I decided that she offered the best place for me… exactly what I needed–a home away from home.
I really enjoyed my stay and the results are amazing!
The variety of exercises done both indoors and outdoors gave me back my enjoyment for fitness.
I have relearned the tools to reach my weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Fitness Camp- UK to Vegas

A Scottish woman’s fitness weight loss camp experience.

Five weeks on a daily regimen yields a new waistline and lifestyle. She searched Google to find a place where one can dedicate each day to developing new healthy habits. After searching “fitness weight loss camp”, she found Debra Stefan Fitness in Las Vegas. It was just what she was looking for. A private residential retreat would be the fast track to her lasting weight loss success. She didn’t need a spa or another crash diet, but a lifestyle approach.

She took her fitness holiday and traveled from the UK to the Las Vegas weight loss fitness camp to make changes happen. New choices resulted in feeling good and looking good.  Returning home, she had all new habits for an active lifestyle.

Weight loss fitness camp taught proper exercise progressions, proper sleep, hydration and nutrition.

Daily journal writing increased her sense of personal accomplishment. Tracking the details of health and wellness on an hour to hour basis was key. New habits replaced old ones using this method. Measuring progress by establishing baseline body measurements and photos proved her success. The variety of exercises done both indoors and outdoors let her regain the fun factor. With only a couple of other clients in residence, she got the personal attention she needed. Each day added new opportunities to try different activities. She enjoyed biking and hiking outdoors. Fitness boxing added an element of intense total body exercise. She attributed her reduced waistline to core exercise, weight training, interval training and nutrition. Meal choices and sizes took on new importance. Leaving food as a last minute thought was no longer an option. Planning ahead offered better quality choices. After five weeks, it all became so simple. Finding the key increased her personal satisfaction and quality of life.

View her video and see what fitness weight loss camp was like for the UK lady in Las Vegas.

UK Lady attends Weight Loss Fitness Camp in Vegas