Summer Fitness Camp for Teens in Henderson NV


Summer Fitness Camp? What do you have planned for your teen?  Join Weekly Sessions Until August 7th!

Summer Fitness Camps vs Sports Camps

Why Parents Are Choosing Summer Fitness Camp

How important is a summer fitness camp vs a sports camp for your teen? Studies show that by the age of 15, 80% of teenagers drop out of competitive sports. An elite few make the cut because high school coaches are selective in who makes the team. Where has that left your teenager?

Consider a summer fitness camp instead of a sports camp. Place an emphasis on sports conditioning, rather than sports specific skills. Even if a teenager is still playing sports, coaches already focus on specific sports skills. Avoid overuse injuries by not overdoing these same movements.

Instead of risking sport-related overuse injury, choose a well-rounded sports conditioning program. This can increase sports performance and help prevent injuries.

When a teen is active in a sport, self-image can waffle according to sports performance and success of the team. A better balance enables young people to identify with their own uniqueness. This way they can enjoy a more consistent sense of well-being rather than rely on sports success.

Help your teenager develop a sense of mastery and a unique skills set. They will enjoy a greater sense of self-worth. Forming a positive self-identity will fortify them when facing the game of life. read full article…

Summer Fitness Camp

WHO: Any student seeking fitness and weight loss

WHAT: Fitness & Nutrition Day Camp for Ages 13-17

WHEN: Available Eleven Weeks Starting Monday 6/8 – Friday 8/11

WHERE: Debra Stefan Fitness Home  in SE Henderson

OPTIONS: NO Sleepovers, Half Day Only

INCLUDED: Provisions and supervision for nutritious self-prepared meals plus 1-2 shakes daily, weight training, cardio cross training, TRX suspension core training, jump rope techniques, cycling, yoga, balance, agility, sports-specific skills variety, lap pool conditioning, goal setting, personal accountability, brain fitness, food preparation/nutrition awareness and FUN Fitness.

PARENTS: No sleepover accommodations, but please make your reservation at least 4-weeks in advance.

Available Eleven Weeks Starting Monday 6/8 – Friday 8/11. Select the weeks or days that work for you and book ahead of time. This allows you to plan the summer vacation and still register your teen for summer camp.

Call to register or to discuss participation. 

More about Debra’s private teen camps:
Teen Fitness Camp in Henderson 89011 

“Growing up with Debra’s tutelage in jump rope and an overall healthy lifestyle was a blessing.”

Dominique B

“I was privileged enough to take a full day workshop with Debra.”

Bobby B

” I was impressed with her knowledge, commitment, and the way she made it fun for all the kids.”

Tracy E

“My son attended Debra’s fitness camp … He was not in the best shape, but Debra taught him how to get in shape and stay healthy.”

Ray S

“We sent our 16 year old to Debra… and by the time he left Henderson, he was a changed man!”

Kay O

“My children have been a part of the Debra Stefan Fitness program for several years now and we always look forward to the fun.”

Denitza J
Henderson, NV

…Had a great time exercising and learning new jump rope techniques. Debra has a great knowledge of cutting edge fitness and makes exercising fun!
“We arrived and started biking around the trail and we tried doing group jump rope. Debra taught us and we learnt so fast.”

Hendi G., age 14

“Ms. Debra uses a different and effective technique to teach us jump roping.”

Klemens A., age 14

“This camp is special since we are able to be healthy and also feel like being on a vacation on the same time.“

Miguel G., age 14

“I was amazed most at the way this place welcomes me and my group to be able to experience this fitness.”

Arrigo G., age 13

“Going to this camp has been a huge experience. The place is wonderful to stay and the equipment to workout is well-prepared “

Jeremy P., age 14

“Going to this camp was fun, the place of living, a beautiful and comfortable place. Ms. Debra is so nice, too.”

John W., age 14