Senior Depression Cure found in Fitness-Depressed Widow Grandma

Senior depression cure from gloom to glee

Empty nest, retired, grandkids at an age where grandma is no longer cool. Then widowed. The sequence of life of events led to a dark depression. Outdoor exercise, blue skies, and renewed vitality gave Suzanne her new battle cry.

“I am woman!”

Yes, you are.

Suzanne triumphed in her senior depression cure recalling, “Coming to the fitness retreat, I just wanna say that I was at the point when I came here that I could care less whether I lived or died.”

I was so depressed and down on myself; I am so glad that I came here because now I have a reason to live. Now, I can do anything and I can go anywhere. So, I feel like a new person because I’m okay now. And it’s probably…

the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Hi, I’m Suzanne. I come from Kansas and I’ve had some major life-changing experiences in the last couple of years that have put me in a real bad state of mind, where I have used food and lack of exercise to cope with all of this. It has been wonderful to come here. Debra has a wonderful senior fitness camp that allowed me to get my life back together, eat correctly, get active, and learn how to push myself.

And she knows when to let up when I need to, and when to push me a little bit when I need to. It has been a wonderful experience, because I have become strong, stronger than I ever believed I could be. I have done things that I haven’t done since I’ve been in high school, and I have learned to eat. We’ve cooked, and I’ve learned different dishes that I can actually eat and completely be happy with what I’m eating. My attitude has changed and I’ve been taken off a couple of my meds. Really, I have been just changed completely, and I just can’t believe the transformation in me in the last month.

It’s only been a month- four weeks, but it has been a complete transformation for me.

Her senior depression cure was done in steps. She is empowered with daily self-care and describes it simply, “I have learned to cook the correct meals that I don’t need sugar. I don’t need junk food. I don’t have to go to the refrigerator and just grab something to eat just because, and it’s been empty calories all the way.  And now I’m eating something with a purpose that I have to have a certain amount of carbs and proteins and learning that this food that I’ve been eating is not good food and choices that are better. This will give me an opportunity to teach my family because what they’re doing is sabotaging their health. The pizza is not good, or the constant stopping by fast food places. And my little one, my little granddaughter needs to start out learning correctly.”

It has been a wonderful and life-changing experience.

I’ve only been here for a month, but the changes in me, spiritual, mental, body, everything as a whole package, I couldn’t say enough. I would totally recommend Debra and her live-in fitness program. This story proves that exercise and wholesome living is the classic senior depression cure.

Maybe you can’t get away to join me at my live-in fitness residence.

Try zoom virtual fitness in real-time. It is the next best thing to being here. I’m Debra Stefan, and I can help you.

Walter’s Story–79 years-old, widowed, depressed, changed in four weeks

Senior Fall-Proof Boot Camp and Senior Depression Cure

Senior Depression Cure stories continue with Sue age 79, who spent only two weeks regaining her mobility and strength.

Debra to Sue, “I cannot believe today is day 14 on a very short stay here with me with so much that we wanted to accomplish. And I don’t know about you, but I never dreamed that you would succeed in getting yourself under control all the way from a standing position to laying on this big exercise mat and bringing yourself completely back up to a standing position on your own strength without grabbing furniture to climb up. I’m bowled over; how about you?”

“Absolutely! I never ever dreamt that in two short weeks’ time that I would be, have gained so much strength. I’m absolutely shocked that I can get down and get back up and that I can do it,” says Sue.

Okay. All right. At least I know I can get up that way. So now I have confidence if I fall down, I’ll be able to get back up. Which is something I have not been able to do in probably 10 years or who knows maybe longer. So I’ve always required someone to help me. So it’s nice to know that I’ll be able to do this on my own in the future, and I’m not going to waste this.

Debra prompts Sue, “You needed a senior depression cure to get off sugar and start exercising. This is not what you came here for though, is it?”

“No, no.”Sue admits, “I came, as I say to get myself moving, especially walking and uh, because I like sugar so much to get myself off sugar. So everything else has been an absolute benefit, an unexpected benefit that I will not quit. So it’s yeah, I’m very happy, very thrilled, very excited. And I’m gonna keep this up.”

It’s not the spa visit that you had planned when you were looking for places to go, right?

Sue responds, “No, it is not. No, I came to a boot camp. Yeah. At a spa, I would be relaxing and probably not doing anything except getting massages.”

Debra to Sue, “So it’s quite the celebration today, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, this is absolutely fabulous. And I’m very excited and I will definitely take this home with me and, continue. That’s the most important thing. I will continue. I’m not gonna waste my money and two weeks and not follow through with it that that’s, you know, that’s why I came. To improve myself, body, mind, and soul.”

Debra: “And this is progress you could not have made on your own?”

Sue:  NEVER could I have made it on my own. I’ve tried. And after two or three days, I’m like, oh, forget about it.”

Her testament to the Senior Depression Cure, “So no, now I know I can go home with a positive, good attitude, and take what I’ve learned from Debra and go home and put it to good use. And I’m no longer feeling sorry for myself when I’m tired or feel like I can’t do something. I will now give myself a kick in the rear end and say, you will get up and get going.”

Debra’s call-to-action for the readers:

Are you ready for your senior depression cure?

Maybe you can’t get away from my residential retreat. Consider zoom online virtual sessions for one-on-one coaching. I’m Debra Stefan, and I’m ready to help you with your fitness goals.

His Senior Depression Cure began with spirits lifting under sunny Southern Nevada’s blue skies and daily outdoor activities.

Walter was widowed, depressed, and sedentary. Consequently, his weight was up and his muscle down. See and hear the renewal of his zest for life in a compelling video review by his son. Click on the image below to play the video.

Walter's Story of Senior Depression Cured -79 years old, widowed, depressed, changed in four weeks

Walter’s Story–79 years old, widowed, depressed, changed in four weeks

“Two miles 40 minutes,” says Walt. Debra responds, “Would you say all this exercise business is everything that it’s cracked up to be and then some?” “Oh yeah, and then some! My balance is better, yeah, everything is better, and I’m more alert. After four weeks, yeah, what used to take 40 minutes four weeks ago makes me eight!”

Walt’s famous motto continues to be the battle cry at Debra’s, “This is tough but good, very good.”

Walt’s story of his remarkable senior depression cure is told by his son.

“My name is Dan Cattaneo, and I’m the son of Walter Cattaneo, and I never thought Dad would do something like this at his age. He’s 79 years old, almost 80 years old. My mom passed away about three years ago. My dad took care of her for the last seven to ten years of her life. She was ill, and he became very sedentary and depressed after she died. (He needed a senior depression cure.)

We jokingly said that we would send him to a senior fat farm.

But, he got to the point where he was ready to do something. We found Debra and her place, and I’m so thankful for that.

My dad is like a new person. Here’s this 80-year-old guy who’s never lifted a weight in his life, and he just looks incredible after only a month.

“He’s lost weight, and he’s got color back in his face. He has stepped back into his stride. And we’re just really proud of him. I highly recommend this to anybody who’s thinking about getting back into shape. It wasn’t easy for dad; there were days that were difficult. But he stuck with it. Debra is extremely knowledgeable in her field; she knows what she’s doing. It’s supervised all the way from the diet, nutrition, proper exercise, and the whole deal. So I couldn’t be more pleased with what’s happened to my father at 80 years old. By the way, he’s off his medications, no high blood pressure pills!

So anybody’s thinking about getting back in shape, it doesn’t matter what your age is.

If my 80-year-old father can do it, anybody can do it.

Walt tells it his way, “this is tough but good, very good. Yeah, what used to take 40 minutes four weeks ago now takes me only eight. Tough, but good. Oh yeah,” he laughs.