Symmetry AlignSmart Postural Correction

Debra Stefan Fitness Retreat, established in 2008, adds Symmetry AlignSmart Postural Correction Technology to client services. Debra’s experience and authority as a fitness expert compel her to seek the most cutting-edge methods available.

Once a full-time yoga instructor and a professional chorus dancer, her expertise spans from jump rope to biking to powerlifting. In 1981, she broke the World Guinness Record for 10 hours of continuous rope jumping as a Muscular Dystrophy fundraiser. Debra is the League of American Bicyclists’ 2020 Educator of the Year and AAU 2021 Women’s Master Powerlifting World record holder.

“My early upbringing in yoga practice with two-year full-time tenure in the Integral Yoga Institute of Los Angeles makes me keenly aware of postural importance. Now, in my fifth decade as a fitness professional, I am part of a cutting-edge breakthrough, and it’s called Symmetry AlignSmart.

As a Certified Chek Golf Biomechanic since 2003, focusing on postural correction, I’m excited to earn certification in the Symmetry for Health system. Symmetry is a unique, cutting-edge measuring method that uses objective body measurements and corrective exercises to realign posture. It’s a proven remedy for chronic patterns and pain. Inspired by the Egoscue method and twenty-five years in the making, Patrick Mummy’s precision measuring method and software take the guesswork out of postural correction.”

The postural assessment aims to correct, strengthen, and maintain optimal body alignment. Clients gain self-reliance using the method throughout life to sustain a higher quality of physical and emotional well-being.

What is Symmetry? It’s a physics-based program that provides corrective exercises to help you improve your posture. Postural correction empowers people to optimize mobility and eliminate pain. Doing a daily therapeutic maintenance routine is a long-term self-help solution.

About AlignSmart™ Technology

Symmetry’s AlignSmart™ Technology is a patented postural correction and pain relief system, the most unique technology in the world. The Symmetry method intends to disrupt the current healthcare model of practitioner reliance. Furthermore, it is the only treatment program that offers a precisely measured baseline to assess and verify progress.

If you’re searching for Postural alignment, postural correction, or pain relief, you may have scoliosis, frozen shoulder, or tight hips. Furthermore, Symmetry helps Parkinson’s symptoms to improve balance and posture. Many people subscribe to Symmetry and have already tried to achieve postural correction and pain relief with the Egoscue method or Paul Chek balance training.

Symmetry’s AlignSmart™ Technology takes you through a neuro-muscular process, taking anywhere from twelve weeks to one year to become a habit in the body.

The process is three-fold:

How Symmetry Posture Correction Works

Objective Measurements

By measuring twenty-one bony landmarks on your body and comparing them from one session to another, you can work toward a more symmetrical body alignment. You will gain an understanding of your measurements and how these measurements relate to your misalignments, pain, and lack of performance.

Make an appointment to discuss your goals and needs.

Corrective Posture Routine

The AlignSmart System Access

You get online access to Symmetry AlignSmart’s state-of-the-art software program. It includes photos and comprehensive videos of your corrective postures to guide your daily routine and consistency.

Corrective Posture Routine

Addressing your priority of misalignments, you receive eight personalized Symmetry routines. The eight sessions span four months allowing enough time to make the changes you need for optimal success. To try an example routine, click a link and then click on the pictures to activate the video demonstration.

The AlignSmart System

Our main objective is to get you aligned and balanced. Your pain will naturally dissipate and eventually disappear, and then you maintain it!

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You will understand the “why” causing your pain or lack of performance and understanding are crucial to making corrections and eliminating pain. We will compare your measurements with correct postural measurements and explain how each misalignment affects the overall system. We will also take a few pictures of you, so you can see first-hand how the misalignments in your body differ from your ideal posture.