Saudi Couples Fitness Holiday at a U.S. Weight Loss Camp

Morbidly Obese Couple Found the Private Las Vegas Weight Loss Retreat Residence 

Saudi Arabia to Las Vegas Live-in Fitness Weight Loss Camp -21 Days to Fitness

Saudi Couples Fitness Vacation at U.S. Weight Loss Camp in Vegas Fitness Retreat!

During her U.S. fitness holiday with her husband and young son, Walaa lost 16 Lbs.  She and her husband, Mahmood, both learned fun activities to do together and include their son while at the Las Vegas weight loss retreat.  After searching the Internet for a U.S. weight loss camp that would offer personalized coaching and include a toddler son, the Saudi couple chose to come to the Las Vegas weight loss retreat for a couples fitness holiday. Though many miles from home, they found themselves very much at home while learning new ways to live.

U.S. Fitness Holiday at the private Las Vegas weight loss camp

Click on the text above to view a short video highlighting the story told by the Saudi mom regarding her U.S. fitness holiday and couples fitness vacation. 


Hello. My name is Walaa Shaheen. I’m from Saudi Arabia, and I have been overweight my entire life. My husband’s also overweight. We had to do this change as a family together. My son’s only two. So we want to make sure that we teach him the right habits before it’s too late for him.

Her husband, Mahmood:
Now, after spending 20 days here at Debra’s live-in program, I could do a lot of things that I never could do before you to my fear of suffocating, or losing breath, because I’m a smoker and a heavy smoker. So all of these things combined, or even adding to the challenge of a hill. I can smash up hills with a bike. I can do a lot of beautiful things.

Debra truly believes in you when you don’t even believe in yourself. When I came here, you know, what never told me it’s ever going to be this hard again. And she was right. When I got here, I haven’t been on a bike since I was seven years old. I couldn’t, and I couldn’t move. I progressed from the tricycle to the single-speed bike, to the mountain bike, and I was able to bike for up five miles, really fully unbelievable, and confidence will only get easier, truly liberating.

I really found out after pushing myself to the limits that, oh, these are not my limits. I can go more and more and more. And the way she did it by elaborative really enhancing my capabilities on a regular basis where everything is done in steps and intervals. It was so great. I could pick up my pace, easily name and start easily.

When we arrived here, she made sure that we all had a very comfortable place to stay. She gave us an amazing room. Her house is super clean. You have everything you need. I felt like I was staying at a five-star hotel, but with the convenience of being at my own home.

Debra really understands the person she’s interacting with. She tries methodologies that suit the person, and that’s so great. It’s really to make us feel that we really can do whatever we want to do. It’s just so good. Thank you, Debra.

Thank you, Debra. You’ll always be in our thoughts, and we’ll love you forever.

Mahmood, father to his toddler son, “Yay. You’re the man!”