Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength

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Body-for-LIFE #1 NY Times Best Seller Body-for-LIFE #1 NY Times Best Seller

Body for LIFE Book for Adult Weight Loss Success Strategy

A true reference manual for all adult weight loss camp food plans and exercise methods. A NY Times #1 best-seller that has changed lives and improved the health of millions of people across the globe. A classic text book of inspiration, motivation, and a proven method. This book set a precedent for all transformation programs that are popular today.


Body for LIFE Book

Body for LIFE Book for Adult Weight Loss Success Strategy

The Body for LIFE Book for Adult Weight Loss Success Strategy was the first that spawned all Body Transformations today. It still remains sound advice that you can apply at home.

The book was first feared by most personal fitness trainers then later loved for the millions motivated to hire a professional after reading the book. It was written so that the average layperson who had never set foot in a gym could follow the method without assistance. However, it is so simple and genius that many people can’t grasp the concepts. This is the most comprehensive total transformation book ever written because it covers the power mindset, the nutrition method, and the exercise strategy. Sure, there have been some new findings in nutrition and exercise science since the book was published. However, you will not find a better resource for changing your life and your health on all levels. This is a classic that belongs on the personal bookshelf of every health-minded person today. While there are more up-to-date nutrition publications available you can easily grasp in layman’s terms what you need to know for fat loss and muscle gain. You will get the reason why you don’t want to lose weight just for the sake of a number on the scale. You will learn to appreciate that muscle is your friend. Muscle will increase your metabolism, and get you lean. In Bill Phillips’ book, you will find the list of authorized foods to choose from during your weight loss program. Yes, the book is old and some things need revision. For this reason, you can disregard the low-fat and non-fat recommendations. Nutrition science now disproves fat deprivation as a weight loss method.

Body for LIFE- A Book for Adult Weight Loss Success Strategy and the first that spawned all Body Transformations today. Still sound advice to follow and apply at home.

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1 review for Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Debra Stefan

    The first and foremost book of its kind that set a precedent by which countless others have followed. Every 12-week body transformation program out there today was directly or indirectly influenced by the Body for LIFE book. This book and the man behind its success changed the world by proving that health and fitness can be had by anyone. The mindset, the nutrition and the exercise strategy all have been simplified for the average layperson who has never been in a gym before. The author, Bill Phillips, is a philanthropist donating all proceeds of his book sales to Make A Wish Foundation. He personally funded the first grand prize for his famous Body for Life championship contest giving away his own Lamborghini! Read the book, follow its simple wisdom and see the results for yourself.

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