At Men’s Senior Weight Loss Camp David Fulfilled His Own Self-Promises.

Regaining former fitness was a long-standing goal for David when he eagerly joined two other men at the private residential weight loss camp.



He had just sold his company to enter into retirement life and needed to lose weight and get back into shape. A lifelong promise was to get back to his surfing shape to enjoy the ocean where he lived. With only two weeks to spare between commitments to business and family, he made every effort count. Each workout, each meal and recovery period was focused on with intent. His mind was centered on the goal and he visualized the progress.

Tony, age 53 was rebuilding his body after surviving cancer and chemotherapy. Donald, age 48 was on a mission to overcome health risks brought on by several years of self-neglect.

The three men bonded and set about on an adventure that pushed them all on to a much higher level than they had anticipated. See David’s video highlight story of his adventures at senior weight loss camp to see how it worked!

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David, Age 69
Monterrey, CA

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