Eating for Life Author Bill Phillips has questions for you.

Bill Phillips, author of “Eating for Life,” asks, “Did you enjoy the food you ate today? Likewise, do you genuinely like the way you look and feel? In other words, are you consistently enjoying excellent health and high energy?

Eating for Life: Your Guide to Great Health, Fat Loss and Increased Energy, Bill Phillips, writer of the #1 New York Times best-seller Body-for-LIFE, believes your answers should be, “Yes!”

“Food should be a source of pure energy,” states Phillips. As a result, he continues, “A source of positive, abundant energy! Make it a “sure thing” in a world of much uncertainty. Phillips is renowned as today’s most successful fitness writer. In fact, he remains the pioneer of all physique transformations. Today, countless transformations exist because of his 1999 best-seller, “Body-for-LIFE.”

Eating for Life firms Bill Phillips’ beliefs against today’s popular weight-loss methods.

“Diets, all of them, are potentially dangerous, most all the time dumb and ultimately a dead-end street!” he insists.

“Eventually, anyone and everyone who’s at all concerned with their health must learn how to feed their body, not how to starve it.”

Instead, Phillips encourages a secure and sound solution that includes eating balanced, nutrient-rich meals throughout the day. “This is what works in the long run,” he explains. Rich with common sense and science, Eating for Life has rhyme and reason. Most of all, it is specific. There are clear dos and don’ts to help people enjoy food and support overall fitness.

Bill Phillips’ approach, which he calls the “Eating for Lifestyle,” has already helped thousands of people.

Finally, you break free from the dieting dilemma. Then, discover that food is a friend, not a foe, contrary to pop-culture belief.

So, nourish the body and mind, satisfy the appetite, calm cravings, renew health, and energize.

Bill Phillips’ Body-for-LIFE is a tell-it-like-it-is book. Likewise, Eating for Life.

To be clear, there is no promise of a quick fix, metabolic tricks, or miracles. Just straightforward, clear, concise, practical, and appropriate principles for eating right for life.