Weight Loss Success Stories - Kristin

Weight Loss Success Stories – Kristin

College and dorm life can take a toll on setting and maintaining a healthy schedule for eating, exercise, and proper sleep. Kristin found out quickly that the late night dorm gatherings with heaviest caloric intake before going to bed slowed her metabolism and added unwanted pounds. Having grown up in an active household dedicated to swim practice, tennis practice, and focus on proper nutrition, Kristin knew what to do.

She had just gotten trapped into a bad pattern while enjoying hanging out with her peers. Hours after college final exams ended the semester, she was packed and set out to Las Vegas Live-in-Fitness with her sister, Karen. They both knew that they wanted a much-needed change to start their summer. They just didn’t realize how easy it would be to make the necessary changes once removed from the usual distractions and temptations. From the supervised grocery store visits to the fat-burning workouts, they set the pattern for success they will take home with them. With the jumpstart shown in the photos above and below, you better believe there is no stopping them now!