Senior fitness enthusiast, Sid Graber is the oldest runner in the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon at age 86. It was his third year in a row doing the challenge. See his interview with his personal trainer, Debra Stefan as he triumphs at completion. “Hard work pays off’,” says Sid Graber.

Senior Fitness Camp

86-year-old Senior Fitness Training on TRX suspension system with Debra Stefan

I’m Debra Stefan, a lifelong fitness professional. The success stories shared by my actual clients serve as testimony to the benefits of exercise. It’s never too late to set goals and achieve them.

Meet Sid Graber. As his trainer, I interviewed him in his 13th mile when he made history as the oldest person in the Las Vegas Rock and Roll marathon.

“Was it worth all the training and preparation?”

The training was really helpful. I wouldn’t have been this far if I hadn’t worked at it.

“You’re on the home stretch now!”

Yeah. I sure am thanks to you.

“How do you feel?”

Well, I’m a little sore and I’m tired. But, I’ll make it!

“You sure will.”

For his 80th birthday, Sid crossed off the bucket list his first Grand Canyon hike from top to bottom (round trip)! He repeated it annually then progressed to the Las Vegas Rock and Roll half marathon three years in a row. To date, Sid Graber is on record as the oldest participant in the event. Watch the video to see him at mile 13 as he continues to climb a flight of stairs to the sky bridge over the Las Vegas Strip, completing his journey. Sid Graber, a former WWII Navy officer credited the Marines for his favorite inspirational quote. “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

Do you have a bucket list to achieve? No matter what your age, size or challenge there is always a way to reach new goals. If Sid can reach his goals at age 86 there is no doubt you can reach yours, too.