optimism in training a senior in the sport

Thank you, Zach Franzi, owner of the first Las Vegas coed weight lifting gym.
Zach put me through my first weight training workout, effectively indoctrinating me for life.

And to all the clients since then who have allowed me to share my fitness passion.
If you are ready to adopt a new lifestyle of habits for transforming into the best version of yourself, contact Debra through this website.