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Teen Weight Loss Camp | Has Your Teen Gained Weight?

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Teen weight loss camp addresses self-image and confidence that take a beating during the crucial identity years if a teen is even slightly overweight. Remember how cruel peers can be on one another at that age. With bullying at an all-time high, our teens suffer from a great deal of peer criticism as well as self-criticism. The result can be very tragic if not recognized and addressed by the parents.

Perception and Self-Image

While you may not feel that your teen is an overweight candidate for a teen weight loss camp, an individual’s perception can often be very different. During the identity years, teens can perceive themselves in a very hypercritical way. As if it were not enough to be harshly judged by peers, a teen can often see their own situations as life and death circumstances.

What Can You Do As A Parent?

Encourage your teen to attend a teen weight loss camp and take action toward goals. Choose a path of moderation in daily routines, as opposed to extremes. For example, cutting calories too much can result in loss of health and even more weight gain afterward. Making moderate changes can be easier to adhere to and more successful in the long run. Send your teenager to a teen weight loss camp for the summer with focus on healthy nutrition habits and exercise. A smaller camp that allows a more hands-on approach to teaching food selection and meal preparation will teach habits for life. The behavioral patterns that have resulted in weight gain must be changed in order to lose weight and keep it off. Old habits must be replaced with new healthier ones.

Are You Sabotaging Your Teen’s Eating Habits?

Too often parents think that they must provide unhealthy snack foods when there are children in the house. This causes temptation for all family members to eat less nutritious foods that cause weight gain and loss of energy. The entire family can benefit by keeping only healthy food choices in the home. There can be occasional splurges outside the home, and if infrequent it will not cause weight gain.

Does Calorie Counting Help?

Most youths attending a teen weight loss camp lose weight through calorie deprivation. People are more likely to binge when they feel deprived. Restricting calories may yield rapid weight loss but it tends to cause binges later on resulting in even greater weight gain than what was lost. The slowing of one’s metabolism from calorie reduction is the body’s way of conserving energy when it is not properly fueled. Eating a variety of low-calorie, fresh, unprocessed foods will increase vitality and reduce excess body fat.

Why Teens Should Not Diet

Calorie deprivation during formative years can be detrimental to growth and development. Teach growing teenagers to eat from a variety of unprocessed whole foods limiting snack foods and fast food. Good study habits and nutrition go hand in hand for brain fuel and ability to focus attention. Introduce a variety of foods to your teen and take them to the grocery store. Support healthy selections and avoid bringing unhealthy foods into the home. See full article…

How Important is Exercise for Weight Loss?

Activity is important to the metabolism and so is nutrition. During a teen’s formative years, the motor patterns developed at a young age assist in mastering many of life’s tasks with ease.  Cross training with different activities will improve a teen’s weaker areas and teach goal achievement. Trying a variety of activities often leads to discovering that new challenges can quickly become favorite past times.

How Important is Variety?

Variety in diet and exercise are vital for optimal health. Few people, especially teens, can eat the same foods and perform the same activities without becoming bored. Boredom with food selection can likely lead to binging on unhealthy choices. Teaching your teen to make good choices and to prepare their own meals puts them in charge.  Nothing works better than letting your teen prepare a favorite recipe for friends and family.  Send your teen to a class or a teen weight loss camp that offers hands-on training in the kitchen.

Teach Teenagers by Example

There should be no double standards set for your teen to follow. The example that parents and other mentoring adults can demonstrate by lifestyle offers a rich lesson. Show teens that the choices they make and habits they develop now will serve them for a lifetime.  Promote this by choosing a summer camp that places a focus on healthy lifestyle and not just specific sports skills.

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Why Parents Choose Teen Weight Loss Camp vs Sports Camp

Instead of risking sport-related overuse injury, choose a well rounded fitness conditioning program. This can increase sports performance and help prevent injuries.
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How Important Are Sports Camps for Teenagers?

Studies show that by the age of 15, 80% of teenagers have dropped out of competitive sports.  Only an elite few have made the cut to continue, because high school coaches are very selective in who is chosen for the playing field. Where does that leave your teenager? In choosing a camp place an emphasis on sports conditioning, rather than sports specific skills. Even if your teenager is still playing sports, many coaches only devote time to the specific sports skills. A well rounded sports conditioning program can increase a player’s sports performance and help prevent injuries.

Teenager Identity

Even if your teen is actively involved in a sport, self-image can waffle according to sport performance and team success. Young people who identify with their own uniqueness enjoy a more consistent sense of well-being that is not contingent on sports success.  Those who drop out of their favorite childhood sport due to increased competition or injury may suffer a sense of unworthiness and depression. Promote individual skills and interests outside of sports to equip your teenager with the ability to cope with life’s ups and downs. When a teenager develops a sense of mastery and a unique skills set, they will enjoy a greater sense of self-worth. Forming a positive self-identity will fortify them when facing the game of life.

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