Live-in Weight Loss Camp for Men in Las Vegas

Weight Loss Camp for Men in a Private Residential Retreat

Debra Stefan Fitness offers a 24/7 residential weight loss camp for men.

This is where you can live and train while learning to eat, sleep, and be active for lasting weight loss.

In a private residence with a desert mountain vista to the east and the Las Vegas skyline to the west, your adventure begins. Your fitness getaway transforms your habits toward, eating, drinking, sleeping, and being active.

At the Live-in Weight Loss Camp for Men you will be guided through the day-to-day process of losing weight while gaining fitness. Focus is not on calorie deprivation, but on proportions of proper nutrients to spare muscle and melt fat.

Activities begin by assessing your abilities and expanding them with small daily challenges. Every session is an opportunity for a personal best. Each workout takes you closer to your goals while achieving mastery over new skills. A wide variety of techniques keep you working your brain and your body. I will introduce new ways to move, sweat and push you toward your goals.

“Weight Loss Camp Seemed Counter-intuitive. In 2 Weeks I lost 15 Lbs and 2.5″ Off My Belly… Without Going Hungry!”

Mark, Age 55
Washington, DC

” Her desire for your success encourages you to strive to surpass your expectations.”

Brian Thomas, Age 41
Las Vegas, NV

“Debra created an esprit de corps that was contagious.”

Sid, Age 86
Las Vegas, NV

“I have come back to Debra’s three years annually because simply put, her program works.”

Ben, Age 37

“I traveled 3000 miles from Boston, left my family in charge of my business to seek this help I so desperately needed. I finally found success.”

Al, Age 49
Boston, MA

“Since coming to Debra’s depression no longer has a hold on me. I have found a new way to think, eat, breathe, and feel.”

Josh, Age 27
Henderson, NV

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Attending a weight loss camp for men enables you to get away from self-sabotaging patterns and enjoy camaraderie and accountability.

Success comes quickly when you do all the right things at the same time. You will learn to have confidence in what you are eating and how you workout. You will know what to do to continue the game plan when you return to your own home. View the videos below and you will see why this private residential camp differs from any other weight loss camp for men.

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Weight Loss Camp for Men in Las Vegas

Adult Weight Loss Camp for Men, Las Vegas

22 Lbs in 18 Days at Summer Weight Loss Camp

As a long-term college student, Chad’s habits had gradually changed and so had his physique. Once an all round athlete and elite hockey player, he never dreamed that his weight would soar so high. As a jock he was one to taunt and bully the fat guys. Now he was a fat guy and found out what it felt like. With just 8 weeks open in his busy academic schedule, he came to Las Vegas Live-in Fitness. See what he did and how he felt about his first 18 days of success!

55.2 Lbs in 53 Days!

Age 26 and over 360 Lbs, he devoted 8 weeks of his summer to travel to Las Vegas and Live In FITNESS! See his video testimonial and learn how he got himself on track with a new lifestyle that keeps the results coming.

Las Vegas 60-Day Weight Loss Camp

Weight Loss Camp for Men - Brett

Weight Loss Camp for Men – Brett

Half way around the world on the motorcycle tour of a lifetime, he called Las Vegas Live-in Fitness and spoke to resident owner, Debra Stefan.

After achieving his goals in business, Brett decided to fulfill a long-time dream to travel around the world by motorcycle. It was during this trip that he realized that there was one last area of his life left unattended. At 6’9″ tall, he grew up to play basketball and never gave a second thought to his body weight -then 285lbs.

He had come to a pivotal point with his eating habits and lack of fitness; he was ready to turn it completely around. Before returning home to Bermuda, he wanted change.

At Las Vegas Live-in Fitness, he learned how to lose excess body fat while maintaining muscle through the balance of carbohydrates and lean proteins. What’s more, he learned strategies to work out without a trainer. He gained fitness with the knowlege to maintain a healthy weight. Even his posture improved as evidenced in his photos.
Brett, Age 43

Las Vegas 4-Week Weight Loss Camp

Thirty days at Debra’s weight loss camp enabled Ben to avoid the usual tempting behaviors that had diminished his body and energy.

Ben Davidson embarked on a two-fold mission when he obtained a visa to visit the United States from Australia. Arriving in Los Angeles, the first thing he did was to buy a Harley Davidson Road King to tour America. The second thing he did was to call Debra Stefan at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness and arrange his body transformation. Then he proceeded to motorcycle up the Pacific Coast Highway and then on to Las Vegas Live-in Fitness. See his video for an amazing recount of his continuing transformation.
Ben, Age 34

Body-for-LIFE Method Training

“Debra presented the information to me in a way that made it easy to understand, easy to commit to and accomplish.”

“This in itself should be enough to persuade anyone to consider tapping into Debra’s skills and expertise and to employ her abilities as a personal fitness trainer. After all, isn’t that ultimately all that you could want; to reach your goal? Gratefully though, I can tell you more of a story. Besides reaching my initial objective for healthy weight (fat) loss, increased energy, lean muscle growth, and improved strength, Debra has provided continuing motivational guidance.

Thanks to her understanding of the human spirit, and to the delicate balance that she created for me between my will & my desire, I surpassed my primary goal. It has now been nearly a year since I bumped into Debra and was introduced to the Body-for-LIFE approach. She has helped me to improve my diet and exercise habits. Debra presented the information to me in a way that made it easy to understand, easy to commit to and accomplish.

After having worked with her, I have been able to remain committed to a proper diet and to daily workouts beyond the completion of my training time with Debra. I am also happy to say that I continue to receive motivational support from Debra to this day, even though I am no longer a paying client. I believe that is her personal commitment to my fitness and is an example of dedication that I aspire to.”

Kimball, Age 47 Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Drop-in Weight Loss Camp

“Debra Stefan is first-rate as an example in what exercise does for the body and for the mind.”

” Her desire for your success encourages you to strive to surpass your expectations. Her strongest feature, for me, is her desire to work out with you and not dish-out advice from the “side-lines” as is common in the industry. I recommend Debra Stefan not just as a “Body-for-Life” coach, but for any activity that requires a knowledgeable, dedicated and disciplined trainer.”

Brian Thomas, Age 41
Las Vegas, NV
“What I have received from Debra cannot be taken away…”

“Debra is the standard by which all instructor/trainers are measured. Debra’s background, experiences, devotion and ability to have her students produce results are unequaled and everyone in town knows it. The benefits of training with Debra have truly been life changing for me. Through Debra’s assisted stretches my body instantly started doing things physically that made my mind open up so I could stay out of my own way mentally and let my body go to levels way beyond what I had hoped for. Service and quality have become almost non-existent these days. What I have received from Debra cannot be taken away and will benefit me for the rest of my life. ”

Steve DeCesare, Age 40
Henderson, NV

Weight Loss Camp for Morbidly Obese Men, Las Vegas, Nevada

4-Month Weight Loss Camp

Former athlete and collegiate wrestler, Corey Dillaha never dreamed that a live in weightloss camp would be in his future.

Corey gradually slipped into a sedentary lifestyle for 20 years due to his dedication in driving for the family trucking business. To compound the situation, a year and a half ago a serious motorcycle accident resulted in 6 weeks of hospitalization. The debilitating pain and muscle atrophy caused Corey to slip even further down the spiral of inactivity and weight gain. Long after healing, with a body weight that teetered 450 lbs, he found that he was unable to regain his former abilities without professional help.

See 112 days of live in weightloss on his Youtube channel, “Corey Dillaha’s Witness for Fitness”. A devout Christian, Corey now hosts Witness for Fitness Christian live in weightloss online ministry as he inspires others to believe that they can do this, too.
Corey Dillaha, age 44
St. Louis, MO

Article on Morbidly Obese Weight Loss Client at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Residential Weight Loss Retreat Camp by Owner/Operator Debra Stefan, CFT
How Does a 430 Lb Man Start an Exercise Program When he Can Barely Walk or Stand?

40-Day Weight Loss Camp

I traveled 3000 miles from Boston left my family in charge of my business to seek the help I so desperately needed.

Joining the Live In Fitness family has set the stage for a lifestyle I truly believe will extend the fun years of my life beyond what I could ever imagine.

Debra has taught us balance, nutrition, and progression fitness and weight training that has no end.

The goal is life long fitness and enjoying the feeling of wellness and good health.

Thank You, Debra Stefan, I finally found success.

Al, Age 49

74 Days at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness 33 Lbs and over 40 Inches Lost!

The best thing that has happened since coming to Debra’s at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness is that I have found a new way to think, eat, breathe, and feel.

Depression no longer has a hold on me because I have the key to attaining my goals and it has even empowered me to start my own business. My life is now under my control and so are my habits. The choices I now make bring me closer to attaining my health goals instead of defeating me.

Debra coaches us to build up our self-belief system so that we build on our accomplishments daily. Instead of being well over 400 pounds, huffing and puffing walking from one room to another, I am now cycling great distances over hills, and losing weight sensibly.

Josh, Age 27
Henderson, NV

22 Lbs in 19 Days!

“I learned what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle…”

Rocky Balboa’s “That’s how winning is done!”
…has a whole new meaning to anyone who spent time with Debra at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness..

Debra’s Live in Fitness is a beacon of honest to god weight loss. There you will lose weight the old fashioned way: by working your butt off, while having fun and nourishing your body with proper nutrition.

I was looking for someone who would help me transform my lifestyle and living at Debra’s was just what the doctor ordered. I learned what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle seeing them juggle competing priorities while still ensuring that they eat right and exercise. I returned to my family with all the tools I need to complete a transformation of my body.

Y.S. age 29
Washington, DC

Weight Loss Camp for Senior Men

“I have used maybe 10 trainers in my life and Debra Stefan is by far the most knowledgeable…”

” If you are serious about your workouts then Debra is for you. She is not some trainer who walks around for 50 minutes with a clip board. She is in there with you.

I have used maybe 10 trainers in my life and she is by far the most knowledgeable one I’ve ever worked with.

She knows her profession and understands the science of her programs.

Phil Griffith, Age 63
Las Vegas, NV

Live-In Fitness helped turn Chuck’s life and health around to enjoy retirement.

After owning a business for 45 years and fighting adult onset diabetes, his health became a daily challenge. Once he came to Live-in Fitness Weight Loss Camp, things began to rapidly improve.

Blood sugar levels went down from 400 in the mornings to normal through bootcamp exercise.

Nutrition became a tool he could rely on. See the video by clicking here. .click to play video clip

Chuck, Age 68
Las Vegas, NV

he trains to regain his physical abilities and re-learn a new lifestyle.

Gene had a great set of parents who “gifted” him with the good physical structure most body builders envy. At an early age, he realized he could excel if he wanted. However, he took it all for granted and the years of sedentary lifestyle and faulty nutrition patterns took a toll.

See his training video clip for a quick snapshot of an natural athlete in a de-conditioned body just kicking to get out! click to play video clip

Gene, Age 63
New Orleans, LA