• Ader-Fitness-Arm-Blaster Ader-Fitness-Arm-Blaster
    Constructed with thick gauge aluminum. Padded elbows for comfort, support, and stability. Contoured design to isolate arms and shoulders while keeping the back and elbows locked in curling position.
  • Debra Stefan, LCI League Bicycle Instructor i

    Debra Stefan, LCI Bicycle Instructor, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

    Adult Bicycling Lessons Teach You To Ride A Bike

    Debra Stefan, LCI League of American Bicyclists Instructor, Certified Fitness Trainer

    Teaching 3 private lessons to safely learn one-on-one $247 limited offer
  • Cycling Jersey in Very Large Sizes Cycling Jersey in Very Large Sizes
    Specially designed for big guy cyclists, the Colossal jersey features a loose fitting and non-restrictive design Constructed from soft, lightweight polyester fabric, the jersey will wick away perspiration and moisture during your ride and the 15-inch front zipper gives you another option to keep cool Men's Sizes: 2XL (50-52 chest; 46-48 waist; 18.5 neck) 3XL (54-56 chest; 50-52 waist; 19.5 neck) 4XL (58-60 chest; 54-56 waist; 20.5 neck) 5XL (62-64 chest; 58-60 waist; 21.5 neck) *NOTE: All measurements are in inches
  • 5X Bike Shorts
    • top of the line bike shorts containing moisture-wicking antibacterial material
    • compression fabric  that improves blood flow, increases circulation and reduces muscle soreness
    • anti-friction  padding for easing pressure to make cycling comfortable for bigger people
    • Premium fabric  7.4 oz. 76% Nylon 14% Spandex tricot knit four-way stretch
    Adult Unisex Sizes:  X-Small (waist: 24-26 in.) Small (waist: 28-30 in.) Medium (waist: 32-34 in.) Large (waist: 36-38 in.) X-Large (waist: 40-42 in.) XX-Large (waist: 44-46 in.) 3XL (waist: 48-52 in.) 4XL (waist: 54-56 in.) 5XL (waist: 58-35 in.) 
  • Altus-Athletic-Cotton-Lifting-Straps aka wrist wraps Altus-Athletic-Cotton-Lifting-Straps aka wrist wraps
    Adjustable Heavy-Duty Lifting Straps With Extra Padding 1.5 in. Wide X 21 in. Length One Size Fits Most
  • Best Bike Lock for Bicycle Safety: U Bolt Lock with Cable

  • We make your fitness routine more comfortable. Treat yourself to comfort and freedom of movement with our unpadd spandex exercise shorts. The ideal short for exercising, it hugs the muscles for support and reduction of muscle fatigue. Waist (inches) 2XLARGE 44-46 | 3XLARGE 48-52 | 4XLARGE 54-56 | 5XLARGE - 58-63
  • Our Compression Spandex Shorts increase blood circulation which oxidizes the muscles during exercise. More oxygen reduces the buildup of lactic acid which shortens recovery time. These shorts are the perfect option for all physical activities. The decreased muscle movement eliminates excessive effort of muscle during exercise. Guaranteed to provide years of comfort and performance for any active lifestyle. The two panel, streamlined construction is designed for comfort. It has a soft ¾ inch elastic waist and cover stitched leg hems that are bar tacked for longest life.
  • Bike Helmet

    A bicycle safety helmet is basic bike safety

    Bell Bike Helmet for Safe Bicycling, bicycle safety helmet, bike safety helmet
  • Bike Ride Club Membership with Smart Cycling Instructor, Debra Stefan, LCI group biking club

    Bike Ride Club Membership

    Bike Ride Club Membership 3-Month

    Debra Stefan, CFT, LCI is your personal trainer for biking on local routes in Henderson, Nevada. Participate in frequent rides with the guidance of your Smart Cycling trainer year round in sunny Southern Nevada, or commit seasonally for a fraction of what you would pay for personal fitness training.
  • Bike Safety Lights

    Front and Back Bicycle Safety Lights with quick release for easy removal.

    Bike Safety LightsFront and Back Bicycle Safety Lights with quick release for easy removal. 

    Bike Safety LightsFront and Back Bicycle Safety Lights with quick release for easy removal.

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    body for life book body for life book
    Body-for-LIFE #1 NY Times Best Seller Body-for-LIFE #1 NY Times Best Seller Body for LIFE Book for Adult Weight Loss Success Strategy A true reference manual for all adult weight loss camp food plans and exercise methods. A NY Times #1 best-seller that has changed lives and improved the health of millions of people across the globe. A classic text book of inspiration, motivation, and a proven method. This book set a precedent for all transformation programs that are popular today.
  • Bosu Balance Trainer Bosu Balance Trainer- senior woman trains for dog walking stability. BOSU Balance Trainer combines all the elements of fitness cardiovascular toning and flexibility into unique and highly effective combinations. Challenging and fun, the BOSU Balance Trainer gives a whole new meaning to "moving with control" as yuou work out on an unstable, dynamic surface Includes BOSU Balance Trainer, 4-in-1 workout DVD, 2 workouts from the Xplode Series DVD, owner's manual and foot pump
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    bosu_16BOSU Pro Balance Trainer for commercial use

    Weighs just under 19 pounds Latex-free, burst-resistant material

    The basic version is a lighter blue, and the Pro is a darker silver-blue. The basic model has a black base with six rubber feet to prevent it from slipping on the floor. The Pro version’s gray base is smooth but made from a non-skid material that won’t mark your floor. Both devices are 25 to 26 inches in diameter, depending on the model year -- the 2013 versions are 26 inches -- and 12 inches high when the domes are fully inflated. Both versions feature a weight limit of 300 pounds.Professional grade BOSU Balance Trainers! Extremely durable for use in facilities or personal training. Supports up to 300 lbs. Commercial warranty on defects. Includes air pump and exercise manual. Dark blue with black base. 25" diam. 15 lbsCurrently used in health, fitness, sports conditioning and rehabilitation facilities, and known industry-wide for training balance, building strength, fine tuning skills for sport, enhancing flexibility, and delivering killer cardio workouts, the BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer challenges the entire body with integrated, multi-joint movement that requires muscle groups to work together. Use the BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer dome or platform side down, combine it with other equipment, or use it as a stand-alone product to make any exercise fun, challenging, and effective. Available in blue with “Made in the USA” logo, light grey rim, and a black, dually over molded platform for extra strength with a smooth, non-skid, non-marking base Includes BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer, foot pump, trilingual owner’s manual and BOSU® Integrated Balance Training Manual and DVD Product diameter – 65cm or 26” Maximum user weight limit – 350 lbs.1 year limited for commercial and home usage  dome or platform side down
  • fast jump rope for double unders fast jump rope for double unders
    A favorite at CrossFit, Garage Gym, Rogue Fitness and other major fitness centers and fitness retailers Unbelievably fast; Original Design with 2 year guaranty on plastic handles Unique with its ability to easily change lengths; high-quality USA made cable
  • Morbidly Obese Man Performing Extreme Converta-Ball Rotations. Man performing Extreme Converta-Ball Action

    PB Extreme Converta Ball

    Converta Ball AKA Tornado Ball, high intensity core training medicine ball on a rope is known for durability. Extreme is the definitive word for the explosive torso rotations and power chops done in brief, but intense short burst activity. Golfers, baseball players and other rotational power athletes covet the Converta Ball as their secret training tool. Weighted Converta Balls range from 4 Lbs to 12 Lbs. Holds up for indoor or outdoor use. Rope can be detached from the ball for freestyle medicine ball use. 1 kg and 2 kg are volleyball size; 3 kg is basketball size; 4 kg – 7 kg Converta-Balls are slightly larger than a basketball.

  • Medicine Rope Ball

    AKA Tornado Ball, high-intensity core training medicine rope ball which is identified as a medicine ball on a rope for short burst swings and chops. Explosive torso rotations are done for power in a brief, but intense short burst. Golfers, baseball players, and other rotational power athletes covet the power rope ball as their secret training tool. Weighted power rope balls range from 4 Lbs to 12 Lbs. Rope is permanently attached to the ball.

  • Concept 2 Rower Concept 2 Rower
    Concept 2 Rower Model D: 14” off the floor, steel chain, adjustable monitor  arm folds down for storage; Product weight is 57 Lbs Concept 2 Rower Model E: 20" from floor, nickel-plated chain,fixed monitor arm. Model E weighs 65 Lbs. Both models have a max user weight of 500 Lbs.
  • Bike Leash Buddy for Dog Safety

    Bike Leash Buddy for Dog Safe Exercise Companionship

  • Agility ladder with double row. Senior woman training on the Double Agility ladder.
    Double Agility Ladder is 5 yards long and 32" wide with sturdy flat plastic rungs. Folds up and snaps securely for easy storage. Easy carry handle for no hassle storage and transport. Fixed rungs save set-up time and withstand abuse from cleats. While  most agility ladders have a single row of squares for stepping, the double row on the Double Agility Ladder enables more unique drill variations. Whether used for senior fall prevention or elite sport-specific training, this is the ladder for all training needs.  Seniors, the deconditioned or those in rehabilitation will find it great for balance capabilities and lower extremity functions. Double Agility Ladder Features: Senior man and woman training on the Double Agility ladder. Senior man and woman training on the Double Agility ladder for balance, coordination and weight loss.
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    Net quantity of 300 grams Tastes great; helps reduce body fat and increase muscle tone Perfect blend of high quality proteins, good fats, L-carnitine, vitamins, minerals and much more
  • Providing a sustained release of muscle-building amino acids Dymatize elite casein delivers 25 grams of sustained-release protein  helps avoid the catabolic state of muscle protein breakdown that begins to happen when your muscles are deprived of the right nutrients
  • Loaded with Muscle Fuel Elite Whey provides 25 grams of 100% whey protein per serving The Highest Quality Protein
  • Loaded with Muscle Fuel Elite Whey provides 25 grams of 100% whey protein per serving The Highest Quality Protein