Manta Ray and Sting Ray Squat Pads, COMBINATION PACK Price: $84.96 (as of 14/05/2021 11:34 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

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Manta Ray and Sting Ray Squat Aids are the essential appliances for “padding” the barbell whether back or front loading.

Hygienic molded plastic anatomically contoured to disperse the load so you don't feel the bar.

Not cushioned so no shifting or rolling.


manta-ray manta-ray2 Squat-Device_1 Squat-Device_2 Squat-Device_3 Squat-Device_4 Squat-Device_5Squat-Device6Sting-Ray-Barbell-Training-DeviceBarbell Squat Essentials–Manta Ray and Sting Ray


The Manta Ray and Sting Ray enable beginners and serious lifters alike to really enjoy leg training.

Whoever came up with these incredible weight lifting aids is a pure genius! Both the Manta Ray for back squats and the Sting Ray for front squats will complete your leg training experience with less pain, less injury  when performing barbell squats!

Face it. Barbell training is REAL leg training.

Only with barbell work can you manage to lift sufficient weight loads to effect serious change in strength and dramatic results in appearance. Your grip simply won’t handle enough dumbbell weight to come near what the barbell offers. Legs are the largest muscles in the body and they require challenging loads to respond. And respond they WILL when you get over the discomforts of barbell placement and get the results you deserve.

With a simple barbell apparatus you can move past the roadblocks that were in your way.

Become an avid fan of barbell leg training. Barbell leg training is not for the weak minded. The only weakness holding most people back is between the ears. I have introduced both men and women over 60 years old to the barbell with the ease of Manta Ray and Sting Ray aid. Tap into your real strength and get real results.

How do the Manta Ray and Sting Ray work?

The load is spread over much more surface area than the bar. With the Manta Ray, the bar no longer rests at the deltoids or pulls the arms back as in the unaided barbell back squat. It transfers the load to the traps exclusively and doesn’t involve the shoulders. The load is spread over much more surface area than the bar. This gets rid of squat-related stress to the shoulder complex.

Front squats are very challenging but very effective. For the front squat, the Sting Ray lifts the bar off the collarbone without stressing shoulders, elbows, or wrists. By moving the load out to the front delts, keeping the arms in a protected neutral position it decreases problems that typically occur with common front squats.

The Manta Ray and the Sting Ray are made of high tech polyurethane polymer, virtually indestructible for years of tough use. Get ’em both and you will be set for life.

Thinking about buying only one for now?  If you ask me it would be too hard to just choose one over the other but here is the Sting Ray Squad Bar Pad for barbell front carry and here is the Manta Ray Barbell Device for barbell back placement exercises.