TRX-Senior-Mens Workout

TRX for Seniors AKA the Best Geriatric Fitness

By far, TRX for Seniors proves to be the best geriatric fitness progression available. Lately, I find myself working with older and older adults. So, in the spirit of authenticity, I want you to read over my shoulder as I write a letter of encouragement to someone who is “up in years.”  What’s more, he’s my long-lost father.

I’m in search of the best geriatric fitness for my newly discovered 88-year-old bio-dad, Gary.

Gary’s Best Geriatric Fitness Opportunity

To the Followers and Subscribers of VegasFitness1, Live-in Weight Loss Retreat by Debra Stefan, please embrace my back story on TRX for Seniors.

Meet Gary. Late in life, he aims to take up fitness at age eighty-eight. 

We share a common interest in his longevity because we hope for plenty of time to establish our new relationship. As well, Gary’s relocation from independent living in a remote location to an active senior community is an exciting transition. During this life event, he is making bold statements about wanting to get in shape. Family humors him but secretly doubts the possibility of geriatric fitness improvement at his advanced age. Fortunately for Gary, his newly discovered daughter is Debra Stefan, a fitness professional of over four decades. 

Birthday Gift for an 88-year-old? TRX for Seniors!

“It’s never too late to make a fitness comeback!” I assured him. For his 88th birthday, I gifted him with a TRX suspension training system and a door anchor. Just so you know, my presentation took place during our very first face-to-face meeting. Our introduction is a testimonial for TRX for Seniors, as well as, Ancestry DNA. 

So, here is the letter of geriatric fitness encouragement I will send to Gary.


Thank you for reading my mail by way of Adrian (my new bio brother) last week. He shared your address so now you can get mail from me directly. Adrian rather liked the idea and encouraged me to keep sending postal mail. He jokes, “Dad checks the mail as part of his evening routine. Old people are funny about their routines.”

To which I responded, “who are the old people? I’m going to be 70 next year.”

With so much talk about the elderly and geriatrics, I wish someone would let me know when I am elderly. In my mind, it will always be the people older than I am. Therefore, I will never reach geriatric status. How about you? Reflecting on the past decade seems a short while ago.

TRX Suspension Training at Any Age

Recently, I helped a friend introduce his 83-year-old mother to the TRX. Her physical therapy was only a couple of times weekly, and her son isn’t satisfied that she is making progress. So, he and I interact on the Zoom video, while I show him how to anchor the apparatus over a closed door. Then he places a kitchen chair in front of it while holding the handles.

The primary movement is to sit in the chair and then stand while pulling oneself up using the straps. Arms, back, and legs are engaged, making it a whole-body exercise. It’s much easier than getting up from a chair unassisted. The suspension straps assist while engaging more muscles to participate.

I’m all about encouraging and motivating you.

When you are ready to try this, Adrian can follow my voice guidance while we are on the phone. Then you can try it with him there to support your efforts. So please let me know, and I will be available for the phone call. You may be ready for spring training sooner than you think!

Currently, I have a live-in weight loss client from Kingman, Arizona. She is a grandmother with only a 20-pound weight loss goal. The weather has improved from 50 degrees to 60, making it a joy to take the bicycles to the trails. Outdoor walking, biking, and TRX are her favorite activities to resume at home. The TRX anchors outdoors to the top of our chain link fence post overlooking the golf course. 

Yet Another Geriatric Fitness Story

Marilyn, age 76, is a client who will make her fourth fitness visit to stay with me for a month. Before that, she packs her TRX suspension training kit for a three-month tour of Europe. Some folks won’t leave home without a means of exercising wherever they can. 

The people who market TRX call it “fitness anywhere” for a good reason.

The Best Geriatric Fitness is TRX for Seniors

Some years ago, the TRX manufacturer asked me for a demonstration video to show TRX for Seniors. In the video, there is my 86-year-old fitness client, Sid along with two other men, ages 70 and 61 years old. We shot the footage overlooking the golf course with our TRX straps anchored to chain-link fence posts. The three guys did squats and pushups while holding the suspension straps. If you want to see one of my videos, here is the link to click for an entire class of seniors, including Sid, the 86-year-old. I’m in view for a second initially, but I’m directing the class from behind the camera.

An 86-Year-Old Trains for a Half-Marathon Finishing Three Annual Races

The best video to date is the tribute to Sid when he completed his third (walking) half-marathon at age 86. You will notice the TRX scenes we did with the three older guys. Make sure and see the younger version of me coaching (2009). I seldom work with local groups anymore as I devote my attention to highly committed premium clients in the house.

Please let me know what you think. I hope to encourage and motivate you by sharing the success of others. Before I sign off, here is one more video featuring Sid, age 86 when he did jump rope for the first time. 

The best compliment he gave me was that I had “joy de Vivre” which made everything fun.