Champion Sports Equipped Medicine Ball

Medicine Rope Ball

AKA Tornado Ball, high-intensity core training medicine rope ball which is identified as a medicine ball on a rope for short burst swings and chops. Explosive torso rotations are done for power in a brief, but intense short burst. Golfers, baseball players, and other rotational power athletes covet the power rope ball as their secret training tool. Weighted power rope balls range from 4 Lbs to 12 Lbs. Rope is permanently attached to the ball.


Medicine Rope Ball for Explosive Rotary Power Medicine Rope Ball 10 Lbs

Medicine Rope Ball aka Tornado Ball

Swing and chop with a Medicine Rope Ball for maximum core targeting, all out intensity drills indoors or outdoors!

Champion Barbell Medicine Rope Ball comes in weights from 4 Lbs to 12 Lbs and has been popularized by Men’s Health. An essential for core training, abdominal activation, obliques and explosive rotary power focuses on the midsection. Benefits both performance and aesthetics and its FUN.

Q. What is a Medicine Rope Ball?

A. It’s a medicine ball with a sturdy rope for short burst high-intensity power drills targeting the core midsection. A video demo tells it all…View the video below taken at Debra Stefan Fitness Camp and you will see men and women from teens to seniors going all out on tornado ball drills.

Golfers and baseball players don’t want the competition to know about the wonders of explosive rotary power developed from this fitness tool! Think about it. All out explosive bursts of core power generated from the torso call for a most intense effort. That is what it takes to hit a long drive or home run. Do yourself a favor and add the tornado ball to your fit toy box. Use it among friends and expect to wait your turn until everyone has had a go at it. You may be wise to have a couple different weights to work with as you build functional strength and core power.

Who can train with the Medicine Rope Ball?

Once a client has mastered swiss ball training on the Duraball Pro and learned to stabilize the abdominal and pelvic core they are qualified to perform the power drills. A good preliminary movement will be to lay back on the Duraball while holding a weighted medicine ball with vertically outstretched arms moving in a windshield wiper pattern. This creates great deceleration and core control needed for the standing version which will be explosive. Explosive means it must be done with all-out effort as rapidly as one can manage to control. Essentially, anyone who can stabilize the hips while controlling deceleration of the tornado ball can participate in this drill. The drills can be done indoors or outdoors against a strong, solid wall for the participant to brace against. Reactive force of the torque causes one to naturally stabilize the pelvic core. You can’t imagine until you try it yourself!

Power Rope Ball Tornado Drills Teen athlete performing Medicine Rope Ball Tornado Drills

There are few exercises this intense that can result in an immediate rush of physical euphoria.

If you can do jump rope double unders then you know what I mean. It is a natural high and the benefits can be felt immediately.

Champion Barbell Medicine Ball on Rope

Tornado Ball aka Medicine Rope Ball Medicine Rope Ball 12 Lbs

Medicine Rope Ball for Explosive Rotary Power Medicine Rope Ball 10 Lbs

Medicine Rope Ball Medicine Rope Ball 8 Lbs

Medicine Rope Ball Medicine Rope Ball 6 Lbs

Medicine Rope Ball Medicine Rope Ball 4 Lbs

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