Weight Loss Boot Camp Update!

Weight Loss Boot Camp Las Vegas Live-in Fitness 500Lb Man Update

500Lb Man Weight Loss Boot Camp Progress at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Weight Loss Boot Camp Las Vegas LIve-in Fitness 500Lb Man Update

Weight Loss Boot Camp Las Vegas LIve-in Fitness 500Lb Man Update

Pounds are coming down and fitness is going up at weight loss boot camp.
After 6 weeks of living, sleeping, eating, breathing fitness at weight loss camp — even a morbidly obese 500 Lb man gets results…fast.

When you leave your family and home behind, you depart from all the negative anchors and behavioral patterns that enabled more of the same habits. Those same old habits that you just can’t seem to kick on your own no matter how you try.  With no distractions, no enabling factors, even the most morbidly obese can embrace the athlete within.

A negative body image won’t last long with daily feats of improved efforts. The muscle building coupled with the faith building factor makes a man strong inside and out.  Starting out with a reasonable progression means that each day creates another stepping stone to a new life after weight loss boot camp.

See our updated video of day 48 highlights to date. Eight more days to go before he returns home with a whole new lifestyle and routine to live by. The progress has only just begun here at our Las Vegas Weight Loss Boot Camp. Best of all, he claims to be having fun with each day’s personal best.