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Teen Fitness Camp in Henderson Hosts Indonesian Team

Teen Summer Fitness Camp teaching a wellness lifestyle of nutrition, fitness and goal setting.

Teen Camp Info
Teen Camp Info

Recently, I had the privilege of hosting a teen fitness camp for the Jetz, an international boy’s basketball team from Indonesia.

Teen Fitness Camp in Henderson, NV Jetz-Basketball-Team

Teen Fitness Camp in Henderson, NV Jetz-Basketball-Team

The teen fitness camp participants ranged from ages 13 to 15 and were in Las Vegas for a 3-week sport-specific skills camp. After a week-long basketball training camp, the boys were eager for a weekend change of environment and activities. In fact, they craved the outdoors. At my place, we strive to take our activity outdoors when at all possible. Outdoor sports courts overlooking the mountains and bicycling on trails provide a variety of outdoor adventures.

Over the weekend, they came in house for a jump rope workshop, bike rides, a family barbecue with parents and siblings followed by a team sleepover. The next morning the group bicycled 7 miles to the Omelet House for a breakfast feast. The experience resulted in a new passion to aid their basketball skills –jump rope!

The teens enjoyed the jump rope skills workshop so much that the team’s lead organizer immediately ordered 50 jump ropes to take back for the benefit of the entire team in Indonesia. The boys are especially interested in skills they learned jumping long rope for team skills incorporating the basketball while others turn the rope.

Each individual athlete received a single jump rope for conditioning challenges such as crossovers, speed skipping, and double unders. The long ropes for turning and jumping teamwork were cloth braid for safety and control. My experience as regional tournament director for USA Jump Rope Federation left me with distinct preferences in types of jump ropes. I continue to use the jump rope for my guests of all ages, even those who turn and run through without jumping.

Information on the teen summer camp in Henderson varies seasonally. Feel free to contact Debra for more information.

Teen Summer Fitness Camp in Henderson, NV Jetz-Basketball Team

Teen Fitness Camp

WHO: Any student seeking fitness and weight loss

WHAT: Fitness & Nutrition Day Camp for Ages 13-17

WHEN: Available Eleven Weeks Starting Monday 6/20 – Friday 8/26

WHERE: Debra Stefan Fitness Home  in SE Henderson

OPTIONS: Half Day Only

See the Teen Fitness Camp sign up button below for more flexible options such as sibling discounts and multiple week discounts.

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“Going to this camp was fun, the place of living, a beautiful and comfortable place. Ms. Debra is so nice, too.”

John W., age 14

“Going to this camp has been a huge experience. The place is wonderful to stay and the equipment to workout is well-prepared “

Jeremy, age 14

“I was amazed most at the way this place welcomes me and my group to be able to experience this fitness.”

Arrigo, age 13

“This camp is special since we are able to be healthy and also feel like being on a vacation on the same time.“

Miguel G, age 14

“Ms. Debra uses a different and effective technique to teach us jump roping.”

Klemens Aja, age 14

“We arrived and started biking around the trail and we tried doing group jump rope. Debra taught us and we learnt so fast.”

Hendi G., age 14

Here is what a few of the teen’s parents had to say about Debra’s Teen Fitness Camp in this video.

Teen Summer Fitness Camp in Henderson, NV
Teen Summer Fitness Camp in Henderson, NV Jetz-Basketball Team
Teen Summer Fitness Camp in Henderson, NV Jetz-Basketball Team
Teen Summer Fitness Camp in Henderson, NV Jetz-Basketball Team
Teen Summer Fitness Camp in Henderson, NV Jetz-Basketball Team
Teen Summer Fitness Camp in Henderson, NV Jetz-Basketball Team
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