Weight Loss Camp for Men | Las Vegas 3-Weeks of Fitness

 Weight Loss Camp for Men at Las Vegas Live-in Retreat Camp

Jason’s stay at the weight loss camp for men resulted in success averaging a 1 Lb daily weight loss and 4″ off his belly; he couldn’t be more on his way toward maintaining his former physique goals.

Jason worked out for 3 weeks at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness weight loss camp for men to regain his passion for healthy living.

Before arriving at the Las Vegas weight loss camp for men, international business and constant travel had taken a toll on the 37 year old. He knew he could do better if he could just do a reset on his habits. Restaurant eating need not be the worse case scenario with a winning formula of meal balance and healthy choices. Awareness of proteins, carbohydrates and fats at the right time and portions kept him focused and energetic.

Fitness energized him and reminded him of a healthier past. This fueled him to further effort and amazing results. The before and after photos were compelling and he vowed to remind himself with the photos periodically. That way, he could hold himself accountable to a higher standard.