Saudis on U.S. couples fitness bootcamp retreat found that they could include their toddler son at Debra Stefan’s exclusive Las Vegas, U.S. weight loss Camp. Under an exceptional arrangement, the family learned the joy of fitness when experiencing activities with their toddler son.

Saudi Arabia to Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Weight Loss Camp -21 Days to Fitness

Saudis U.S. Weight Loss Camp-Las Vegas Fitness Holiday Retreat

Saudi U.S. Weight Loss Camp Las Vegas Fitness Vacation Retreat!

Mahmood lost 17 Lbs after traveling from Saudi Arabia with his wife and young son to the U.S. weight loss camp, Las Vegas Live-in Fitness residential retreat. His wife also lost 16 Lbs and they both learned fun activities to do together and include their son during the couples fitness bootcamp retreat.

After searching the Internet for a weight loss camp that would offer personalized coaching and include his toddler son, he and his wife chose to come to Las Vegas. Though many miles from home, they found themselves very much at home while also learning new ways to live.

See the short video which highlights the success story of this successful event for a Saudi family at U.S. weight loss camp.

At the Las Vegas Fitness Retreat:

Now, after spending 20 days here at Debra’s live-in fitness program, I could do a lot of things that I never could do before due to my fear of suffocating or losing breath. I am also a heavy smoker which only makes matters worse.  Well, now I can run. I can also push myself uphills on a bike. I can do a lot of beautiful things.

New Habits at the Vegas Weight Loss Retreat

Of course, the food changed to something more healthy which makes me feel better. These healthy lifestyle changes make me want to learn more and more. Also, it’s not really difficult. A healthy diet is everything. Also, you just need to get used to throwing all the junk away. The way that Debra does it makes you really feel, “Okay. This food is really good.” Yes, I know it’s not burgers and fries and coke and all of that. However, I really shaped my body and shaved off a lot of extra fat due to this regimen that we’re following. When I first came here, I thought, oh my God. Okay, here we are. We’re in the desert. No more food, no more movies, no more fun. It’s all busting my @$$ off. Then I said, okay, it’s a challenge. I will take it on.

Couples Weight Loss Camp Non-Smoker

After we started, within the first few days, I said to myself, okay, I’m not gonna smoke anymore because I need to get back in shape. I found that after pushing myself to the limits that, “Oh, these are not my limits.” I can go more and more and more. Also, the way that Debra did it was by elaboratively seeing my capabilities on a regular basis. Everything is done in steps and intervals. It was so great. I could start easily and also pick up the pace easily.

U.S. Fitness Vacation Habits to take back Home to Saudi Arabia

Debra really understands the person she’s interacting with. She also tries methodologies that suit the person. That part is so great. It’s really to make us feel that you really can do whatever you want to do. It’s just so good. Thank you, Debra!

Mahmood enjoys exercising with his young son at Debra’s Live-in Weight Loss residence and exclaims, “Bravo! High five, high five, high five. Yay! You’re the man.”