Residential Weight Loss Camp Hosts 500Lb Man for Fitness and Weight Loss at Las Vegas Retreat

Residential Weight Loss Camp 500Lb Man 6-Week Highlights

Residential Weight Loss Camp for Fitness and Nutrition

Residential Weight Loss Camp for Fitness and Nutrition

Even 500Lb morbidly obese men can workout at a residential weight loss camp.


Any way that they will!

My house is also known as Las Vegas Live-in Fitness residential weight loss bootcamp.  I am Debra Stefan, your in-house trainer.  I aim to find your motivational drivers to create workout adventures. The biggest compliment my clients can give me is when they say, “Wow, that was FUN and I got a great workout.”

First,  you find the right activities and a reasonable conditioning level to begin progress. Then each workout session becomes a personal best. This promotes a positive experience that begins a craving for more of the same. It’s fun and it’s good for you.  So why wouldn’t you want to continue this as a lifestyle?

Residential Weight Loss Camp Strategy

Exercise activity selection even for a morbidly obese 500Lb man begins with a reasonable assessment of what he is capable. Then a motivating and challenging progression is created with exercise variations and suitable modifications. This strategy applies to all clients seeking optimal results to avoid burnout. This method is most likely to be one to live with and not just a crash course.

For example, he enjoys boxing conditioning drills but cannot stand up for an entire workout. Lying on a wrestling mat serves as a great alternative posture for kicking and punching drills. Lying on stomach, back, or sides enables both arm and leg movements. Body bridges with arms down alongside the body allow back support and leverage for lifting body weight. Pelvic and abdominal core muscles are exercised without strain on joints.

Seen in the photo here are TWO fifty foot ropes both an inch and a half in diameter tethered on a ground anchor for a total body effort. This is an all-out explosive effort for a short metabolic burst in a fat-burning interval circuit.  Also, as seen in the video below… plank pulls with the same two ropes in ONE hand! The core strength has definitely kicked in with week six.

See the 6-week residential weight loss camp highlights of a man who weighed 495Lbs when he first called to inquire.  He was a different person than he is now. Just see for yourself!

Take a moment to view Walter’s 30-day highlight video and you will see a 79-year-old senior man at fitness camp who has turned over a new leaf adopting a new lifestyle.