I have been able to get up off the floor… within days of starting day camp.
Ann L., Age 72
No matter what your age or condition, you can become your best!
Sid, Age 86
“I’m a retired senior citizen whose main goal was to get down on the floor to play with my grandchildren and then be able to get back up again.I have now accomplished that and so much more.”
Ann, Age 69
“This is tough, but good!”
Walter, Age 79
“Dumbbell and barbell training has given me great strength, balance and confidence.”
Galina, Age 62
“I have learned so many new things that I can do at home to eat right and stay active.”
Olivia, Age 64
“I am no longer afraid of losing my balance and falling. Now I am enjoying all the things I wanted to do but was too weak to do.”
Hal, Age 81
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Senior Day Camp Fitness Goals conquer fear of falling.

Senior Day Camp First Focus

Getting down and back up again from floor level is a priority at senior day camp. At Debra Stefan Fitness it is a vital aspect of training for senior independence. The senior day camp places focus on regaining lost abilities. Efforts result in weight loss, balance, strength and stamina.

Realizing potential is key to Senior Day Camp progress. Fears from falling can immobilize a person. First overcome the vision of what one fears and replace with what to achieve. Stubborn thought patterns based on fear can paralyze progress. Goal Guided Visualization prepares the mind to expect results and actualize them. Learn more about goal guided visualization…

Senior day camp trains for independent living skills and maintaining them. Take safe progressions before attempting activities that could result in a fall. Relearn movement patterns once taken for granted. Learn about active senior living options… 

Getting Up at Senior Day Camp

Balance and core strength are key to getting oneself down and back up in a controlled manner. “Get-ups” involve multi-muscle involvement and strategy. For example, the dominant leg must lead the weight bearing efforts of the movement. Position sequence, speed of moves and continuity factor into success in getting up. Once the body in in motion, maintain control through to finish.

A good starting place is to assess the ability to perform the get-up with the support of a chair. Never rely on chairs or other objects as a permanent solution, as they may not be available. An unexpected fall could happen outdoors where there is nothing to assist.

The get-up is not as difficult as it might seem when broken down into baby steps. Then each step can serve as an exercise building block toward your full get-up.

Make no mistake, weight loss is important. The ability to get up is even more important. It is life saving. The bonus of practicing getting up is weight loss. Total body effort goes into performing get-ups.  When mastered, pick up the pace and see how many controlled get-ups you can do in one minute. Consider the metabolic boost from such an all-out effort. Big movements take big effort resulting in big metabolic increase.

Get-ups are a daily ritual at senior day camp.