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Spring Break Camp 2018

Spring Break Camp, Henderson, NV

WHO:  Dedicated student-athletes seeking all-around fitness

WHAT: Two-hour outdoor boot camp style cross-training for Ages 14-17

WHEN: NINE days starting Friday 3/23/18 – Tuesday 4/3/18  from 9-11am SUNDAYS OFF

WHERE: Facilitated Outdoors by Debra Stefan Fitness near the Henderson private guard gated community of Tuscany

INCLUDED: Activities include conditioning drills such as sledgehammering tires, tire flipping, weighted sled pulls, 50’ battling ropes, kettlebell swinging, Bosu balancing recovery, Landmine (vertical barbell on pivot box), cutting pole runs, jump rope progressions coordinated with ball handling, agility ladder, and mini hurdles. TRX suspension training straps, medicine ball and tornado ball drills done against solid concrete walls outdoors. All techniques are instructed and progressed appropriately. No student is left behind in these progressions. Modifications will be introduced so that a positive experience is had by all. Provisions and supervision for self-prepared nutritious shakes provided daily to promote nutrition awareness with FUN Fitness.

This is an INVITATIONAL, private offering and a closed group activity not open to the public.

IF you are ready to make a serious commitment to show up on time TWO hours daily and bring forth your very best effort… you may proceed!

Download your flyer Spring Break Camp 2018 Flyer and begin.  [email protected]

Spring Break Camp? Does your teen athlete really need a break?

How important is a spring break camp vs a sports camp for your athletic teen?

How important is a total break from all activities?

Studies show that by the age of 15, 80% of teenagers drop out of competitive sports. Coaches are cautious not to cause sports burnout among student-athletes. If not practicing for their chosen sport, what would they be doing? Sinking into a cocoon of online virtual reality, video games and chats, no doubt. All the obsessions we hate to see but can’t seem to stop.

Spring break camp instead of a sports specific camp gives the teen the needed break while staying physically involved. It is true that sports specific conditioning is relatively redundant, risking overuse injury and athlete burnout. Instead, place an emphasis on all-around sports conditioning, rather than sports specific skills. Coaches already focus on specific sports skills. Avoid overuse injuries by not overdoing these same movements.

Instead of risking sport-related overuse injury during spring break, choose a well-rounded conditioning program. This can increase sports performance and help prevent injuries. It will keep your teen on track while offering a change of routine.

Better yet, seek an environment in contrast to the usual indoor gym or practice field. Go outside in a scenic setting. Perform against the elements of nature, climbing uphill, trudging through sand, slamming weighted medicine balls or a Tornado ball against a sturdy concrete wall, anchor suspension training straps or battling ropes to a secure foundation.  Skip a rope or swing a kettlebell while traveling. Step, run and jump through a series of tires or weave through cutting poles while catching a ball on the run. Bicycle up a hill and coast back down for recovery then repeat the series.

By all means, keep your teen busy and challenged. Without structure and a schedule of activity, they will fall into the deep abyss of cyberspace. They will distance themselves from the real world in which we live together.

This spring break camp provides your teen with real-life interaction and a chance to react to the forces of nature in an outdoor environment. Let them see and hear birds, feel the sun shining and the breeze blowing. In other words, give them a reason to stay connected with the physical plane of existence. Let them react to fast-paced coordination drills in an unpredictable setting. For best results, keep them out of cyberspace for just a few hours a day.  Let them enjoy their spring break while staying on track and remaining focused.

Please visit Spring Break Camp 2018 Flyer to download your flyer from the DOCUMENTS menu.

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