Landmine Core Trainer

Landmine Extreme Core Trainer Landmine Extreme Core Trainer

The Landmine Extreme Core Trainer

  • 4″ X 12″ sleeve for standard Olympic barbell
  • Pivots side to side and top to bottom
    Built-in handle for easy transportation
  • Solid steel
  • Nonskid rubber bottom
  • Color: Black
  • Base: 19 1/2″ L x 16″ W
  • Weight 40 Lbs.
    Plates and barbell solid separately


Landmine is known as the Extreme Core Trainer for good reason.

Landmine Extreme Core Trainer Landmine Extreme Core Trainer

Landmine training is basically vertically angled barbell training.

To understand the landmine, just liken it to old school T-Bar training improvised by a barbell braced into a reinforced corner. Get the picture? Its freestyle barbell training using an Olympic barbell in more of a vertical angle rather than the traditional horizontal bar position.

The actual landmine itself is simply a 40 pound flat steel base plate with a rotating pivot sleeve that holds an Olympic barbell for vertically angled maneuvers. Weight plates can be added to the barbell appropriate for the exercise being performed. Minimum weight can create high intensities so the workouts are easier on the joints while targeting the core. Countless freestyle variations can be conceived using the landmine set up. You will need to set it up with your own barbell and plates. Additional handles can be purchased for grip variation.

Landmine workouts impressively target the abdominal core and pelvic core while strengthening the shoulders and forearms.

Carry it by its “U” shaped handle and use it indoors or outdoors. It looks like a baseball home plate with a 12″ long tubular metal sheath attached to the top and a handle at the other end.  Insert one end of a barbell inside the sleeve to rotate the bar in any direction from the other end.

It sure beats a barbell that’s been shoved into a corner. Work the shoulders, hips, and trunk muscles with endless core activating variations.

Other Landmine uses:

Place a 25 pound weight plate on the free end of an Olympic barbell anchored in the Landmine. Then from a plank position, grip bar with one hand while you roll it horizontally side to side from one hand to the other. Progress to adding a push up.

Anchor battling ropes to the handle and create a second workout station all in the same setup.

Use the landmine without a barbell by pulling a heavy rope through the handle while maintaining a plank posture and rock your core.

There is endless variety that can be done with the landmine to target the abdominal core and pelvic core.

See my short video of what some of my clients are doing with the Landmine core trainer.