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Sting Ray squat pad for alleviating stress on shoulders while performing squats.
Easy clean & maintanence
Top quality plastic


Barbell Front Squat Sting-Ray Device Barbell Front Squat Sting-Ray Device

Barbell Front Squat Sting-Ray Device Barbell Front Squat Sting-Ray Device

Sting Ray Barbell Squat


If you aren’t doing Barbell Front Squats then you probably haven’t discovered the secret of The Sting Ray Barbell Squat!

Front squats target great quadriceps development but there is no other core activator quite as effective. It will train you to maintain an erect back posture when performing squats of any king. In fact, many people consider the front squat as the “go-to” exercise for the entire midsection all around!

In other words you just haven’t worked out if you haven’t found the magic of Sting Ray Barbell squats.

Be prepared to reduce your normal barbell back squat weight to 25% or less when doing barbell front squats and front loaded lunges. That ought to tell you how effective this challenging exercise is when you feel the workout.

Still not ready for the Sting Ray Barbell Squat?

The front squat was found to be as effective as the back squat in overall muscle recruitment, with far less compression and knee problems according to a 2009 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning.

Since a lot less weight is a lot more  effective it stands to reason that the front squat deserves another try. Get past the initial awkwardness of learning a new exercise with a new aid. Train your weaknesses and they will soon become new found strengths.

Pick up a Sting Ray for yourself and another for your best training buddy. That is the only way you will be able to keep yours.