Senior Men's 30 Day Health Program

Senior Fitness Camp to Lose Weight and Get in Shape

71-Year Old Man Loses Weight, Gets Fit at Senior Fitness  Camp

Fred didn’t think he would swing a golf club again.

Soon after retirement, boredom can take a person down the spiral of physical inactivity. Fred built a family roofing business and the day-to-day business went smoothly with his children. Of course, he continues to check in daily. However, there wasn’t much for him to do anymore. Shortly thereafter, he has no desire to hunt, fish or golf anymore. His family knew that the enthusiasm for passions that once made him so full of life just isn’t there anymore. A loving husband, father of three, and grandfather of five, Fred looks for a way to get back his zest for life. But, he just doesn’t have the energy or inclination to try on his own.

Then, a concerned friend asked, “What are you doing for exercise?”

Then, one day after a game of poker at the clubhouse, a concerned friend asks Fred, “What are you doing for exercise?”

Fit-for-70 Transformation at Senior Fitness Camp

Consequently, their discussion results in referring Fred to making phone contact with David. David gives a glowing recommendation for Debra Stefan’s Senior Fitness Retreat at her private residence in Las Vegas. Although the two men are yet to meet, their mutual friend sees David’s fit-for-70 transformation and asks him how and where he did it. After Fred and David speak on the phone, the next phone call is to speak with Debra about her senior fitness camp.

Fred spends 30 days at the senior fitness camp in residence, sleeping, eating, hydrating, and moving to regain his health. See the video testimonial of activities that change his life.

Fred tells the story about his four weeks’ time at the Senior Fitness Camp.

Hi, I’m Fred, a 71-year-old man, and Debra Stefan’s program is worth all the effort.

It is just a world of difference for me. I was so far out of shape that I virtually couldn’t already walk across the street when I got here. Looking back, it was just almost tragic how someone would let themselves get in such poor shape. I had no exercise program, nothing.

Since I’ve got here With Debra, it has been probably the most joyful experience that I think I’ve ever gone through.

I mean, it’s just a sense of accomplishment, and as you progress through the program, Debra never takes you further than you’re capable of doing at the time.

She has a lot of different exercises, just so many things, weights, bike rides, all the various things that start toning you into shape.

For sure, she’s had many people that have gone through the program.

Senior Fit-for-70 Results

And so I heard about Debra through a friend. One of the fellows he talked about who went through the program had just a new lease on life.

He visited us one day, and it was really a pleasure to meet him and share his experience as I was going through mine.

I’ve been here for a month now, and I feel great. My energy level has risen tremendously.

Consequently, I have found that I can do so, so much more than ever expected to do.

Quite frankly, it’s really been a great experience.

There is something for everybody here. It doesn’t make any difference if you were 500 or a hundred pounds.

The fact of the matter is that getting in shape is a journey and takes a lot of effort.

Senior Fitness Camp Takeaways

And one thing that Debra shares with her clients is a tremendous knowledge of one’s body and nutrition and the way we are eating here with several small meals.

I’ve lost the heck of a lot more than that I anticipated losing. I’ve exchanged fat for muscle!

Above all, this has been a real eye-opener. I intend to continue my program and am looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, I do not have a bike. But I can assure you when I get home, my wife and I are both going to get one and start enjoying some of the fun things you can do riding.

I’m really looking forward to that because I haven’t been on a bike since I was little.

So, I guess what I wanted to share is that this program will virtually help anybody.

You know, if I can get through it, anybody can get through it.

Debra, “Go ahead and tell about the pants.”

Well, this is the first time in less than seven-eight years, I’ve been able to get into a pair of 40 slacks.

Meanwhile, I came in here wearing forty-fours. 

As a result, I’m just thrilled to death. I lost a lot of inches, and I feel great.