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Senior Fitness Retreat Camp to Lose Weight and Get in Shape

71-Year Old Man Loses Weight, Gets Fit at Senior Fitness Retreat Camp

Fred never thought he would swing a golf club again.

Retirement boredom took him down the spiral of physical inactivity and lack of desire to hunt, fish or golf. His family knew that he had lost his enthusiasm for the passions that once made him so full of life. A loving husband, father of three and grandfather of five, Fred knew he had to find a way to get back his zest for life. He just didn’t have the energy or inclination to try on his own.

… a concerned friend, “What are you doing for exercise?”

One day after a game of poker at the clubhouse, a concerned friend asked Fred, “What are you doing for exercise?”

The discussion that followed resulted in referring Fred to make phone contact with David, who gave a glowing recommendation for Debra Stefan Senior Fitness Retreat Residence in Las Vegas. Although the two men had never met, their mutual friend had seen David’s transformation and was impressed enough to ask him how and where he did it. After Fred and David spoke on the phone, the next phone call was made to Debra.

Fred spent 30 days at the fitness residence, sleeping, eating, drinking, and moving to regain his health. See the video testimonial of activities that changed his life.