AERO|TECH|DESIGNS Outlaw Bullet MTB Shorts (Medium, Black)

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Casual styling two shorts in one for cycling and daily wear.

Breathable, wrinkle-free loose fitting comfort with plenty of pockets.

Padded inner shorts are a liner made of nylon and lycra with a Black Pearl pad for shock absorption plus moisture wicking to move perspiration away from the body. Abrasion resistant internal padded bike short with baggy exterior stretch nylon side panels and four pockets, hand pockets plus zippered side expandable pockets with reflective zippers.


ATD Outlaw Bullet Big Man Cargo Style Cycling Shorts Sizes to 4X

Just not a spandex kind of guy, then try Big Man Cargo Style Cycling Shorts up to 4X.

Catch a ride during the course of your workday without a wardrobe change wearing your cycling shorts.

Go from a casual business meeting to a lunch hour ride in your cargo style cycling shorts. These are actually two shorts in one. The inner padded bike shorts padded chamois seat provide riding comfort, support, and dryness. The outer short is where the style comes in. These cargo style shorts are a baggy nylon short with four side pockets with a drawstring waistline and an outer pocket with Velcro closure to secure your possessions while riding. True to cargo styling are another set of zippered side expandable pockets with reflective zippers.

The new “business casual” wardrobe is complete with your cargo style cycling shorts.

Wrinkle free, casual style two shorts in one for cycling opportunities, your cargo style cycling shorts will take you from business to riding.

These shorts feature casual mountain bike styling without that shiny spandex look.

If there is just no way a guy can bring himself to wear those shiny, tight-fitting shorts that bind above the knee, rest assured that wearing those shorts is not a requirement! Especially when you are a big man, you can’t risk one ride that renders you raw with saddle soreness. That can make even walking a painful activity. Plan ahead and cover yourself –literally speaking. Your best option will be a loose fitting pair of cargo shorts with all the inner comfort of padded bike shorts.

Take it from the guy in this video who launched his cycling comeback and weight loss program. Wearing these shorts to work daily enabled him to get the rides in while maintaining his business schedule.

To hear more about the difference these cargo style cycling shorts can make in your fitness and weight loss efforts read on…
Men’s Waist Inches Small 28-30 Medium 32-34, Large 36-38, XL38-40, XXL 42-44, 3XL46-48, 4XL 50-81